Monday, November 1, 2010

Salvation Macy's Sweater Redo

Hello friends...I was digging through my wool sweater stash today and found this beauty. A lovely pale yellow wool pullover that I rescued at my Salvation Macy's for $1.75. 
I machine felted it and shrunk it to about half it original size. I love that it still managed to retain it's great knitted textural design. It just got thicker and oh so soft.
 Notice the label...not so shabby for $1.75. It is in perfect condition also. 

 After cutting the sweater up, I decided it would make a fabulous cool weather shoulder bag. I also created a few small pouches from the sleeves and the bottom ribbing...waste not..want not.
So here we go!
I boxed the bottom to give it more room inside. The strap is secured to my bag with leather I salvaged from an outdated vintage skirt. I love the soft texture of the knit pattern.

I crocheted flowers, felted some of them and embellished the bag with these posies.

You know I adore pretty linings, so I used a sunny linen fern print and added a pocket from another floral cotton. Much to my hubby's chagrin, I added my name to the inside(see past post for that story)

Still worried that I don't have enough to offer at my Open House this Saturday, I knit and crocheted four more cowls...I know, I'm a crazy woman!

I adore these wonderful and very practical scarf pins. I think I might also add some removable felted flower pins to these lovely cowls.
Let's see ....what else can I whip up???
Until next kind and stay creative


Marie said...

Janet - I have decided that you are absolutely obsessed with the thought of not having enough. So be it - just don't get so frazzled that you don't enjoy the show.

Hugs - Marie

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful - you are incredibly talented. Gorgeous colour of yellow, all year round.

CJ xx

Jennifer Juniper said...

You've been so busy! I'm sure you will have plenty :)

Anonymous said...

That bag is beautiful! What talent you possess. I think you can make something beautiful out of anything. Hugs

ArtAfterDark said...

What a wonderful idea! The flowers are so pretty! I love those upcycled bargains! We call our "Macy's" by another name....Neiman's on the Hill. It's better than Neiman-Marcus and still can find fancy brands for bargain prices! Thanks for sharing your beautiful autumn creations.

Sweet Birdy Love said...

Hey Janet,the bag looks fab, great idea, love the flowers, they look so good.
Those knitted cowls look so soft and warm and crocheted flowers would look brilliant on them.
Now Janet, you seem to be burning the candle a bit. Look after yourself .

Claire X

Leslie said...

These are fantastic, love the upcycled sweater purse! It's always a nagging feeling you don't have enough for a show but usually you're just fine. Wishing you a wonderful show and joy in the preparation!