Thursday, January 15, 2009

My feet hurt!!

 Good evening friends! Ok it's feet and back are killing me. I have been on my feet all day felting and drying and cutting up my thrift store sweaters. I made a run to my local Salvation Army ,which is brand new by the way, and picked up three plastic bags full of wool and cashmere sweaters. They had some real beauties too. I had to put some back because I was getting carried away. I admit I am addicted. I am thinking of doing a you tube tutorial on how to properly felt a sweater and prepare it for greatness(so to speak). I have read so many blogs and frankly I think I can do a more informative tutorial. There is one very important step most crafters are leaving out and it bugs the heck out of me.
 I am posting some pic's of my cutup sweaters and will keep you posted on how I turn them into little treasures. Hope you enjoy!
 By the is freezing here. All day I had to keep replacing the water in our bird dishes. Poor little things were skating..pretty funny. If you live somewhere cold, try to put some water out for our feathered friends. You will be amazed how many will come to drink. 
 Well I must say goodnight..have to tend to my pot of beef vegetable soup. Perfect way to end a very cold day. Love to you all.