Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun Friday!

Happy Fun Friday everyone! When my boys were little we always referred to friday as Fun Friday. We always made a point to do something special on that day. The tradition lives on...just said goodbye to my husband as he left for work and he turned to me and said "oh...happy fun friday" it made me smile.
It is a gorgeous morning and I looked out my window to see my girls all asleep in the field. I love my girls, they make me smile. I also wanted to share the beauty of my lilac bushes this year. For the twenty one years we lived in Houston, lilacs were the thing I missed the most. Too hot to grow down there, believe me I tried! Mine get bigger and prettier every year and always put a smile on my face (do you see the smile pattern developing here ;-). Ok enough for now, be kind and stay creative. Go have a beautiful day!

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LillyShayStyle said...

These are beautiful photos!