Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Unexpected Treasures!

Hello friends...I have been enjoying my days more, now that I have removed a bit of the blogging pressure I had placed on myself. My man and I spent the holiday weekend working on home improvement projects. He painted the garage door (in 90 degree heat) and I painted some inside walls. I can't wait to have my big 'Reveal' when all is completed.
After dropping off an Etsy order at my local Post Office, I popped in across the street to see if our little ladies auxiliary thrift shop had any treasures. I don't usually have much luck finding items for my aprons, However.....................
Today was a different story. Just look what I found. A large, beautiful and hand embroidered tablecloth with dainty cutwork. It is a pretty peachy pink color in a linen fabric. All hand made right down to the rolled hem...and spotless!
I also found 6 matching napkins! Don't adjust your screen...that IS a 10 cent price tag!
Fabulous large vintage tablecloth with a fruit motif. I love it's well worn look. This baby is crying out one word.....APRON!!!!
I found two calendar tea towels..this vibrant 1978 (the colors are good clue to it's era)
and a nice kitty cat towel for 1985. Purrrfect apron embellishment!
I am currently working on a bridal themed apron and have been searching for a vintage pillowcase that would work....BINGO!!! I love the fancy work on the hem of this one.
Always on the lookout for vintage plates. Lovely gold rimmed and handpainted dinner plate by Kirk
Also found two matching dessert bowls. I think they will make great magnetic pin holders.
I found more lovelies for my bridal apron..3 yards of vintage lace and a wonderful tulle and lace edged table runner. The second I saw the runner I thought of a bridal veil. The rolled up tan and white stripped item is a great little strap belt that will make a great tote bag strap. Waste not, want not!
I was very happy with my thrift haul and just think...the total for all of this was $20.06!!!
What's your favorite item to hunt for????
Until next time....be kind and stay creative.


The LadyBugs Garden said...

I have been addicted to Thrift shopping lately. The people at checkout look at me like thay want to know what am I doing buying this stuff. Aprons, pin cushions, bird feeders etc..it is like looking for treasures.

Kathleen Grace said...

You got some great stuff! The tablecloth is beautiful, I always have such a hard time cutting into old linens that are in good shape! I know it will be made ionto something wonderful though:>) I always love old pillowcases. I got several pairs at Salvation Army last week for 1.50 a pair. The old ones are so soft and yet crisp. Finer quality cotton than you get today and who could even look at new cases for that price!?

Marie said...

Hey, I'm missing out here. I've never been thrift shopping. This will be a new and different experience. Thanks for the idea.

Nice to hear from you again.

Hugs - Marie

Dar said...

What wonderful treasures you found, right down to the plates. I love the first tablecloth and napkins. Your bridal themed apron is going to be most gorgeous.

Annette said...

I'd say you hit the jackpot!! Can't wait to see how you use it all. I've been working on ideas for a bridal apron so I look forward to seeing how yours turns out! I'm still working on taking the pressure off...

Suzy said...

Love the fabric for the bride's apron and what pretty dishes!

Jennifer Juniper said...

You changed the background color of your blog! I love it :)

Great score, especially the lacy pillowcase. I like to look for furniture to repaint when I thrift.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Wow! You found a deal, didn't you? Ten cents? Unbelievable.

Claire said...

You certainly came away with the goods, Janet. Can't wait to see the wedding inspired apron. Will it have something old, new, borrowed and blue in the design? Love the plate and the bowls look just the right size for a piece of pie!
I love finding beautiful embroidered linens and old tea towels with interesting designs on them, plus old buttons and woollen jumpers for felting.... better stop now or I will just keep going!!
Thanks for dropping by my blog you are an early bird! Yes, it was funny that you and Gretel were the first to comment being lovers of Brambly Hedge. The ink had barely dried on the post, when Gretel dropped by.
Glad you have been able to release the pressure valve and things are more enjoyable.
Time to hit the sack, take care

Sending hugs, Claire X

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your delightful blog this weekend and just finished reading over all of your posts. I now know what to do with the heirloom linens my aunt insisted I, and my two sisters, take. APRONS! I've been wanting to get back into sewing and thought I would start with aprons so when I think I've got the hang of it I'll get out my stack of linens and see what I can do. Once I have success, I'll ask my sisters about theirs and see what happens. Thanks for the great blog!

Sally in central Ohio