Friday, November 6, 2009


Hello friends, I have been felting, sewing and refashioning at lightning speed lately. I have been in my studio early and turning off the light late into the evening, with lot's of coffee in between.  If I have been absent from blogs and Twitter...that's why. Trying to have lot's of great lovelies to offer my customers in my Etsy shop and my NY holiday show. I thought I would give you guys a little preview. Enjoy!

I love this new line of Prairie aprons. I like to think of them as Little House on the Prairie meets Shabby Chic. They are all fashioned from my Salvation Macy's finds. Lot's of upcycled Gap skirts, pillow cases, table runners, yo-yo's and of course some vintage doilies.

I've added an attached hand towel for drying or wiping your hands. Also left some edges raw to add to the shabby chic style.

I really love this apron. The gorgeous antique doily and the little circular cotton doily with it's dainty embroidery is divine. I think these aprons are a great addition to my apron line. I am hoping others agree enough to want to take them home ;-)

I have also been knee deep in wool and cashmere felting. This darling cardigan is fashioned from an adult wool turtleneck sweater. After felting it I turned it into a button down sweater and embellished it with felted sweater pieces and lot's of buttons. The design is on the back also. I think it would be so cute on a young girl with maybe some black leggings and a yellow turtleneck.
Well that's it for now...have to get back to my studio. So much still to do. I think I am going to reward my hubby with some delicious fish tacos for dinner as he has been very understanding about all the reheated leftovers I have been calling dinner lately...sorry Metz!


Dar said...

Oh my, young lady, your aprons are lovely. I particularly love the pink banded one with the hand very thoughtful...a few pounds less and this ol' lady would actually skirt around in one of those while baking bread at the cabin...keep creating and
Blessings Be Yours

Annette said...

Gorgeous aprons! And the sweater is great too! Good luck with the holiday show!

Tweed Delights said...

Fabulous new designs Janet! Go girl :)!

Tweed Delights said...

Hi Janet - I've left a blog award for you on my blog :) Don't worry about doing anything about it - I know you'll be busy!! :D