Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello Monday!

Hello friends, this is turning out to be just a lovely day...............NOT!!!! Went to bed last night with the wind beginning to pick up and rain predicted. Well for once those over payed weather forecasters seem to be spot on. My hubby and I didn't sleep a wink what with all the windy howling going on outside. Lot's of things going 'bump' in the night. I woke up to that stubborn wind still howling, but with no rain. The temp is now a balmy 63 degrees and it is only 7:40 am! Very weird.
I looked out the back door to find a large piece of siding lying there...that's just great! Got the flashlight, as it was still dark at the time, and checked for additional damage. Well you knew there would be...after all this is Monday! Lo and behold..two more more siding pieces flapping like the legs of an Argentine Tango dancing team. To make things worse, they happen to be waaaaaaay up towards the highest part of our house. We'll be needing that 50 ft ladder.  Hubby is by now fully dressed in a business suit and's dark and ..oh yeah, I forgot to mention the big water spots in the sitting room ceiling. I ran around covering my african violets so the lovely words my hubby was spewing did not wilt them. I never knew he was so into the dark side of the English language and we have been married just shy of 35 years.  Live and learn ;-)
 So until he can manage to possibly get home before dark, I will just have to listen to the wind and cross my fingers that the Tango dancers take a break and calm down. that all my complaining is done, let's put all this in prospective. Yes I now have a roof leak, but at least I have a roof over my head to leak. Yes my hubby has to come home early to fix the leak, but at least he has a great job to come home from. I will still sit down tonight to a hot meal and curl up in a cozy bed after. My family is well and I am loved. So I guess I am just going to count my many blessings and go watch the tango dancers. Argentine Tango is my absolute favorite dance you know ;-)
 Until next time, be kind (and grateful) and stay creative.
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PPS...What's Michael Buble have to do with my post..... absolutely nothing. He is just divine to look at and listen to and it is MY blog after all. he..he....


Kelly Ann said...

The wind is howling here also...what a surprise...We did not hear a thing last night, slept through the whole dancers for us. BTW...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some Michael Buble'...

Kris said...

You can post a photo of Michael Buble everyday and that would make me very happy. What a great entertainer and voice.

Pussycats and Angels said...

Hi Janet
So sorry to hear about your roof,that wind must have been mighty strong....You have a great out look on life and a wonderful sense of humour.....Yes I too like Michael Buble,just what we need for a Monday...Thanks for sharing..
Best Wishes
Your friend also... Julie x

Tweed Delights said...

Hope your weather (and your roof!) is better now! Don't know who Michael Buble is but he looks quite cute! :D

Wanda said...

First time I heard Michael Buble, he was singing Frank Sinatra's oldies. He is a favorite. Sorry about the leak, but you handled it perfectly, at least it's fixable.
I love the tote you are giving away, but I'm so petite(5'1"), it's probably bigger than me.

Thanks for your visit, I still have to use my husband's computer to access your's that way with 2 other blogs too, can't figure out why!
Thanks for your friendship Janet!