Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Staying Cool In My Studio

It is so HOT here!!! It's 6:22 pm and it is still 91 degrees! Lord knows I do not take the heat well, so you can imagine I am holed up in my little studio with no plans to venture outside until after the sun says goodnight.
I worked most of the day on this jumbo tote. I had fun mixing all my fabrics and designing this all purpose bag. Take a look........
This bag is very large...great for school books, shopping and wonderful for travel.
For the gal who loves all things French but with a wild side to her. 
I used lot's of different textures and colors when choosing my fabric..I think it all goes together beautifully (shine my own apple here).
I fashioned two very large pockets and even included a handy key fob. 
I am very pleased with myself today..he..he...
Until next time...be kind and stay cooly creative.


Kathleen Grace said...

So cute Janet! I like the zebra and toile combination. It's hot here too,90+ last time I looked. I spent the dy painting my kitchen, not as cool a pursuit as sewing I'm afraid, but I look forward to having it done:>)

Anonymous said...

very lovely! the blue is such a calm cooling color. I too hate the heat!!!! driving home from work is the worst part of the day. I think it would be cooler to walk home instead of getting into that hot car, but it's okay: summer wont last forever, right????? :)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Wow I love this it really too pretty. I can't believe how creative you are and while I was here caught up with some of your other post.
You need to do a blogazine story on my site and put some of your beautiful pieces on there.
I think everyone would love seeing them and reading about you

Claire said...

Hey Janet, wow there's heaps of room in your new tote.The toile and animal print fabrics look great together and the colours in the lining fabrics are particularly nice.
It could almost be a reversible tote, what do you think?

Despite the heat you have been very productive.We have had a beautiful mild Winters day here but a wet weekend is on the way so I have filled the wood basket and picked up a barrow load of kindling in preparation.
You are most certainly welcome to join me for cheesecake anytime. Just give me a bit of warning and I shall whip up something extra special. You let me know when you are going to be in this corner of the woods or nearby.
Thanks for visiting always so nice to hear from you.
Hugs, Claire X

Wanda said...

Lovely bag Janet! It may be as big...as I am tall! :)

Trish @TheOldPostRoad said...

Janet - Love the fabrics on the inside of that purse. Beautiful! Stay cool.

Audrey said...

Don't blame you for staying inside - I can't handle the heat either. We are supposed to hit a high of 77 degrees today - about 7 degrees to warm for me :)

Aprons and More said...

Cute! Love the black and white and pink!
I thought I would escape the heat by going to the mountains yesterday...it was 91 there too! It's too hot!!

Katy :)

Annette said...

Great color and fabric combo!! You really should be pleased with yourself! Although the heat can be draining, I much prefer summer over winter and back to back blizzards! :)

My Life Under the Bus said...

The inside is delicious love the fabrics !

arkie said...

Beautiful blog! I found you on Houzz! Love the mannequin!!!!

K-Sue said...

What a beautiful bag! This make me want to go sew a bag. I'm a first time visitor - what a pretty site.