Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Tutorial featuring Annie Sloan's new detail brushes

Hello friends....welcome back! 
Are all of you getting ready for Summer?
Here in Virginia, we have had so much rain. 
I have been spending tons of time in my studio painting while it rains.
I recently received Annie Sloan's new detail artist brushes from Tricia over at 
in upstate New York.
I immediately got to it and put them to the test.
I recorded a little video showing you how to create some simple leaves and flowers using Annie's brushes.
I hope you enjoy it!
PS.....I loved Annie's new detail brushes!

Well, are you ready to get painting??
I sure hope so, because I know from experience that sitting down with some paint and a good brush can equal hours of fun and creativity. 
Don't worry about being perfect...heck, I have been painting since 1987 and I still make tons of art that I hide in my closet.
I don't 
share THAT art with all of you.
Just relax and enjoy the colors and the process.
You will be surprised how you will improve with time and practice.

Until next kind and stay creative.
Janet xox

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

No darling...not that Washington! A visit to a historic Virginia town

Hello friends...welcome back and
 Happy MAY!
Spring has finally arrived and Virginia is looking mighty lovely.
I took a ride the other day and ended up in a tiny hamlet called
Washington, Virginia.
Yup...please don't confuse this lovely town with the big Washington, DC, although they do have a very cool connection.
Our very first American President, George Washington himself surveyed the still current boundaries and layout of this sweet village.
George was a young man at the time, back in July 1749.
What drew me in was the 
Get ready for an avalanche of photos.

 The scenery on the way was so bucolic and peaceful. It didn't hurt that the day could not have been more beautiful.

These tall and jumbo tulips which were blooming everywhere pulled me right in.

 So pretty

 Tulips and Boxwood everywhere!

I bet these huge white tulips just glow in the moonlight!

 Striking reds

 Yellow and orange tulips paired beautifully next to deep blue violets and Muscari

The Inn at Little Washington is the main hub of this hamlet.
The Inn is 5 Star, 5 Diamond property and world-renowned for the exquisite food, service, and decor.
Over the years, the Inn owners have purchased and historically renovated many of the surrounding buildings. This makes for a lovely coherent design and the seasonal upkeep is unmatched.

Right now is tulip season and you will not be disappointed. When the tulips are done blooming, more flowers will take their place.

Aren't the just so lovely?

What was once the church Parsonage is now a lovely Bed & Breakfast right across the street from the Inn.

Beautiful garden structure nestled among the serene white tulips in the Episcopal church garden.

Just a short video of the calming fountain and flowers around it.
I could have sat on that bench for hours.
And those chimes!!

This is the street side of the Parsonage, which is a lovely B&B now. I loved the covered porch on the side.
Neatly sculpted Boxwoods line the stone wall.
So southern.

This is also a great artist community.
Amazing art.

This piece fooled me from across the street...upon closer inspection, I saw it was made of cement and tiles!
So cool!

Happy pansies

 I found a public path that took you back behind the B&B's.
I could enjoy a cocktail on this curtained veranda.

Jumbo urn filled with beautiful flowers and greenery.
They had placed pairs of Adirondack chairs here and there on the green lawns, so you could stop and take in all the beauty at your own pace.

Largest grapevine Ball I have ever seen.

I fell in love with this old-fashioned white lilac shrub.
I rarely see white lilacs, most folks seem to always plant the purple variety.
These were heady with the most delicious aroma.

The Inn is known for growing its own produce and supplying the chef with fresh eggs daily.
I loved that they invited all to wander through their gardens.

Well hello, Mr. & Mrs. Gardener.

Lettuce varieties, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, onions, herbs and so much more were all sharing space in this tidy well-kept garden.
Walking through the garden was fun...until I walked right into the sprinkler path!!
LOL....then it was WET fun!


Hello lovely ...they have sheep, goats, and llamas here also.

Check out the very unique chicken coop!!
A chicken coop with British bunting...can't beat that.

All in all, it was a glorious afternoon to wander around this pretty little town.
Most shops were closed as it was Tuesday and apparently that is the day everything is closed. However I didn't come to shop, I loved that I had this little gem all to myself.
If you live local or ever passing through, be sure to stop in and enjoy 
Washington, Virginia 
for yourself.
Thank you for letting me share it with you.
Until next kind and stay creative.
Janet xox

Monday, April 30, 2018

From dated to French...anatomy of a Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan restyle with video waxing tutorial

Hello friends...welcome back!
As you can see from my last post, Spring has finally come to Virginia.
My property is a vision of gorgeous greens, pinks, purples, yellows and more.

See all the beautiful flowering trees and shrubs from my last post 

Lately, I have been very involved in the restyling, 
repainting of pretty much all of my home.
I have purchased paint for all the bedrooms, the entryway, stairwell, upstairs hallway and the three bathrooms.
I'm tired just typing all that!
Except for the double high entryway (the upper part), I am doing all the painting myself.

 Behr Marquee in Platinum on the right is the new entry color.

Working my way up the stairwell. 
I am loving the change so far...much lighter and refreshing.
Part of this huge restyle undertaking will involve a few painted pieces in my home.
Some of which I have been wanting to tackle 
Shopkeeping just got in the way.
This antique oak buffet is the first piece to get a coat of Annie Sloan paint.

I bought this buffet at an auction back in the 1980's while living in Houston, Texas.
As you can see the top half has always been a different shade of stain from the bottom.
I think years ago someone married two pieces together, as you can find them connected by countersunk screws at the back.
I had no hesitation about painting her.

 Five years ago, I had my hubby paint her Annie Sloan Old White and that is what she remained until now. Never waxed and never a completed paint job. She has been very sad for years while I was busy running a shop.
To help bring this lady to the French side I will be applying some
Click on the name link to find an Efex dealer near you.
to find your local Annie Sloan Stockist

I wanted to paint her an earthy pink color. Of course Annie Sloan Scandinavian Pink was my first choice, however, I wanted the pink to be slightly lighter.
To achieve the perfect pink I mixed some Annie Sloan Antoinette Pink into the Scandinavian to lighten it. By adding another pink instead of one of Annie's whites, I was able to keep the earthiness of the Scandinavian Pink.
Isn't this a lovely shade of pink?

 Already you can see the amazing difference in her style just by painting her and adding the Efex.

 Once painted with two coats of my custom mix, I took a pocket knife to her and chipped away.
I wanted to give her an aged and well-worn patina.
Once painted and distressed to my satisfaction, I gave her a nice application of Annie Sloan Clear Wax.
I managed to tape my iPhone to the stair banister and film a little waxing video for you.
Although I am no longer an Annie Sloan Stockist, I still get tons of painting and waxing questions.

I hope this helps.
You can find tons more video tutorials on my YouTube channel
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 I even more French flair by applying some of my favorite imported French gilding wax in King Gold, to the pulls. Remember...gilding wax is just as it says, a wax. Do not clear wax over as that will remove it. Gilding wax is always the last to be applied. I used my finger and it is super easy and very elegant.
Purchase the gilding waxes 

I love how the gilding wax brings out all the ornate details.

Here she is all finished. After I applied the clear Chalk Paint Wax, I mixed some 
 Dark Chalk Paint Wax with some mineral spirits to create a glaze and applied that. 
The dark glaze took away the newness of the paint application and gave me the aged patina I was looking for.
 She is all Frenchified!

Everyone loves a good Before and After
Such a huge improvement.
I love her against my newly painted grey walls.

 Just the right amount of chipping

 Lovely touches of French gold.

 The dark wax glaze aged her perfectly.
Remember...for most pleasing results and ease of application, always clear wax first.
If you do not, the dark wax will grab and stain.

The French gilding wax on the Efex moldings adds such pretty bling.

My sentiments exactly!

Now when you enter our home, this is the first thing you see.
My front door is painted in Annie Sloan's Florence Chalk Paint and I adore the two colors together.
FYI...My front door has NO protective top coat as none is needed with Annie's paint when used outdoors. She has held up beautifully so far with rain and snow not bothering her a bit.

So that is a little update on all that is changing in the Metzger home.
More to come.
Until next kind and stay creative.
Janet xox