Thursday, February 3, 2011

Apronology Celebration!

Hello friends...I could not wait any longer for my complimentary issue of the new Apronology magazine, so I ran to my local Joann's and bought one.
I opened it in the store and did a little happy dance as I turned to page 28-29.

There I was...this never gets old. I get goose bumps each time.
I created this apron using a vintage tablecloth that my mother-in-law, Dottie, gave me. 
The hem is edged in pretty vintage hankies and jumbo rik-rak.


This issue is just as fabulous as the past two issues. Filled to the brim with wonderfully creative aprons. You will find something for every taste in this magazine.

They did such a great job showcasing my work.

They were even kind enough to include the little story I wrote about what inspired this apron.

my lovely niece Kelly modeling
"He takes the dog eared photo from his uniform pocket. The image is that of a beautiful young brunette in a tiny kitchen. She is holding a pie that she just took out of her oven and the proud smile on her face says.."I baked this just for you my soldier very first pie". He remembers that send off day and the memory shoots a dart of pain into his heart. He loves and misses her so, but he knows he will someday be in that kitchen again. He will watch her tie that big beautiful bow of her lovely apron and he will be happy to be back home with her. Until that day comes, he will be content with the photo of his girl back home in her pretty apron"

I'll say it again....seeing your name in print, never gets old.

Here is a little sneak peak at some of the beautifully creative aprons in this magazine.
I am so honored to be included with these ladies...they all rock those aprons!! 

A super special 'THANK YOU' to Ms. Beth Livesay, who was kind enough to browse my Etsy shop and take the time to e-mail me about my aprons and children's sweaters. I so appreciate her acknowledgment of all of the home studio artists who spend their days creating beauty.
Stampington & Company, the publisher, deserves a huge Thank You also for giving so many art forms a venue to share with others.
The editors, writers, photographers, proof are all so valued...Thank You!! the bad news ...they have created a submitting monster. I'm already working on more possible submissions. 
I encourage all my creative blogger friends to do the same!

Until next kind and stay creative.


the rikrak studio said...

oh this is WONDERFUL, nicey!
so happy for you - and what a great apron - love that RIKRAK! :)

you're fabulous.
can't wait to get a copy for myself!

Aprons and More said...

Saw both of the magazines on Tuesday at Joann!! So excited for you!!!

Katy :)

BumbleVee said...

good for you.... lovely aprons all 'round...

yes indeed.... if we don't submit anything how can we possibly be published? ....kind of like not buying a lottery ticket I guess..... but, I'm basically lazy.... guess it'll never happen ...

Heather said...

i wish i had seen your face and your happy dance in the store when you opened the magazine.

yay for you!!!

Tweed Thoughts said...

How cooooool! Well done Janet :):) xx

Marie said...

How wonderful - i wish I could have seen the happy dance right in the middle of Joann's. Keep submitting -you're doing great.

Hugs - Marie

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Congrats, Janet! The apron is beautiful.

The LadyBugs Garden said...

I am so proud of you Janet. Getting published agian I know is so exciting. I can see you in Joann's doing the happy dance. All you aprons are so beautiful.

Holly Loves Art said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I'm following you now so we can keep in touch! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your aprons! And I'm thrilled to be in the Apronology magazine with you and all the other amazing artists. It's so exciting isn't it?

Your blog is gorgeous and now I'm going to look some more. :)

Have a wonderful day.

Beth said...

Janet, thanks for the amazing shout out. I am so lucky to have your support and friendship with multiple magazines. Your niece is lovely. YES, keep submitting!!! Hope to talk soon!

Anonymous said...

You had me at Jumbo Ric-Rac?? I am in love!!


the treat girl said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog!! You're great is that to be in a magazine???? I hope you feel like a princess for days!!! And can I just say I loooooooove aprons too!!!

Sandra Wilkes said...

That is so very cool that you were featured...majorly so!!! And I love the apron and the story. Never knew of this mag but I'll be looking for it.

Annette said...

You dance away, girl! So excited for you!!! I haven't been able to find the magazine in my little rural community but I will be at the big bookstore this weekend.

Sweet Birdy Love said...

wHey Janet,how exciting is that.

Your apron is gorgeous and I love the story you wrote to go with it.

I like the idea of the 'happy dance'. Sounds like you might be doing it a little more often.........
Have a great weekend,

Claire X

Sweet Birdy Love said...
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Jennifer Juniper said...

I love it Janet!!! You're officially famous after all the publicity this week :)

Sachiko said...

Hi Janet, how exciting that we are in the same magazine!! You are one talented lady. Amazing creations!

Unknown said...

Hi Janet,
It was so nice meeting you today too! Thank you so much for my gift, I ADORE it!! That is just the cutest little bag ever! Your style is so fresh and pretty, I'm not surprised that you were published in that magazine! I will have to look for that issue.
Thank you again, you were so sweet to stop by the shop, I hope you had fun today!

P.S. I let Marian know already that she has something from you too, I will be sure and give it to her the next time I see her. I'm sure she will love it!!

Travel With Lulu said...

This is so cool! Congratulations! Darling apron - but you already knew that :) XoL

Catherine Holman said...

Congrats Janet! It's truly a beautiful apron. Just wanted to let you know that I received my scarf and I'm in love with it! I've worn it several times already and I'm putting it on my blog this evening! Thanks for all the love that was put into it and the color is amazing!

Lisa D said...

Beautiful apron! I, too create aprons from vintage items and would love to know how to submit one to Apronology. Do I just drop one in the mail on the hopes it's chosen or is there a process? Thanks so much! ; )