Thursday, April 1, 2010

Friday is Pieday!

Hello's Pieday! So happy to have you all back. I really love reading all your kind pie comments. It was 82 degrees and super sunny in Virginia today, so in honor of this gorgeous spring day, I decided to bake an old fashioned Strawberry- Rhubarb pie. You know...the kind your grandmother used to bake. And ..yes,we will be needing vanilla ice cream...;-)
For our Strawberry-Rhubarb pie we will need the following:
1.  4 cups sliced fresh rhubarb
2.  3 cups sliced fresh strawberries-God Bless Costco..they had a 4lb box for $5.00!!
3. 1 1/2 cups sugar or Splenda ( both work great)
4. 1/4 cup quick cooking tapioca(in the pudding aisle)
5.  2 TBL good orange juice
6.  2 Tbl butter
7. recipe for pie crust-see side bar to left
So this is what rhubarb looks celery! If you bite into it raw...very sour and bitter. No need to peel..just wash and trim ends off.
As tart as the rhubarb is..when you pair it up with sweet strawberries and sugar....Magic happens!
I always thought the leaf part of the stalk looked like webbed duck feet..too funny...;-)
This is such an old fashioned pie, I think we really need to keep it authentic and make our homemade pie don't you? Oh..stop your whining! Ok..if you have to use frozen crust, I'll look away while you get them out of the freezer.
In a large bowl mix the rhubarb, berries, sugar, tapioca and orange juice.
Roll the bottom crust into your pie pan and trim. Pile your berries into your crust and dot with butter. Roll your top crust over the filling. Trim the top crust and tuck under and crimp in any pretty technique. If you need help with this part, refer to some of my older pie posts. Brush the top of your pie with some beaten egg white and sprinkle with granulated sugar to make it sparkle! Make a few slits with a sharp knife for steam release. Or your pie will explode!!! Just kidding..;-)
All ready for the oven! Bake in a 425 degree oven for about 40-50 minutes until golden and bubbly.
Cover crust edge with pie rings or aluminum to prevent over browning. 

Perfect! Crust is golden, juices are bubbling up through the slits and my kitchen smells wonderful. Ok...somebody get the vanilla ice cream! I have found that if you cut into this pie while still warm, the fruit will be juicier and the longer the pie cools the more set the filling becomes. The great flavor is the same whether warm and juicy or cooled and's all good.

This is how my pie set up nicely by the next morning.....I ate this one too...;-)   Hey, I made mine with it was sugar free and that's not bad..all fruit!
I hope you will treat your family to this old time favorite whenever you see rhubarb in season. You will have to excuse me now...I have an appointment with a piece of pie.
Until next kind and stay creative.


The LadyBugs Garden said...

This looks good! I have never cooked these together,but sure will try it. Everything you make is so yummy.

Wanda said...

It's too early and I'm too hungry to see something so delicious looking. :)

Marilyn said...

Janet, it has been years since I've had strawberry rhubarb pie!! Could you send me a piece, Priority Mail??? :))

Sue said...

Janet, Your pies always look so very scrumptious!!!! I could eat more than one piece, that's for sure. Strawberry/rhubarb is definitely one of my favs... Glad you stopped by this morning for a visit. Where are you looking for cloches? Do you have an Old Time Pottery nearby? I found one of my large ones there. There are some online sources that aren't too expensive. I am picky and won't pay big bucks for them. I'll try to find the site where I saw some reasonably priced ones. Have a Happy Easter Holiday!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Roses are red,
Pies are too,
I wish I had some,
Just like you !

Happy Pieday ! : )

Dar said...

Mercy Child, Your pie looks fabulously lip-smacking. I do need to start baking pies again. Hubby couldn't have the sugars but Splenda is a splendid idea. He will love this garden rhubarb should be ready in a month..
What a great price on your strawberries, WOW!
Have a fun Easter weekend, and blessings to you and your family, Janet.

Danielle said...

I absolutely LOVE Strawberry-Rhubarb pie! And I'm so jealous that you had a beautiful spring day in VA while it was abnormally chilly here in CA. I will have to give your recipe a try in a few weeks when Farmer's Market opens!

Ana Popov said...

This pie looks wonderful!!!! You made me hungry! Strawberry is one of my favorite fruits.

I like also the new blog design.

Happy Easter!

Annette said...

Mmmmm...I bet it tastes as good as it looks!!!

Atelier Conti said...

This is my favorite taste. Thank you so much!

Marion said...

Mmmmmm - our rhubarb is growing well and will soon be ready to pick. I know what I'm going to make!
And OK OK so it's 82 with you - we've weathered our recent storms and it was a lovely sunny day today, but still only 48 degrees!

JoeyRes said...

Strawberry rhubarb is my specialty! That reminds me I should plant some rhubarb at my new house.

Joan said...

That pie looks absolutely yummy. Overflowing with summer fruit.
Hope your easter is good too!

Letherton said...


here from ff

Busymomsteph said...

This is THE pie I have been wanting to make! It looks delicious. I am stopping by from FF.

Audrey said...

That looks to good!!!!
I won't have fresh rhubarb for almost another 3 months! Can't wait to make fresh rhubarb pie - will definitely have to try the strawberries in it too.

Kelly Ann said...

Guest Pie Taster this week as the Real Pie Taster is out of town...YUMMO...the perfect blend of sweet and tart, the pie crust was perfect, no vanilla ice cream but didn't really need it...

Marie said...

Janet - hold the ice cream on mine please - then I'll have room for two pieces. I love rhubarb in lots of different ways. (I can't think of any but my mother always cooked with rhubarb.) Ok - just a tiny little bit of vanilla ice cream.


Marie said...

Yuck (I lost my comment) and yummie for the pie. Please hold the ice cream so I can have two extra large pieces. After pineapple pie, rhubarb is my favorite. I used to order this as dessert so my girls wouldn't want to eat mine too.


Marie said...
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Ron Cooper said...

I’m your latest Friday Follower! I would appreciate a follow-back on Google Friends Connect and/or Networked Blogs.


A Mom After God's Own Heart said...

Looks delicious! I am a new follower from Friday Follow and would love if you would stop by when you can and follow back:) Have a very Happy Easter!

MelissaAggie98 said...

Happy Friday Follow! I'm your newest follower...if you get a chance, please stop by and follow me too! Have a great weekend!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

That pie looks like one of the best yet ! Rhubarb's definitely a favourite here .

LoveMy2Dogs said...

I love this kind of pie. Yummy! Strange thing, this is the only way I will eat Rhubarb.

I am visiting from Friday Follow, and I am now following you. Could you hop over and visit my blog and follow back.

Claire said...

Another winner Janet.

My rhubarb is just begging to be picked, cooked and eaten.

My standard recipe is rhubarb and ginger muffins which are delicious but your pie might take the cake!!

One question, why do you put butter on top of the fruit before putting on the pastry cover?

Jen Sue Wild said...

My hubby would be very happy if I made this for him.. Now I just have to find some rhubarb.

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

What a delicious post! Love your blog!