Sunday, July 27, 2014

~ The Empty Nest blog is moving!! ~

Hello everyone..
Yes, you read the title correctly....
I am moving!
I have been working with a fabulous young graphic designer,
Ashley has created a beautiful website that just 
oozes vintage charm.
The new website will not only house my new blog, but will soon have an online shop. 
So all you lovely friends who have admired items in the shop now have a chance to own them!
I look forward to seeing all of you over at the new home of
Just click on the words above and you will be scooted over to the new website.
See you on the flipside!


CM Shaw said...

Love love love the new page! I may have to get your designer's info. You just keep getting better and better at this, Janet.
All the best,

Linda said...

Nice-looking new site except for the unfortunate Times Roman font. I'm puzzled by the choice of a comparatively unattractive font given there are so, so many choices of easier-red read fonts that would represent your excellent creativity.