Monday, September 3, 2012

~ nothing a little gold won't fix..fabric finds..painted furniture and more ~

Hello friends.... I hope you have some time to visit because I have quite a few photos to share.
Yeah...that's what happens when you go way too long between blog overload.
        While out picking on my day off, I found these sweet framed porcelain rose plaques. Loved the roses...the frame, not so much. So guess what???? know me so well.

Here is one of the plaques before my little restyle. But the wood is kind of varnishy (is that even a word?)

After a coat of Antoinette, one of Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint™decorative paints, some soft clear wax and a pinky swipe of imported French gold gilding wax, she is reborn.
Much better...don't you think?

A little sweet distressing.

The matching frame I painted in Duck Egg Blue by Annie Sloan, Annie's soft clear wax and of course more French gilding wax.
Now they are ready for their close-up.

I admit...I am beginning to be addicted to this airy and featherlite wax.
Just pick a tiny bit up with your finger and start applying to your piece for a lovely and elegant embellishment.
The painted sample boards from my last Beginners class got a little Hollywood glam treatment.

As did a couple of painted artichoke finials.

A little goes a long way.

Picture frames are taken to a new level of beauty.

Even rustic pieces can appreciate a little silver bling.

Love Pooh and Piglet.

These simple charkboard frames got dry brush of Old White, Duck Egg Blue and a swipe of French Silver gilding wax.

Light applications can really add to a simple piece like this vintage inspired metal crown.
I stock all four metallics so come visit and you can play with them!

OK....on to the next topic...
Fabric Emporium's Huge sale just ended and I hope you local readers took advantage of the great selection and bargain prices.

Day one of the sale, my face was two inches from the shop door as the owner unlocked it to open for the day. I wanted first picking.
Here is my table filled with my fabric treasures.

One of my favorite finds....Barry Dixon fabric!!!!!
I adore this pattern and this fabric feels so lovely...YUM!
By the way...Barry, I know you have a shop right behind mine. Next time you are in town, I would love for you to pop in and say hello. We should meet, you will LOVE Annie Sloan's wonderful Chalk Paint™.
Hey...I will even treat you to a FREE PRIVATE workshop. Now how can you pass that up??
Seriously Barry...have your people call my people!

Betsy Speert...(yeah this post is full of big design name dropping) I bought this fabric in your honor.
Gorgeous...gorgeous florals!!!

Look what my dear friend Amy Chalmers of Maison Decor sent me. A box FULL of vintage hankies and incredible delicate aprons!!
Thank you so much are so thoughtful. So happy to be your friend. I promise to sew up something very special with these lovelies.

Speaking of sewing....guess what these old linen pieces are being transformed into??
I'll reveal very soon and you will love it.

I bought this old wooden chair at my local thrift shop. It is very solid and I thought it would be perfect for my upcoming Fall window display.
After two coats of the vibrant Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan, which I applied in a rustic finish, some soft clear and dark wax and some aged distressing...
she is transformed.

LOVE....the rustic finish with colors like Barcelona Orange or Antibes Green.
Simply Luscious!

Just look at the great sheen you can achieve with Annie's waxes and I haven't even done the final buffing of this piece.

Brush strokes...
To me the brush strokes say "I was lovingly hand painted by someone who is passionate about creating  beauty and interesting texture".

By the way...SEPTEMBER Chalk Paint™ Workshops are totally 
Thank you all who signed up..I so appreciate your business and enthusiasm about this paint.

Hang tight friends....I'm almost to the end.
I bought this solid little shelf from a customer. I painted her with the Chalk Paint™ color of Florence and applied my special 'Powdery Mildew' wash.
I know..that sounds gross, but it is a very pretty me.

photo via
See the whitish stuff on the up-turned pot on the right...that is the look I wanted to achieve

I think it's a perfect match.

You should feel the finish on this piece.....silky smooth. A pox on critics who say Chalk Paint™ decorative paints are for matte, rustic finishes only.
They know not what they speak of. have either left the house long ago or you stuck with me at are now at the end of this admittedly long post. Hey this is going to have to sustain you a long time.
Many of you have come in and asked if I planned on offering decorative knobs for you newly painted pieces. A great place for knobs is Hobby Lobby, however quite often I hear that no one really wants to drive all the way to Fredericksburg for a few knobs.
I have taken the drive for you..I have knobs!

Love these!

so there you have it....that's what I have been up to. 
Although my September workshops are full, I am working on my October schedule and will post that this week.
I don't know about you, but this post tuckered me out!
Until next kind and stay creative.