Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A dog, a book, a chicken and some chocolate in my mailbox!

Hello friends....a  big welcome to my new followers. I have met so many lovely bloggers in the past few weeks and I appreciate all the kind comments you have left.
Advance warning...get comfortable as many photos will follow.

So.....you are probably wondering about this dog in the mailbox thing.
Well she is a dog and she did appear in my mailbox last week.
Let me introduce you to the newest addition to my ever growing Gretel Parker collection...
Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Dolores, the knitting dog.
Is she not the cutest thing you have ever seen?
Be sure to click on my photos to get a closer look

This is what I received in the mail! Yeah...I had to taste the dark chocolate bar with ginger and orange...Fabulous!!!!

Her grumpy little face just makes me smile.

Dolores was created by taking a large ball of fluffy, raw wool roving and manipulating it into shape with a barbed needle. In simple term...the needle pushes the wool in but does not pull it out. 

After about a million..trillion of these strategic pokes..you end up with this.
Is the poking easy....yes.
Is the artistry of being able to create these shapes and all this detail....Heck NO!
This is the work of a true master...yes Gretel, I'm talking about you my girl!
Seriously...look at those little pearl studded shoes, the knitting needles and the tiny knitting itself.
As the British are fond of saying...BRILLIANT!

Gretel is also an accomplished painter who's watercolors are whimsical and would be delightful in a child's bedroom. She sells her art in a beautiful Etsy shop

Dolores came across the pond with a little stowaway friend.
Gretel makes amazing stuffed animals also.

she keeps me company in my new kitchen

The best gift of all was a signed copy of Gretel's new children's pop up book.
Gretel spent all of last year working non stop on this book and all the needle felted sculptures that it is based on

Even the beautiful cover is in 3-D.
I am already lusting after that cupcake baking mouse!!!!!

This book is based on Gretel's needle felted creations. You will see them featured throughout the book.

My two boys would have had a great time playing 'I Spy' with all the 3-d detail in this book

More lusting happening here...that cat and those little needle felted bumblebees!

Just look at those pearls...I'm in love
I want to go to that tea party!

I won't spoil the story by showing you what Miss Kitty is pulling on that cord in her hand. You will have to buy Gretel's book.
Gretel is a wonderful writer and this children's book is perfect for young ones. The story is easy to understand and keep their attention. The characters and colors alone will make this a 'go to' book at bed time or any time.

And this sweet lady is Gretel..
Meeting Gretel is something I have placed on my 'Bucket List'. I feel as though we have already met even though thousands of miles are between us. Gretel lives in the Cotswolds, England...a very long swim from Virginia.
Someday Gretel...Someday.

Attention, Product Disclaimer:
This review of Mrs Mouse's Cupcakes is my own opinion for which I HAVE been compensated for. I have been paid in friendship, admiration and a sprinkling of love.
Until next time...be kind and stay creative.

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Gretel said...

Wow, what a BRILLIANT write up, I am even redder than my weaterbeaten complexion in that photo! And you somehow made my wonky bird stand up. AND you captured the 3D-ness of the book beautifully! I'm highly flattered and glowing now from your kind words, see what the wonders of chocolate can do! Thank you dear Janet. X

Lisalulu said...

beautiful, all the way 'round (from the FAB Gretel to the cute dog and book!)

The LadyBugs Garden said...

I love the dog and book. Use those CO flight benefits and so see Gretel.

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

How can you not be happy seeing those characters!!!!... totally got my dose of happy for the day!


Nick said...

Dog? Looks like a pink aardvark to me. But still cute.

Frances Tyrrell said...

I love Gretel's work and recognized Dolores right away, with delight - she made it over the ocean! Gretel's extra touches are perfection, i.e the letterpress labelling and "stow away" bird. She deserves this lovely review.

Claire said...

Hey Janet, what a wonderful parcel to find in the mail and a stowaway friend too. Just don't let the authorities know............
That choc, looks and sounds delish and Gretel's book, oooh lovely.
She is one clever gal and I like the 'payment' for your review, worth more than any amount of money.
Dolores is just gorgeous, particularly love the colour of her yarn. I wonder what she is knitting?

Claire :}

Kelly Ann said...

What a dear friendship you two have...xoxo

Travel With Lulu said...

Wow, is she talented! Simply adorable. Even more British - 'brill'! XOL

Atelier Conti said...

I LOVE those animals and the technique is super cool. I can almost feel how lovely they are to hold. Excellent job Gretel. And they even get their own book?

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet - I too love my copy of Gretel's book. I am so in awe of her many talents.
I didn't have to make a declaration about my review - but if I did, it would have read much like yours!!
Regards Anne

FairyCastleFarm said...

Hi, all I can say is WOW, what a wonderful little dog. Dolores looks like her knitting is a true labour of love. I love her "frown". she appears to be in deep concentration. The chocolate looks divine. Congratulations to Gretel for just a glorious talent. Take care all. and I am still smiling, thanks for sharing. YOllie ;0)

Leigh Powell Hines said...

That is simply adorable.

the treat girl said...

OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!! I'm crazy for Gretel!!!!! Can't wait to peek around and get to know her better...thanks for sharing!

Aprons and More said...

Cute Cute Cute!!!! I love Delores and her knitting skill! Plus I love Gretel's work..the new book is terrific! I think I will tweet this!!

Katy ;)

CherishedByMe said...

How very cute! Love the book especially.
Thanks for the follow.

Annette said...

What wonderful things to find in your mailbox! Bloggy friends are the best!

Jennifer Juniper said...

What a great review! Gretal seems like a doll :)