Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Love the Internet!

Good morning friends. Yes... I love the internet. For the longest time I fought it, and had no interest in learning all the wonderful things my Mac could do for me. Well I am here to tell you I am a changed woman. The biggest reason for this change of heart is all the wonderful, talented and funny women I have met and now call my friends. Perfect example is my new friend Sylvia. Above is a photographic image Sylvia created just for me. It is called 'After the Rain'. Sylvia told me her inspiration came from the photos on my blog of storm clouds and my Iris beds. She is a film maker and photographer in France. Sylvia found me on Etsy, purchased a handbag and then commissioned a second. Most of her images contain mystical and romantic settings of oceans, mountains, gardens and almost always gazebos. It is no wonder she loved my fabric choices. Take a look at the following photos and it will become very clear why we have become friends. Merci Sylvia!
Beautiful Breamore Toile fabric depicting gazebos

Lots more pretty toile inside
Handmade gold crushed silk rosettes with vintage buttons

Where else but the world wide web can you sit at a computer in Virginia at 9 pm and chat(using my widget translator) with a lovely lady in France who happens to be wide awake 3am because of a thunder storm?? I'll say again...I Love the Internet!


quiltcat said...

Yes, i love the Internet, too! I've connected with some very interesting people all around the world, bought some great art, and met some lovely cats. And as a person who was always looking things up in the dictionary or encyclopaedia, i love having 24/7 access to a search engine!

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Hi Janet. Lovely to meet you!
I would love to visit the Rockies in America. Very jealous!
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and entering in my Giveaway :)
Em x

Wanda said...

I would give up television before the internet...come to think of it I guess I already have!

kim* said...

yay how fun

Angie at Free Rein said...

I have been laughing out your comment on my blog...about hair. Too funny.

Diane said...

Very magical work!

Sarah Knight said...

(and I absolutely ADORE the bluebirds in the title graphic of your blog!)