Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lets Make Finger Roses

Hello friends, so glad to have you visiting again. Hope you all had a lovely weekend.
The other day, I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Hope Studios. Jennifer was featuring all the cute ways her sister-in-law had prettied up the guest bathroom for company.
Jenn took photos of the toilet paper rose that had been fashioned from the roll on the holder.
I still want to know why Jenn had a camera in the bathroom
I loved this idea and it got me thinking.....

I wondered if the same technique would work with fabric scraps. 
You know I had to try it...
I have to admit..this tutorial is so simple, I'm slightly embarrassed to even call it that.
So I took a 2inch wide strip of fabric. The length of the fabric strip will determine how large your rose will be.
Using your index and middle fingers, start wrapping the fabric around them both until you get to the end of your fabric. I tried to photograph myself wrapping my fabric around my two fingers, but it was not happening!
Take that last 2 inches and tuck it up through your finger opening from bottom to top.
This is the bottom of my fabric rose. You will poke the tail of fabric up through this opening.
See that bump of fabric in the middle of my fabric rose? That's the tail I pushed up through.
If you have wrapped the fabric snug enough, it should hold your rose together pretty well. 
These would be great if you want to create some temporary roses for a tablescape of a photo vignette.
To create a permanent rose, simply glue or sew in place.
Aren't they lovely?
These roses take literally seconds to create. I used scrap pieces of an old hankie to form the leaves or you could use more fabric scraps.
So come's Springtime..go make some roses!
Until next kind and stay creative.
Showing off at Hope Studios this week for Tutorial Tuesday 


Kathleen Grace said...

My family would get a real kick out of making the end of the toilet paper into a rose, lol. It's a great idea with fabric though, I bet there wold be lots of ways to use this!

Anonymous said...

So sweet and how it would dress up a table napkin, a headband, or tie to a purse handle... Love it!


moreofhim said...

How beautiful and fun!! I love that they are so easy to make! I laughed out loud when you said you wondered why she had a camera in the bathroom, though! :) I can imagine the fabric roses being used for so many things...thanks for sharing!

God bless you - Julie

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Soooo sweet! I love simple tutorials girl! :)


Screaming Meme said...

Wow. How fun is this...:) I will have to make one...or a :)Hi, I'm Meme for Screaming Meme. I wanted to personally invite you to my Giveaway Series. My first giveaway is beautiful slipcover. If you get the chance stop in and remember to check back and see what I am giving away next. :) Hope to you see there!

ChrisCross said...

Have just scrabbled through kitchen bin to recue discarded material cut from one of Elder Daughter's skirts (I spent he morning shortening her garments) to try this out!

The LadyBugs Garden said...

I love these roses. I really need to try this in my guest bathroom with tissue and pretty material.

Annette said...

I'm going to go try this. With fabric. Not so sure hubby would appreciate it on the toilet paper! :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

My sister in law will DIE when she notices her toilet paper on another blog! Ha! Great idea - and maybe a little more useful :)

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Roses of any kind do my heart good.. I love them!


Tee said...

WARNING: This is an addiction/obsession, LOL. I follow Hope's Blog so everywhere I go, I do this to the toilet paper. I'm on the road quite a bit and have to use gas station restrooms (ICK). I always leave the next guest a gift.

Cozy Home Scenes said...

A few years ago, I watched a tv movie about a poor girl who dated a guy in a wealthy family. It showed her going to the bathroom and washing her hands, only she got flustered with the towels because all of them were folded into fancy shapes. She ended up drying her hands on her pants.

As pretty as that toilet paper is, I'd walk in that bathroom and not know if I should use it or not, but it is a cute idea.

Your fabric roses are very cute, especially the pink one. I like how they are displayed with the napkin.