Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My color inspiration!

Hello friends...Yes, I am still working on my kitchen. I thought I would show you my progress so far.

 Remember I said I was had plans to paint the island a different color so it would not look like part of the wall cabinetry. Well I painted the front a beautiful glossy black. As soon as my man nails beadboard to the remaining three sides, they will get a coat of black also. So far,, I love the rich look of it. I am still on the look out for some unique knobs for the island. I would love to find some vintage knobs and they do not have to match the cabinet knobs at all.

Look what I found in my basement!! I had purchased it at a thrift shop a few years ago. It has been sitting downstairs ever since...never had a place for it. I do now!!
I have plans to paint it and display some pretty thrift store plates. You can't see them, but their are four wrought iron hooks at the bottom...perfect for keys or my apron.

In my last kitchen post I said I had found the color for inside the open shelf cabinets. I had decided on a soft blush pink color. Well, it's looked great in the can, but on the wall...not so much. Thank god for those sample jars because they make color mistakes not so costly. Just look at the bottom inside wall...YUCK! The color seemed to lose all it's prettiness once applied.

Ok...so let's regroup and think about this. If you look at my window treatment, I went with a soft butter yellow for my grey walls. Soooooooooooo....I started to think about yellows.

I found this darling vintage inspired fabric at KellyAnn's Quilt Shop. I will use this for the curtain under the sink. It looks beautiful with the yellow of the valance and the black. Ok...I'm liking the direction this is taking me.

Mellow and soft...I'm starting to smile  ;-)

Martha Stewart Tahini
And look how nice it shows off my dishes, which by-the-way, I downsized and donated 35 soup bowls of various designs. Why on god's green earth did I think I needed 45 soup bowls?? I love soup, but really...45...really?

Liking it so far...need to trim it out and paint again.

I have been searching for wood corbels for under the cabinets and the ends of the island. I wanted simple lines..no curly Q's or victorian spindles. Remember, I will have beadboard as a back splash and I want to keep the feel of straight lines. I found these at Home Depot...perfect. I painted them the same white as the cabinets.

Look what my man finally bought...after talking about it for 10 years!!!

Installing this trim was a breeze with that baby (I'm in love) Be honest ladies...doesn't the sound of that blast of pressurized air shooting that nail into the wood get you a little...how do I say it..... excited??

Just a peek...still have more to do here, but I'm feeling good so far.

Sorry about the intense white...took this at night with a flash, but I wanted to give you a little idea of how it will look.
As for the title of this post...my color inspiration......

click for closer look
Look who came to visit while I was doing all my color debating.

I believe this little guy is a member of the Warbler family. Isn't he beautiful? Warbler's are known for the pretty splashes of yellow on their bodies.
He was enjoying my water dish.

A last little note...to all of you who have received my Circle of Love scarves from my giveaway. If your scarf has a dropped stitch at the back, it was left there on purpose. It symbolizes that idea that life does not have to be perfect to be beautiful and warm. Ok....to be honest, I don't know how to fix a dropped stitch..but don't you love my philosophy?

Until next time...be kind and stay creative.


koralee said...

I adore your kitchen!!!! You really have done a great job...You inspire me my friend....that is a lot of hard work. xoxo Happy Tuesday. xo

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey you are too funny! It has been so long since I got excited I doubt if I would even know it. lol
Seriously though your kitchen is coming long prettier every day. Actually beautiful is more the word for this kitchen.
I love the black you added too.
Thanks for the sweet comment but I look horrible in these pictures. lol They never warn me when they are taking them

Annette said...

I love the yellow and black combination. And the fabric for the sink skirt is beautiful. The whole kitchen is going to be beautiful!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey I forgot to mention. I am trying hard to get attention to my Temptation page where I have you listed. A lady is going to make me a button for it.
Anyway if you want to list things on that page off your shop then you need to send me your email so you can be part of the blog and able to post on it.

Gretel said...

Power tools don't do it for me, but I'm SO impressed at what you've done to your kitchen, I could not even begin to do it. :)

the treat girl said...

WoWZA!!!! Its looking A.MAZING!!!! Looooove the black island...You go girl!

Kelly Ann said...

Okay Missy...You have inspired me, looks like we're gonna paint our cabinets instead of buying new ones, but I will get a new countertop. We'll have to sit down for a spot of tea or coffee and discuss the details, cause as the husband said..."ask the Pie Lady exactly what she used"...yipee...I'm getting a new kitchen.

Anonymous said...

I happen to think that the yellow is perfect. Great choice, such a happy color.


Sweet Birdy Love said...

Hey Janet, or should I say Pie Lady..............

The kitchen's really coming together, love the fabric for under the sink, will look bright and cheery.

The black counter looks amazing, a bold statement, but you're pulling it off.

Thanks for sending Kelly Ann my way too, always nice to have 'chook lovin'' readers.

Love the 'philosophy' too, I have been using this little gem all my life, but only just realised.

Have a great week,

Claire :}

My bib sis asked me to applique some birds for a 'woodland' theme quilt she is sewing, guess whose blog has been a wealth of inspiration?

The LadyBugs Garden said...

I love the yellow. This is going to be a beautiful kitchen. The dropped stitch joke you are to funny.

Marie said...

Your kitchen is magazine perfect. I love it. I'm glad you didn't go with the pink - the yellow is perfect and so soft.

Hugs - Marie

Kathleen Grace said...

I love it Janet! The Black island is perfect and I love the yellow you chose for the inside of the cabinet. Gorgeous!

Maison Conti said...

Wow, Janet...that's really impressive. You are quite a good kitchen designer. I think you'll have to send some of these photos to a home interior magazine. Everything is so professionally done. It's just gorgeous. Please keep posting your progress. I'm very interested in this project! Looks like the snow finally melted.

Jennifer Juniper said...

Love love love! Can't wait to see it all!