Sunday, June 7, 2009

Oh Belle Pleine Lune!

Oh beautiful full moon...this was my view from my back deck on Friday evening...stunning. For many years the moon and I have been having an affair. An affair of the heart..I admit it I am in love with the moon! There...I said it..I love the moon, it absolutely fascinates me. Whenever I look at the moon with my Binoculars ( no I do not have a telescope....yet!) I expect to see something or someone waving back at me. Blue moon, full, moon, crescent moon or new moon..I love them all. While I was peering at my moon a tiny airplane passed by it...awesome, that pilot must have had some view. Next time you are out after dark, take a look up to the night sky and say hello to the moon for me.


quiltcat said...

yes, gorgeous full moon! and especially nice to see after all those days of rain.

Tweed Delights said...

It was a fantastic moon - we just had a little bit of cloud in front of it but it still looked really clear. I'll say hello next time round :D!