Sunday, March 14, 2010

Keep Throwing Your Stuff Away!

Hello friends...yes, you heard me right. I love it when you toss old clothes or curtains and bed covers to the curb. They become my treasures.
That dress shirt your husband never wears anymore.....inspiration for my new apron, Tangerine Sorbet.

The table runner you found in a bag of old things your elderly Aunt owned and you had no use for.......I saw it as a fabulous embellisment.
I added a tiny secret pocket for small treasures and even left the shirt buttons intact for added interest.
UPDATE on this Apron:  SOLD and on it's way to Utah!! I love it!
Your little ones grew up and no longer wanted the white cotton duck shower curtain in their bathroom. I immediately saw it as a fabulous beach tote with enough room for all your towels and snacks. On the inside I finished the side seams in the French seam style and the bottom has a decorative ocean blue bias tape trim. Very pretty and clean looking. My double handles have pretty stitching and are reinforced for durability.
I fell in love with the whimsical fish and the muted colors. I used quilt batting and created two puffy fish for texture. It had been washed so many times that it is now very soft and weathered....perfect.
I put my mark on it and will be sending it off to my Etsy shop. Maybe someone in California, Florida  or the south of France will think it is the perfect thing for their family beach outings.

Hanging on Millie my mannequin you can see how large it really is. Because it is so soft and unconstructed, it can be folded up to a small bundle and tucked in a purse or glovebox or suitcase for travel. How convenient! I have more of this fabric...what would you think about maybe a Giveaway for one of my 'Beneath the Sea' fishy totes? 
Until next kind and stay creative.


Joan said...

I just love your post. Very refreshing as is your creativity.
Right now I have a smile on my dial! All because of you!

w said...

i love your aprons. like. a lot. swoon.

Wipso said...

You never fail to inspire me with your ideas. Love what you do with what folks would throw out.
A x

Tweed Delights said...

Amazing work as always Janet! Do you ever find time to sleep, hehe???? :D

Audrey said...

You are amazing!! Would never have got my husband to wear tangerine! The apron is wonderful :)
Have a really great week!

Wanda said...

I love how you transform simple things into works of art, Janet!

Aprons and More said...

Love it! I am still trying to finish my Man's shirt apron...I started it a month ago! You have inspired me to finish soon a I get out my regular orders! Thanks for the nudge!

Katy :)

My Life Under the Bus said...

AMEN SISTER !!! My husband works down in a VERY expensive town and you would not believe what they throw out BRAND NEW !!! We've gotten windows,doors, TV's, furniture, an entire landscape - including trees,a blue stone walkway, clothes, toys etc.Nothing is better then FREE !!!!

Sue said...

Janet, Thanks for the visit on my thrifting. I came over to see what you do, and was pleasantly surprised to see all these lovely and decorative aprons! I am such a messy cook, I wouldn't want to use them while I'm experimenting with all that food! I need the ordinary white one w/the bib that food service workers use! LOL I heart yours, though. Maybe wearing one while I serve my guests would make an impression- ala June Cleaver or Donna Reed.... Hope you'll visit again. I will be back here again.
:-) Sue

Marie said...

Janet - I thought my repurposing of my grandson's jeans was good and then I read this. He is growing so fast, jeans bought last month are outgrown. I must find more to do with them. Any thoughts?

Annette said...

Great apron and tote! You've inspired me yet again!

JoeyRes said...

I have a whole bag full of "treasures" for you right now. I hope whoever gets them here in PA is as creative as you!

Heather said...

I love this post! I'm with ya, Janet...everyone needs to go clean out their closets and attics and donate them all to my local thrift shop...or yours ;)