Monday, February 8, 2010

The Only Restaurant Open In Town!

Hello before you start thinking "What the heck..she already posted about the snow storm", this is a completely new one. For once the weather folks got it absolutely right. The white stuff started to fall on Friday afternoon and did not stop until Saturday around 5pm. I have not seen snow like this since I was a little girl growing up in Poughkeepsie, NY. Of know I was loving it! I went to the grocery store on Friday morning to make sure Bill and I had all the basics to get us through this monster storm. All the women in the check out lines had their carts filled with bread, milk, canned items....all the necessities. I stood there looking around and wondering why people were pointing and snickering in my direction. folks got a problem ..... haven't you ever seen beer, wine, cheese and haircolor in grocery cart before!!! You have your basics and I have mine. If I'm going to be dug out from under a snowbank, I am not going to be rescued with roots!  So anyway..I got home just in time for the show..the bird show that is. My feathered friends never disappoint me and I mangaged to capture much of the fun on on photo to enlarge....
At the first sign of snow, my friends where in a feeding frenzy. I think they realize that they better get it while the getting is good. I have never seen so many Cardinals in my life. The Blue Jays helped by scooping the snow off the feeders so everyone could get to it...gotta love teamwork .
I love the photo on the left and the way it caught the birds in flight. The poor lady Cardinal is trying to stay warm and not get blown off the railing.
As you can see it started to accumulate pretty quickly...yes, those are our cars getting buried alive.
Quite beautiful..don't you think? 
My living 'bird tree' can you count all the different birds? This was my view from my kitchen window. I planted this Japanese Maple in this spot for just this reason.
Everyone always makes such a fuss over the male Cardinal, but I think the female is far more interesting. Just look at her gorgeous soft blend of colors. She is beautiful and I love how she is so 'owning ' this peanut butter& seed mix I made for them.
I love these tiny Slate Eyed Junco's. I call them Marshmallow birds because they look like they have been dunked in marshmallow creme. These little guys tell me when winter is here because they are only around for the cold weather and then they are gone. Look how he has his leg tuck in to try and stay warm..." you want a good photo...look I can balance on one leg!"
I put some bread on a bench outside my kitchen door hoping for a few good photos, when all of a sudden my beloved little garage Wren popped into view. She was too Goldilocks, hopping from one slice to the next, tasting each one to find her favorite. I love Wrens and she still sleeps in my garage every night and I let her out in the morning. What a wonderful way to start your day.
And in the immortal words of Kevin Spacey (Verbal Gint) in the movie 'The Usual Suspects'..... "And just like that.....poof....he's gone!"
That's how quick it minute it was there and the next the setting sun was peeking through. We even were treated to a lovely victorian rose sunset. Mother Nature has a wonderful sense of humor.
Very nice! It's as if she is saying " I'm done can all go to bed and sleep peacefully tonight"
Sunday morning brought lots of sun and the bluest skies you have ever seen. the work begins. My poor man had to shovel the walkway, a very long path to our cars and from the cars to the road....he deserves a medal for dedication. He also had to shovel 2 feet of snow off the entire length of our back deck (runs the length of the whole house). With only one shovel, I was left to watch and offer hot coffee and support. He made a few jokes about the support part..I can't repeat them. If you click on the second photo you might be able to see the sparkly least that's what I used to think when I was little. My hubby says" who are you thought that last year!"
Just look at that sky!!
Lot's of shoveling to do ;-(
I did get some needlework completed this weekend. I listed a new Boyfriend Cowl in my Etsy shop and I'm working on a new lap blanket. I was visiting my mom in NY last week and she was crocheting a blanket that looked like an oval braided rug (which I love). She said it was actually a mistake, but liked it and kept going. When I got home I started my own, using all my remnant yarn. I also decided to add the ruffle look for some added texture and style. I love how it is turning out.
Of course..we had to eat, so I treated my hubby to a Lebanese specialty..stuffed grapeleaves. He loved them and I have to admit, I love my Lebanese heritage..our food rocks! If you read my Friday is Pieday post, then you know we had Sour Cream Apple Pie for dessert...delicious.
So that was my weekend...I hope yours was just as fun. Until next kind and stay creative.
PS....Federal Government is closed today and hubby is very happy!  SNOW DAY!!!!!!
PPS....Feds are closed again on Tuesday (expecting 10-20 more inches) and I have a feeling Wednesday also. At $100 million a day, that is going to hurt! However..cannot get to work if the roads are not plowed.


casualpooch said...

Beer, wine, cheese, and hair color. Who needs anything else? I could use some hair color myself. Wow those are some beautiful pictures. We didn't get that much snow here in northern Ohio. We did get enough to make my husky want to burst with excitement though. haha.

Kelly Ann said...

So looks like we're in for more you need more beer & wine?? I think with this next storm I'll take bird pictures and we'll see if we share any....LOL...

Anonymous said...

Only my sister Janet would put out raison cinniman swirl bread for the birds. Is there any wonder why her porch is a bird paradise : )

sillymadeleine said...

Haha @ hair color :D

Beautiful photos! I was out in the snow today and it's alnmost up to my thighs... Where did global warming go? ;)

Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh no, I forgot all about the little birds in this snow! I'm going to put out some bread and seed right now!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Ah, I love the living tree - I saw my first cardinals reently in Georgia... such beautiful birds. And, of course you needed hair colour, competing with them birds out there!

Wipso said...

I really love all your gorgeous birds. So different to what we get here. Thanks for sharing them.
A x

Anonymous said...

Wow that's an amazing heap of snow you have there. And beautiful pictures of the birds. It's so important to put food out for them in this horrid weather.

CJ xx

Annette said...

I love the little marshmallow birds! I don't think I've ever seen them before. We're still digging out...not as young as we used to be...and we're getting more tomorrow and Wednesday!

Dar said...

You got a bit of snow, I see...WoW...and I am so glad that I am not the only one at the better end of the shovel...the coffee and encouragement end. Your birds, especially that darling little wren and the cardinals, sure a delightful bit of color in the cold snow. Your pie looks are blessed.

quiltcat said...

Excellent snow pictures, Janet! your husband is quite a guy to shovel all of that by hand. I love your living bird tree...what a great idea, and so beautiful! clearly the cardinals, juncoes, and white throated sparrows love it, too.

Tweed Delights said...

Love your list of basics, Janet - sort of similar to what mine would be! Fabulous snowy/birdie pics - you are so kind to your birds :) Nice crafting going on too!

P.S. I think I made something 'ugly' - come over and have a look, hehe!

EVA SB said...

I wish we had snow it is so beautiful. Fortunately we do have lots of Lebanese food, one of my favourites!

Bri said...

Love the bird photos! And it's funny that you have your necessities. :) I made stuffed grape leaves this afternoon - not sure how they turned out yet, but I hope they're good!

Wanda said...

Janet, You certainly have more snow than we do, there's about 8 inches here now and more on the way tomorrow. I see how we are alike when it comes to feeding the birds. I feed them in feeders and on the back porch too, have a lilac bush they cluster in, and a wren that sleeps in our porch blinds every night.

Hope your husband doesn't get wise and buy a second shovel!

Michelle Palmer said...

Funny post! Love your birds, (gorgeous close-ups!) love your needlework... but loved your sense of humor the most!
Hope you are safe and warm through this next round!

Patricia said...

How nice it is to see some snow... it makes me feel a little chilly, which is good since down here in Argentina it´s 84 F right now (feels like 91) so thank you! And thanks for stopping by my blog! I´m Patricia from

Just wanted to say hi!

Jami said...

Wow, you always take great pics and have good eats! Love the birds and how they found your little smorgasbord.

Marcheline said...

Hey, I can relate - we are in the teeth of BLIZZARD #2.... aaaaargh, enough snow already!

I'm also a crochet maniac - love your neck wraps!

Those food pics are doing nothing for my diet willpower. Oh, that's right - I don't HAVE ANY. Ha!

Jacquelyn said...

I spotted those stuffed grape leaves as soon as I scrolled through your pictures. My absolute favorite ethnic food is Lebanese (and I'm Italian!)
I have about a dozen recipes and sometimes I just make them all up the same day. Spinach pies are a favorite too. Are you sharing any of your recipes or have I missed them? Oh you are making me so hungry!