Sunday, January 16, 2011

Giveaway Results...........

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Hello friends, well it's here..results day.  Are you excited??
First I want to thank all of you who left so many sweet and kind comments about my scarves. I truly wish I could send a scarf to each and every one of you.
But...I think my fingers would fall off if I attempted to knit that many this winter.

So here are the winners......

1. Crystal Jigsaw-International blogger
2. Lisalulu
3. Linda
4. Catherine Holman
5. Sandy
6. Maison Conti-International blogger
7. Heather
9.Claire-Internatioanl blogger
10. Mel

Congratulations Ladies!

Please E-Mail me with your mailing addresses and I will see that you receive your prize.

Thanks again for your overwhelming response, I am looking forward to planning my next Giveaway
Until next kind and stay creative.


Annette said...

Those are some lucky ladies!! Congrats to all!!

Maison Conti said...

Am I excited? ABSOLUTELY..especially to see my name on the list. I never win anything!

Leslie said...

You've sure been a busy knitting-bee! Congratulations to the winners who are truly blessed to have won. <3

Snappy Di said...

Oh my! Love your scarves and so sorry I missed out on the giveaway. It seems I need to pay closer attention next time. Congrats to the winners!


Crystal Jigsaw said...

That is very generous of you. I live a long way away - so understand if you would rather send to someone nearer. It's a great feeling to know you've won something, and this prize is beautiful.

Thank you, CJ xx

Dar said...

What a generous giveaway. Your fingers must have been flying. Congrats to all the lucky winners.

Marie said...

My name didn't appear but I am still excited for those who won. Thank you for your fantastic generousity.

Hugs - Marie

Catherine Holman said...

I'm so excited and honored to be one of the winners! I don't have your email address so that i can send you my address. Mine is

Lisalulu said...

this is so exciting! and it's been so cold this winter... this is something I could reallllly use!!! Thank you

mybloomnart said...

Hi! I just found your blog and do enjoy readin it! Thanks!

Linda said...

Wow Janet,

I never win anything and this is amazing :) I have been totally into scarves this year and wear them with everything. I can’t wait to get your beautiful scarf :)Thanks so much ♥♥♥