Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sneak Peak In My Studio

  Hello friends, to begin I would like to thank all of you who posted the many happy comments about baby Liam. I get to meet him this weekend and I'm so very excited. I adore babies!
Ok...so what have I been up to ...well you know my sister Joanne and my Mom came for a visit. We had such a great time and I miss them already. My sister Jo always makes me laugh and she and my hubby together are hilarious. They have the same sarcastic sense of humor and they seem to feed off of each other. It is a joy to witness ;-) 
We had a wonderful time and Joanne got to experience my Salvation Macy's, where she scored a lovely pair of crystal candlesticks for a couple of bucks. She is now an official Thriftress!
Now on to creative stuff. I have finally and officially jumped on the spray paint band wagon. I LOVE this stuff!! I have been reading about the great results all you gals have been getting and the cool furniture makeovers on the many design blogs. I drove myself over to my local Home Depot, which I am happy to say is 5 minutes away and was in awe of the many gorgeous colors and types of spray paint. I choose Rustoleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover 2x in Heirloom White Satin. I took a hint and also purchased the nozzle adapter...so worth the couple of bucks....no finger fatigue! You can read more about this great product here.
The first item I tackled was an occasional table I had purchased at a thrift store ages ago. Always wanted to do something with it, but wasn't sure what. Spray paint here I come! First I washed it really well and dried it. I then primed it with Rustoleum spray primer in white. Sprayed about three coats of the Heirloom color and left it to dry.
This is a little plant stand that I decided to paint also. I did the same...wash, prime and paint. 
I think they turned out beautifully! It is hard to tell in the photo, but I aged the edges with fine grit sandpaper and I might rub some stain here and there. 
This photo shows the soft creaminess of this color. It is not a stark white, it has a hint of cream in it. I'm thinking of maybe doing a chipped china inlay on the piecrust top. What do you think??
I have also been in the studio working on something I have been planning for a while. I have been searching and hunting for just the right materials for her. 
She is not ready for her debut, but I will give you a little sneak peak.....
Lovely doilies and handmade Yo-Yo's....
 Beautiful lace and embroidery work...
 Delicate gossamer linens...
With just a hint of color.......
Ok...that's enough, you will have to wait to see her in all her glory. She is still all needles and pins.
I will be headed to New York this weekend while the man keeps track of things on the home front. I have a wedding shower for my nephew's bride to be. Sara, if you are reading this, turn your head away NOW!!!!   The above photo is the spot where my nephew proposed to his lady. It is a lovely spot in the beautiful oriental gardens at Innisfree in Millbrook, NY. Take a minute to click on the link, it is a spectacular Asian inspired garden and I know you will not be disappointed.
Here is my take on that pretty proposal spot. I painted it on a small 6 x6 in wrap around canvas with the painting continued all around the sides. If you look close you can see a little bench to the left of the tree and under the bridge. Maybe that's where he got on one knee and proposed. I have named it "She Said Yes" and will give it to her at the shower. I hope she likes it. 
So my friends...that's what I have been up to. I hope you have all been enjoying your summer.
Until next time...be kind and stay creative.


Aprons and More said...

Wow!! You have been busy! I love the painting and I'm sure she will too! Can't wait to see the new apron. AND, I admit, I was a little unsure about the furniture but.....I really like them!! Looking forward to seeing the finishing touches! All this activity makes me want to make something new too! Maybe I can find the time soon...if the heat ever lets up!!

Katy :)

Kathleen Grace said...

The painting will, no doubt, be a wonderful keepsake for the bride. You are so multi talented! The apron, oh my, fabulous! And I say yes to the chipped china in the pie crust top of your table, it seems made for just that touch!

PG said...

Golly, I am feeling tired just reading this Janet! Love what you are doing with the furniture (is anything in the house going to be safe now? Will your husband wake up one day to find himself sprayed in a tasteful cream white?)

janet said...

Funny you should say that Gretel..he actually made a joke about me not being able to spray a moving target..meaning him!

~mel said...

You've been a very busy lady. LOVE the paint job on the table and plant stand ~ and the antique look ~ sanding the edges. I agree... a little stain rub would probably be the finishing touch to them. The kerchiefs ... are they turning into a skirt of a pretty little dress??? AND you painting of the proposal site ~ priceless!! You're a good Aunt. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents ~ and providing so much inspiration to us lazys ... lol.

Wanda..... said...

The special materials you searched for and found are looking lovely together Janet.

Sara will love "She Said Yes"!

Lockygirl said...

Wow! I love what you did with the furniture. My friend is just starting out doing a similar thing as a hobby. I'll show her your blog for some encouragement. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer Juniper said...

Love the makeover and that apron is like a wedding dress! Love it :)

Oh, and there is nothing like the smell of a newborn baby - give him a kiss from me :)

claire said...

Hey Janet, painting, sewing, mosaics, what don't you do?
Love the furniture makeovers and yes, mosaic the top of the table, it will look fab when your fingers have worked their magic.
The painting is so sweet, you are such a romantic. What a lovely, thoughtful gift, I am sure it will be treasured.
Linen, lace, embroidery, doilies, hmmm, what could it be? Lovely photos, I have an inkling, but can't wait to see it.
Hope New York is cooler this weekend, have a great trip.
Thanks for swinging by my blog, my thrifty finds don't come near what you manage to track down, but it's all fun.
Blowing a gale last night and rain lashing the windows, wonderful weather, I just love it.
Sending hugs across the miles,

Claire x

Bromeliad said...

Nice project. I had to come and see it after reading the funny title at Hope Studios Tutorial Tuesday.

Annette said...

You never cease to inspire!! That apron is going to be gorgeous. The painting is such a thoughtful and loving gift...she will love it! We're going to be redoing the living room in the near future and I had already decided that spray painting would be involved!! The tables look great!