Thursday, May 31, 2012

~ Sneak Peaks ~

Hello friends....I feel like such a blogging schmuck! I don't mean to be so absent, I just have a lot going on in my life right now. 
I have been wanting to share some of what I have been busy with and just now have had the extra time to put this post together.

Here is just a little sneak peak of a few furniture pieces I have been refurbishing.
I was lucky enough to snag many of these pieces at local animal charity rummage sale.
I picked up some awesome furniture and helped some deserving animals at the same time.
Gotta love that!
Pay no attention to the sleeping Miss. Carmen.
All these pieces will be for sale in my new shop at 92 Main Street  very soon.

I have started to work on lot's of colorful aprons and was trying to come up with a creative way to display them.
I love the gorgeous paper mache body forms that I have seen in high end catalogs, 
but I don't love the price.  

I decided to create my own!
My local Costco sells bathing suits on  these cool plastic body forms.
I talked the employees into letting me have a few extras that customers had elected to leave behind.
I pulled out all my fabric scraps, my scissors and some Matte Mod Podge.
After a lot of snipping and pasting, I ended up with some beautiful shabby chic boddy forms.
I think my Couture Aprons will look great on these ladies.

I also was thrilled to find this gorgeous Jacobean dining room set. I also bought the dining room table with three leaves (leafs?) and 6 chairs.
Pristine condition and I even have two keys to lock the china cabinet.
The price was soooooo right!
My good friend Kathy of Shumate Auction House, sold me this great hutch.
Perfect for displaying lots of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ Brand Decorative Paints and supplies.
I have two ladies coming Friday to spiff up the wood floors at the shop and then I can begin moving my things in and decorating.
I finally have internet and phone service and love my new shop number.
I had it memorized in 5 minutes!
Little by little it is all coming together and although life has been  pretty hectic, I am still taking time to appreciate the beauty around me.

Like the beautiful moon tonight and the sweet heart shaped, morning dew coated leaves of my favorite Redbud tree.
Helps me keep it all in prospective.
Until next kind and stay creative.
PS....just got the word that I will be one of the stockists representing the Annie Sloan Unfolded Brand at the Atlanta HAVEN blogging conference on June 21-22. If you are going, be sure to stop by and say "Hello".
I am looking forward to meeting many of my blogging friends and  sharing lot's of great CHALK PAINT™ information.

Monday, May 28, 2012




Thursday, May 24, 2012

~ CHALK PAINT™ workshops on the June calendar ~

                Hello friends.....I know my posting has been sporadic to say the least and most likely will continue like that for a few more weeks.

However my impending shop opening (read about that here) is keeping me quite busy.
Happy to say that the FUN part..hanging on the phone ALL day whilst trying to get and the like all set up...
Is done!
Now I just need to plan..paint..decorate..decide on outside wholesale items
 to carry in addition to my own.
Slowly but surely it will all come together
for a Grand Opening sometime in late June or July.
Many of my local friends and customers 
have been requesting more 
So here you go!
My June Class Schedule can be found
These will be the last workshops at 
I am hoping for all classes after june to be held at
92 Main
Suite 102!!!

Parting photo
My sky yesterday evening....what do think the chances were for a little rain??

Hope to see you in a class!
Until next kind and stay creative!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

~ 92 Main Street Suite 102 ~

Hello friends...well I did it..
I signed the lease yesterday and today I woke up 

I placed a little 'teaser' display in the window because today is the huge Warrenton Spring Festival
on Main Street and thousands of potential customers will be walking past my window.
After I took this photo, I returned and added a 

I signed my lease and picked up the keys. I was shocked at how easy it was to write that big rent/deposit check.
Still in a happy fog I guess!

This space is perfect in every way. I have 1,600 sq ft to set up my CHALK PAINT™ workshops and hopefully add on some easy project sewing workshops also.
There is a huge bathroom at the rear of the shop with double doors at all entries.
I love that it will wheelchair friendly.
This brick building was once the original hardware store here in Old Town Warrenton.

The new owner very carefully has renovated the building.
These are the original wood floors and beautiful punched tin ceiling tiles.
The walls are already crisp white.

The french doors you see lead to the huge display window.
The double doors you see are the front entrance to Main Street.
Great visibility and PERFECT location!!

These doors lead to the front that all doors are double wide. This will make moving large pieces of furniture so easy.
Decorating ideas are spinning in my little head so quickly!!!!

Isn't the ceiling great???
I have been thinking of fun ideas to fill up all the wall space and found this photo.

How awesome would it be to gather some old doors...
paint in assorted CHALK PAINT™ colors
and decoupage/craqueleur them.
I could have them running up both sides of the walls!
wouldn't that be beautiful and showcase Annie's paints.
Now I just need the doors...anyone have any unwanted doors???

I love this use of old doors also...hmmmmm.
I could do this!

Suite going to be just that...
SWEET 102!!!!
I hope to have a Grand Opening in late June/early July.
Don't worry friends and customers...I will still be stocking and hanging out at 
The Fox Den.
I will not move the 
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™
decorative paints and supplies until the very end.
So until I announce otherwise, you can find all your painting goodies in my Fox Den booth.
I will be posting much more about my new venture
very soon and also setting up a few workshops..beginner and advanced.
Check back here for dates on the workshops.
Email me if you are interested in Sunday workshops!
You can paint while Hubby mows the lawn.

Until next kind and stay creative!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

~ Look what I found ! ~

Happy Wednesday my friends!
I know my posts have been a little scarce lately, but soon you will find out why.
The Empty Nest has been experiencing some growing pains and a few changes are in the works.
More about that in a later post.
(maybe later this week)
who can spell
In the mean time

My dear friend Connie of Hartwood Roses fame,
invited me to tag along when she picked up a purchased Craig's List table.
When we arrived at the sellers home,
I was waiting for the  police to show up and arrest Connie because this cool little table was
Connie has a great eye for seeing the possibilities of a piece.
Not everyone has that.
It's a God given gift just like playing Mozart at age 4
or singing opera at age 3
or solving high level calculus problems in utero..
Ok....maybe it's not THAT great a gift,
but she picks out pretty cool stuff!!
on the way home we stopped at another 
stuff-filled shop
Class & Trash
Just like the name...sometimes you find 
and sometimes you score a little
Today was a Class kinda day.

I adore these beauties!
I have had a plan for a Holiday/Winter vignette sitting in my mind for a while
and this vintage wildlife couple will fit right it.
Their bodies are even fuzzy and they have glass eyes.
Look...the antlers are all intact!

Until next kind and stay creative!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

~ Mother's Day ~

Happy Mother's Day 

You gave me
a good home
cooking lessons
sewing lessons
the love of yarn
work ethic
and most of all
You gave me
Enjoy the day with your family
We all love you!


Friday, May 11, 2012

~ I'm Featured! ~

       Hello friends....lot's happening here at The Empty Nest. 
Hope to be sharing with all of you very soon.
Keep a good thought for me!

In the mean time, 
I have been 
Thank you Maryann for being such a lovely supporter of all us 
Lovers of Paint!

Please pop over and say 
to my friend
Tell her Janet sent you.

Until next kind and stay creative!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

~ Supermoon Alert ~

Hello my friends....I want to be sure all of you are aware of the wonderful and heavenly event that will grace the horizon tonight.
The yearly
Around 11:30 EST on May 5th 2012
the Moon will be full and at it's closest distance to the earth.
This is a sight not to be missed!

So set your alarm or just stay up and get ready to enjoy the show.
Mother Nature Rocks!