Thursday, March 3, 2011

A girl deserves a treat!

Hello friends, so glad your here.  My man left on an overnight trip and I am playing at being a single lady for a couple of days.
Hmmmmm....what should I do? What would I do if I was unattached again?
Well to start with, I would make myself a lovely stack of fresh blueberry whole grain pancakes...sugarfree syrup, of course. Pass the fiber and hold the sugar please!

Hubby does not like Pancakes, so I get them while I can. They were sooooo good.
Once they were devoured, I got really wild and went in search of something else to get wild and crazy with...

Ahem......down here ladies!!

Fabric Shopping!!!

My local high end designer fabric shop has a huge sale twice a year.  I try to never miss this event. It is where I get all my fabulous remnant home decor fabric that I would normally never be able to afford. Many of these pieces are from the finest fabric houses in Europe. Some are hundreds of dollars a yard..crazy, right?

I just love these!

I threw them all in the washer and when I removed them from the dryer, they were all so soft and had that wonderful aged linen dish towel feel to them....heaven!

Click on the photo to really appreciate the soft nubbiness that washing achieved.

These fabrics are so well made and I believe they will only improve with age and washing.

Wouldn't this linen fern print make a great pillow cover?

I can't stop touching these fabrics...I think it's a sickness.

Very pretty French bistro look on this one. I found with this blue background and a piece with a pale pink background. Chic French themed apron anyone??

This piece cought my eye because it reminded me of vintage European dishtowels.
When I washed this, the embroidered design in the middle became more pronounced and textural..LOVE IT !!

This fabric reminded me of the dress fabric on a doll I was given as a child. The doll was made in the Europe.

See what I mean?

I was really attracted to the colors in this gorgeous yardage. Hard to see, but it is a satin sheened cotton. 
It lost some of that sheen in the wash, but that only made it more vintage looking.

Love how some of the print was bold..

and some parts were very watercolorish and pretty.

I walked out of the shop with lot's of treasures, but guess what?
Each piece cost fifty, that's not a typo.....50 cents!!!!
Crazy..crazy good!!!!

Now I have go hide the evidence of my wild and crazy time as a single lady before my man gets home. Can't let him catch me with fabric threads on my collar and I begged the saleslady never to call me at home..that would be a sure giveaway.

Until next kind and stay creative.


LoveandLustDesigns said...

Oh my ... those pancakes look divine!!

Wipso said...

What beautiful fabrics :-)
A x

Gretel said...

You forgot the wine! I do like the results you've got by washing the fabrics - you'd never find decent cloth like that in the UK for that price!
I have silly little confession to make, which is that I have sent a certain Dolores off to you and forgotten to tie her name tag to her! So I'll be posting it on seperately. :)

Marie said...

Janet - the fabric is delicious. Such a bargain; how did you resist as much as you did?

When the girls were small and Big T had to go out of town on business we always had waffles - he doesn't care for waffles. Was a family tradition when Dad was gone.

Hugs - Marie

Tweed Delights said...

What a fantastic fabric stash Janet! I love your treats too, especially the second one, hehe! Honest, we won't tell ;-)

Jennifer Juniper said...

Well, look at you getting all "girls gone wild" with the pancakes and fabric. You crazy thing :)

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Hi Janet
Those pancakes look delicious!
Lovely to hear from you and glad all is well with you.

Claire said...

Hey Janet, threads on the collar or not, hubby will still find out what you got up to . After all he used to be a CIA agent.......
How gorgeous are those fabrics and for 50 cents each?
Unbelievable,no wonder you don't want to miss the sale.
Now how can anyone not like pancakes and blueberry ones at that! Maybe Dolores like them, but she'll have to put her knitting down so she can eat them......She's just gorgeous.

Beautiful Autumn morning here, lovely day for cleaning out the chook house.........

Claire :}

Leslie said...

So many yummy things (pancakes, brad pitt, fabric, brad pitt, more fabric...) LOL I think I need to come up so you can take me with you to all your fabulous thrifty shops. 50¢ for each piece? Amazing! I'm glad you made the best of your temporary singularity...and that you shared it with us.

Kathleen Grace said...

We are so much alike Janet, our treats are color and the soft fgeel of fabric. Fifty cents! What a steal, wish I had a great store like that around here!

Hines-Sight said...

You have delightful finds. So talented.

Maison Conti said...

Hello Janet. Yum, looks like you're enjoying yourself while the man's away...your extravagances are rather reasonable! (Except of course for the Brad Pitt photo...)Love the fabrics you found. I can't believe how little you paid for them.

And as far as signs of spring over Daphne is in full bloom and every thing's teetering on the age of wanting to pop...but not too much actual popage. Dogwoods! Heavenly.

Holly Loves Art said...

I'm in fabric heaven looking at all these gorgeous pictures! Those pancakes look so tasty too. Great pictures as always. Have a great day.

Marilyn said...

Janet, you are killing me with these gorgeous fabrics! I have tried to put my sewing away for awhile in order to concentrate on my art. I was doing so well until I saw this post! lol And you are is a sickness!

BumbleVee said...

ooooh yeh.... in my other life I would definitely have made a play for Brad too.... hahhaha.....