Thursday, February 19, 2009

February has been a good month so far!

   Hello everyone, so sorry it has been a while since my last post. I promise not to be so lazy. I will make an effort to get to my blog at least once a week...hey that's a lot for me.  Well as I stated in the title, February is shaping up to be a great month for The Empty Nest. My full page feature in the new Magazine (Apronology) by Somerset Studios, came out last week and I have purchased every copy I could get my hands on. I then realized that if I owned every copy, how would anyone else know about my fifteen minutes of fame! I ended up selling some back to the shops. Silly me. It is a thrill to see my name in print and a big photo of one of my creations.
   If that wasn't enough, I have been lucky enough to be considered for a feature spot in two other blogs. I feel so honored when people think enough of my work to want to pass it along to others. I will give you all the details when all is finalized . 
   I have been very busy creating some new fingerless gloves. I have been crafting them from my sweater stash. I will post pic's soon. 
   Well I must say good night and I wish you joy until next post. 


melglid said...

Hi, enjoyed your blog. I'm in Hamilton,Virginia and share the textile bug as well. Your fingerless gloves are of a particular interest to me. My sixteen year old loves them and I would like to see your photo's when you post.

Janet said...

Thanks Melglid,,,great to hear from someone. I was beginning to think I was talking to myself out here in blog world ;-) I will post pic's of gloves soon, my nieces are test driving some prototypes. So far they love them.
your friend, Janet