Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Remodelaholic's Feature and a Sunrise Equals Double Fabulous!

Hello happy you are here. I am so honored to have been asked to guest blog at Remodelaholic's, the wonderful DIY blog run by Cassidy and Justin. I will try to answer many of the questions readers have asked about my Kitchen restyle. 

So please be a good sport and pop on over to Remodelaholic's to say hello and of course, comments are always welcomed.
Hope to see you there! (opens at 7am EST)
Ok...I promised a fabulous sunrise

These early morning clouds look like they are crying or they are falling to the earth.
And to my left is blue sky and little puffy clouds.
Such an early morning hodge podge of loveliness.
Until next kind and stay creative.
Oooops..... I something else to show you.
I was browsing around the blogosphere the other day and spotted a silver pitcher filled with beautiful green hydrangeas. She must have been a southern blogger, because it is way too cool here in Virginia for hydrangeas. Rhoda...was it you???
Yesterday was 25% off day at my Salvation Macy's, so I headed on a silver hunt.
Not too shabby. This vase is large, about 12 inches high and in perfect condition.
Oh...and she was only $13.00!!!!
My hydrangeas won't be blooming for a while, so lilacs will do very nicely for now. You should smell my sitting room...lovely.
I tried to do some research on these hallmarks, but had no luck. I did find out what Quadruple Plate means and it's a good mark to have on your silver. Anyone out there know something about silver hallmarks??
One more fabulous thrift shop find....
Look at this sweet face!
I fell head over heels in love with this oil painting. It is quite large and I thought it was a print, but when I got up close I realized it was a reproduction of a 1794 Thomas Lawrence painting I had seen before. I think it is called 'Pinkie' 
Kat from California has given me a link all about my painting..thank you Kat!
Sigh.....Heaven..and only $27.00!!
I can't stop looking at her face and that gorgeous pink bonnet.
Ok...I think I'm done

Shabby Chic Cottage


Claire said...

Beautiful pics Janet.

You must've been up early to snap them, well done.

Will pop over to Remodelaholic now for a visit.

Claire X

Wipso said...

Stunning pics :-)
A x

Kathleen Grace said...

Beautiful sunrise Janet! I'm heading over to read your guest post now!

Leslie said...

Great finds! Love the silver pitcher and the painting. Wow, a painting for $27? I really like the color & tumult in the clouds above her head and her expression is almost Mona Lisa-esque. She's even showing a little leg with the bottom of her dress going all wispy and transparent. I must travel north one of these days soon to hit the Salvation Macy's w/you.

Aprons and More said...

I showed the mark to mom. She was in charge of all the donations to main Goodwill in Savannah for 10 yrs. She loves antique, esp glass and silver! She said that she didn't recognize the mark but there are books just on silver marks. She also has a name & phone number of a Silver shop in Atl that might could help you! If you want the number just let me know!

Love the pics and the painting!

Katy :)

stefanie said...

oh, your kitchen is beautiful!!!
and great thrift store finds!!!

3krazychics said...

I love it! I have the same cabinets in my kitchen and have been wanting to do white. I'm a little scared, but you have given me hope. I will have to add it to my list of already 10 projects that I still need to do. Yikes! Thanks so much for sharing. Came over from Remodelaholic.

Annette said...

I think I can smell the lilacs! You always find the best stuff!

Dessy said...

I've always loved that painting! My mom used to have one and a matching one of a young man in blue and she always called them "Pinky and Blue Boy". She even had ceramic figurines to go with the paintings... she's an avid yardsaler!

Amy W. said...

Your Kitchen - Oh-So Awesome...and most inspiring!
Your new silver picture - Just Delightful!
Your Pictures - Beautiful! (I will look at them again tomorrow as we're predicted a yucky day!!!)
Your new painting I so admire!
Growing mother hung a copy of your painting, next to another copy of a painting we called "Blue Boy". Back then I always imagined they were girlfriend and boyfriend!

Lydia said...

We used to have a print of that painting in the house I grew up in. There's also one of a boy wearing blue in the same style.

Also this post reminded me I need to clean my silver.

janet said...

Yes guys...that's the Blue Boy painting by Gainsborough!

Janet xox

Kat from California said...

The painting is called "Pinkie" and is located in a permanent collection at the Huntington Library, in San Marino, CA (that is South of Pasadena). She is displayed in the same room as "The Blue Boy" but they are from different artists. Here is the Wikipedia info about the painting:

janet said...

@Kat...Fabulous...thank you so much for that I know who she is.
I love her even more now

Thank you..thank you!!

Janet xox

Stitchfork said...

Beautiful photos! And if I had been shopping with you, we would have been haggling over who spied that silver pitcher first!!
xo Cathy

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

Congrats on the feature! Love the silver pitcher. Happy Earth Day!

Sew it my way! said...

My mother in law had both Pinky and Blue Boy statues. Pinkly lost her hand, sorry I sold them both in a yard sale. Your kitchen make over is beautiful! Keep up the good finds!

Anonymous said...

Crescent silver company
just thought youd like to know if no one has found it yet;)