Saturday, September 9, 2023

Secrets are hard to keep.....The secret I can finally share, hello A Somerset Holiday!

Hello friends, so happy to have you visit me again.
Here in Virginia it has been incredibly hot these past few weeks, but the heatwave is finally breaking.
I poured myself a cup of fresh brewed coffee and stepped out onto the back deck to temps in the low 60's.
So refreshing.
Let's talk about keeping secrets. It's hard, right??
I have been keeping a big one since February.
I have finally been given the go ahead to share with all of you.

This is the beautiful 2023 cover of 
A Somerset Holiday
You will find me on page 28.
Seeing your name in print is always very exciting.
Back in February I shipped off a box full of my old world Victorian style Santas and ornaments.
I was hoping they would love them like I do.
My 5 page feature will include a full tutorial, supply list, helpful inspiration videos and tips I discovered along the way.
Who doesn't love a good chubby old world Santa?
I will show you, with a little help from friends, the magic you can create this holiday/winter season.
I have been told that
will be on the shelves around the end of September, beginning of October.
Stampington & Co. publishes over a dozen of the most beautiful coffee table magazines.
I have been honored to be featured in many of them over the years.
They are always chock full of gorgeousness and often run over 100 pages.
I know magazines are so expensive anymore, however Stampington & Co. always make you feel as if you are getting your money's worth.
The features, the heavy duty paper used, the beautiful colors are lovely and set them apart from the typical newstand magazine.
So please be sure to keep an eye out for 
A Somerset Holiday.
You can find it at your local bookstore, craft store (Michaels/Joanns, Hobby Lobby etc)
You can also find it online.
I will be sure to share with you when mine arrives.

Get ready for some holiday fun...
take this.....

and turn it into THIS!

Until next well, sleep well and be kind.
Janet xox

Monday, July 3, 2023

Today is the day!

Hello friends, as my title proclaims…
Today is the day!
After many struggles, trying different ways and not seeing results and after much research, I have decided to try 
Intermittent Fasting.
I will start by simply fasting two days a week…Mondays and Thursdays. The remainder of the week I may eat whatever I want. Although I prefer and eat a diet heavy on fresh vegetables, healthy proteins and fruits, I am NOT forbidding any certain foods. Moderation is key.
I think I can do this, let’s face it, it’s not much different than fasting before bloodwork or some medical procedures. I never have a problem adhering to those fasting days.
I’ve noticed that as I have gotten older (I’ll be 69 in August), it has become so much harder to drop a few pounds.
The belly fat seems to be especially stubborn and I already know my Cortisol levels are high. 
Cortisol is that pesky thing that makes loosing weight so difficult for many of us.
I’m being honest here because I know many of you can relate and won’t judge me.
Posting here is really more of a way to document this for myself.
Make me more accountable I guess.
So let’s see how I do, I hope you cheer me on as I try to be successful.
It’s also important to state that I am not try to loose weight to be more stylish or to fit into the mold of what society says I should look like.
I want to be healthier, comfortable in my own skin and live many more active years.
I don’t feel healthy or comfortable today.
I want to change that without giving up the pure joy of eating good food.
So that’s the post today…Intermittent fasting.
Here is something for those of you who came here to see pretty things.
Charcoal and watercolor whimsical portrait 

The White Cliffs of Dover
Sketchbook Watercolor

Impressionistic acrylic landscape

That’s it for today…be well everyone and please wish me success.
Janet xx