Tuesday, February 28, 2012

~Annie Sloan...you 'resin' ate with me~

Hello friends.....what to see what I found to play with today?
How many of you have gone into a thrift shop
or maybe a really good Home Goods sale
and found nice resin 
home accent pieces?
They are very common and usually pretty inexpensive.

I bought this VERY gold and ornate picture frame
a while back with the intention of painting it someday.
Well todays the day!
I love it, but a gal can have just so much chunky gold
Unless it's hanging around my neck or on a finger..
If you get my meaning here.

No prep...no prime
You know the routine by now
Two coats of a 3/1 ratio of Old White and Aubusson Blue
Again...those that complain about a limited ASCP color palette...
Talk to the hand!!!

I lightly dry brushed some Old White over the delicate corner relief 
for a pretty lace effect
So here she is before her ASCP spa treatment...

And here she is after...
I applied a coat of clear wax 
which I had mixed with some shimmer powder 
The photo does not capture it, but the wax has a fine pearl sheen to it
Lets find something else to paint..

Here we go...
another inexpensive resin piece
Petite and ornate mirror
AGAIN with the Gold!

Nothing a little ASCP Antoinette won't fix!
Here's looking at you kid
Just a touch of dry brushed Old White..a smidge of distressing
clear wax..buffing
To the Shop she goes

Just perfect for Spring!
So don't walk away from those outdated chunky gold pieces you find for pennies
Give them the 
Annie Sloan


notice my cell phone kept close...Annie Sloan could call at any moment..yeah, we are That close!
These resin ornate candlesticks are everywhere and in every thrift shop
I see them whenever I go picking
I used to ignore them...now I covet them

You know the drill
Duck Egg Blue

Enough careful distressing just to expose the gold beneath
When distressing resin pieces be very easy with the sandpaper
you do not want to distress down to the colorless resin beneath the gold.
Try a just a light wipe of the damp paint with a soft sponge.
So easy
Some clear and dark wax to make the decorative details pop

They now have a look of copper patina
Perfect for a Spring table or mantel vignette
Kim, I know you could stage these beauties perfectly

And don't they look beautiful on my Craqueleur table?

Until next time...be kind and stay creative.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

~Oh Annie Sloan....You crack me up~

Hello friends......you will be happy to know
 that I found my blogging Mojo!!!!
It was with me all the time
I just needed something wonderful to blog about.

And here it is
Annie Sloan's new crackling medium
Craqueleur is a unique two step crackling process.
What's that you say...you already have a crackling medium
in your painting tool box.
Well baby get ready to toss that one out.
Annie's Craqueleur does'nt crackle the paint
it is a top coat of crackling varnish.
It will let you easily achieve that aged crackle appearance
that we love in our Ironstone and china.

I picked up this cute little table a while back
Since crackling is better suited to smaller surfaces
than large table tops, I thought this would be perfect.

I painted two coats of Antoinette

I applied one coat of Craqueleur's Step 1
It is fairly thin and went on super easy.
I used very little and I think this small jar is going 
to be good for quite a few projects.

It dried very fast and very shiny...I thought it was still wet.

Next I applied a thin coat of Craqueleur Step 2.
This product is much thicker and the thinner you apply it, the smaller the cracks.
Annie says you can let it dry by itself or hit it with a blow dryer
I chose the blow dryer method.

within a couple of minutes....

After applying dark wax, all the gorgeous cracks and crevices
are beautifully highlighted.

This is how the common crackle medium works
The medium crackles the top coat of paint

Annie's crackle is on top of the paint, which is more authentic.
I really adore this product
Finally I will be able to get that aged eggshell crackle that I love on old finishes.
This is such a different look from the craft store crackle medium

The dark wax and clear top coat of wax 
really brings out the beauty of this product

I am so excited by all the possibilities.
Maybe just add a touch of age to a corner of a dresser top
or the edge of a table......

Isn't she pretty?
I will definitely be ordering this AS product for my Fox Den shop.

Stay tuned for some really wonderful 
Annie Sloan 
That's all I can say for now
sorry...I know that is so bad of me

Until next time...be kind and stay creative.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

~My Mojo is returning with a vengeance!~

Hello friends......thanks for all the encouraging comments 
and e-mails about my lost Mojo.

It is most certainly on it's way back.
In a few days I will be sharing 
information with all of you.
No..I don't have a
 TV show
Book deal
Magazine article
But my news is still 
So hang in there...I will reveal all very soon.

Until next time...be kind and stay creative.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

~Who stole my blogging Mojo?~

Hello friends...this is going to be short and sweet.
I know it has been a week since my last post
I seem to have lost my blogging Mojo
have you seen it?
did you borrow it?
I can't find it anywhere
Has that ever happened to you?
I sit here and stare at the laptop and ...
I'm very busy with things...
painting..tending to my ASCP business
stocking my shops
when it comes to writing something about it all
I just don't feel like 
posting and I don't want to post silly stupid filler stuff
just because..
Hey ...is that what I'm doing right now????
I know I will find the inspiration soon
please don't desert me
Can I bribe you into staying with a nice sunrise photo
from this morning????

See...isn't this beautiful?
Until next time...be kind and stay creative.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

~ Beautiful ASCP Emile ~

Hello friends.....it has been a busy..busy couple of weeks!
The Washington Post ran a great article about 
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
and my cell phone was ringing non-stop!
Everyone wanted to know where I was located and what time my shop was open...if they could sign up for a workshop.
It was crazy ....
Crazy Good!
It gave me a great opportunity to tell everyone about the fabulous
being held on March 31st
There are still a few tickets available, 
although they are selling quickly, so don't get left out!

So besides answering my cell phone a lot
I have been painting
I have been wanting to showcase some of Annie's 
beautiful colors that you are not seeing used very much.
This is a crime because every color is majestic in it's own right.

Almost forget to snap a before pick..a blogging cardinal sin!
Here is a wood shelf I found on Craig's List awhile back.
It is very heavy and has a kind of Potterybarn 
black finish on it.
With a pretty relief of roses at the top,
this piece was screaming for a color more feminine than 
Introducing the lovely
This color combination was inspired by my blog friend 

Amy collects the most gorgeous purple transferware

Don't her roses look much more at home?

The magic happened with ASCP Emile
a little Old White
and some 14 carat gold 

I don't know why I am not seeing this color being used more
it is truly lovely!

I started with a coat of Emile..not too worried about complete coverage.
If a little black peaks through..that's ok..
more dimension.

sorry for the blurry pic..my camera setting was wrong!
I then dry brushed on some ASCP Old White
letting lot's of Emile show.
I painted the bead board insert in Old White.
I then applied some clear wax and
distressed with a sanding block to expose even more Emile.

I'm ready to add some golden 
With an artist paint brush, I applied some gold leaf sizing.
This can be purchased at your local craft or art supply shop.
The sheets of gold leaf can also be purchased at the same shop as the sizing.
They usually come in a pack of 25 sheets.

Brush the sizing wherever you want the gold to show.
It will stay tacky even after it is dry and this only takes a few minutes.

First of all...never try to gold leaf near a fan and please try not to sneeze...
this stuff is VERY delicate and tisse paper thin.
Very gently lay the sheet of leafing onto the tacky area

Now using another clean soft bristled brush
carefully brush down the leafing.
You will see it adhering to the sizing without much work.

Continue laying the sheet of leaf on the sized areas and 
all the while brushing with your soft artist brush

This part goes pretty quickly and you will be smiling at this point.

Wasn't that easy?
Metallic leafing adds such a touch of glamour
 and you get such a big bang for your buck.
People will Oooo and Ahhhh over your piece.
Don't tell them how easy it was
That will be our secret

I added just a touch more gold to the railing...not solidly,
 but so it had the look of having worn off over time

What do you think?
I hope you give metallic leafing a try
it can really punch up a boring piece

Until the real roses are in bloom
I'l take gilded ones !

Until next time...be kind and stay creative!

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