Thursday, June 16, 2011

Coco Chanel Chalk Paint Sewing Table

Hello friends...happy to see you again. 
to all my new readers...welcome!
So here is my antique Singer sewing table, minus the working machine.
I bought this from a co-worker back in the 70's, when I lived in Houston.
Back then I paid $70.00 for it and it has been used as a sofa/end table ever since.
My boys would play with the treadle when they were young.
For the life of me I could not find an upright photo of my table.
So forget the fact that it is lying on it's back and pretend it is upright...
Come on ..use your imagination...
There...that's better.
I have dreaded all the prep work I would have had to do to transform my sewing table into something more in tune with my current decorating style.
Until know what I am going to say, don't you...
May I introduce:
Mademoiselle  Coco Chanel
I thought it fitting to name her after the great Coco, since she preferred hand stitching and this is missing the machine.
I first gave her a coat of Old White
The edges and drawers I painted in Paris Grey. 
I wanted to introduce more color, so I painted the side slates with Arles which I lightened with some Old White.
When my table was dry, I distressed it and applied a coat of clear wax.
After lot's of buffing my right arm looks like Popeye's!
The next day, I buffed and applied another coat of clear wax and accented with some dark wax.
I love how the clear wax will lift off the dark, so if you apply too much you can easily correct it.
I left more dark around the hinges and corners.
 I love how the Old White shows through the Paris Grey along the distressed edges.
It gives the look of a table that has been painted more than once during it's many years .
I followed Miss Mustard Seed and Shaunna's advice and distressed deeper around the keyhole and the knobs.
Don't you just love that dress in the background?
It is a Laura Ashley from England, 100% soft, flowy cotton with boning in the bodice.
I found it at a local thrift shop for $5.50.
It has such gorgeous ruching, but it is very small.
I don't know anyone it will fit, but I had to have it.
Really love the beautiful sheen from the wax.
I are thinking to your self.."she is going to go on and on about how wonderfully chalk paint distresses".
No, I'm not

Thought you might like to see the inside.
So that's been my latest project.
I hope you like Coco, she was fun to work on.
She looks happier, don't you think?
Until next kind and stay creative.

A little sneak peek at my next project.
Be sure to come back for the complete reveal!
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Kelly Ann said...


Tammy said...

She is Lovely!!!! You are making me want to paint my old school desks with chalk paint. I was gong to re-stain them, but you are changing my mind:) You did a great job love it!

MamaMonki said...

I have got to try me some chalk paint. Everything I see looks gorgeous after being painted with it. I love the way the colors you chose look together. Scrumptious!

Kathy said...

She's definately happier!!!!
Nice the wax sheen also.
xoxo~Kathy @
sweet Up-North Mornings...

Kathleen Grace said...

My grandmother owned an old Singer sewing machine just like this. I inherited it 30 years ago and, wanting a newfangled machine, sold it for $25. Oh the humanity! You've done a great job repurposing this one in these beautiful colors. I can already see I am in love with your next project!

Nelly said...

I love it !! I just wish I could buy chalk paint in my area

lauren @ West Furniture Revival said...

love the sewing table and the colors that you used. the look is beautiful

Yollie, the human of Fairy Castle Farm said...

How wonderful! I love your work, you are just so talented! Thanks again - yollie

Atelier Conti said...

Coco looks so happy and content! Such an incredible product, that chalk paint, and you, my dear, are one incredible lady!!

Caroline Lovis said...

There's something quite special about these sewing tables, you've certainly given her the makeover she deserves - lovely

Gretel said...

I'll be honest Janet, when I first saw this, I thought ooh no, leave her as she is in her original state...but, as I scrolled down, I saw tha light and was converted! It's a splendid job and should I ever inherit one of them (and Andy leaves me forever citing 'one bit of junk too far') I will follow your example.

sissie said...

I found your site through Miss Mustard Seed and I love it! I am now a follower and will be back to see you often.

Love Coco!!


Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Hi Janet, I love what you did with the old singer table. I have one almost identical. It is just sitting in storage, waiting on an you have given me something to think about!

Aprons and More said...

Beautiful!! So when are you going to open your on Shabby Chic store??!

Katy ;) said...

Coco looks marvelous! OOooLala! and the fabric on top of her looks pretty and the dress. Can't wait to see your next project!

adventuresindinner said...

This is a lovely redo. I have the machine in my basement (taunting me) if you are in Canada :)

Amy said...

I just love the Shabby Chic look to your table. You did a great job!

Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Janet ~
Ohhhhh I just adore how it came it!!
I love the colors that you chose and the distressing is perfect!!

Thank you for sharing with us and I am thrilled to have found your blog :)


Vicky said...

What a creative transformation I love how you used several colors!I have cahlk paint but I didn't order the dark wax I'm thinking maybe I should have. You are such a tease can't wait to see the next project :)

Dear Sweet Home said...

She is a darling little thing! You did an amazing job on the transformation ~

tammylovesdishes said...

Another beautiful chalk paint transformation. Coco is very chic-looking now.

Teresa said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! You did an wonderful job, Coco is a beauty!

Lydia said...

That's so incredible! That paint looks amazing. And I actually thought the machine WAS upright in the first pic, til I saw the sofa. Soooo, I got a little thing in the mail telling me I have a package to pick up at the post office but I just haven't made it yet. Going to try tomorrow morning, if they're open!! Excited!!

The LadyBugs Garden said...

Oh Janet she is beautiful. I am ordering some Chalk Paint today! All the tables you have done are very pretty. I love this look.

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Oh!... she stunning!.. .. I love working with the chalk paint. I am using the red and I am painting my studio kitchen (eek!).. it's looking great so far but it was scary to start!

Got a few photos up.. but lost the light tonight and will take more tomorrow!

Love how your project came out!


w said...

when are you coming here to redo my house!?!?!? hurry! seriously! hurrrrrrry!

Claire said...

Hey Janet, I just love what you are doing with that chalk paint.

Love your choice of colour. Your latest transformation looks fabulous........... naturally.

Claire :}

At The Picket Fence said...

What an incredible project! Miss Coco looks just lovely and so elegant yet fun at the same time. :-) I love the fabric in your sneak peek too! Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday this week~

Suzy said...

Love what you did with this piece! Years ago, we gave my grandmother's away to a family member who made it into a bar for his early american style home...never did see the end product.

p.s.Great header!!

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

Wow did that ever turn out beautiful! The chalk paint is so soft and gorgeous! It seems to be very popular to use these days. What store carries the Chalk paint?

Snappy Di said...

My mom had that same sewing cabinet... sure wish she had hung onto it for my sister and I. :-( You did a great job on yours and I'm loving the light colors on it.


Christine@Sally,Ry,andLaLa said...

This turned out beautifully! Just jumping over from Molly's blog; glad I found you!

Norma's Kentiques said...

Beautiful job! Love how it does look like it's been painted many times over! Love it!

TJM wanna be quilt artist said...

You sure have had a year! I can remember when I first discovered your lovely blog and began following your journeys, you've had your up's and downs this past year but you definitely are on a wonderful blessed path!
Thank you for taking the time to share it with us. Wish I could keep up with my posting as well as you do!
AND NOW thanks to you I've got one more type of paint you have intrigued me with that I am GOING to have to try experimenting with.
LOL so much for keeping my focus on one media.

Jenny (Revive) said...

In England you could buy three ancient Singer sewing machines for the price of one tin of Annie Sloan paint ... your table looks lovely but lonely. My mother had one of these machines set into the table and we all loved to turn the wheel and make things happen by using our feet on the treadle. There is also a flick switch on the wheel and by flicking it you could disconnect the drive belt ... always good for a naughty trick!

shabbysadie said...

Love it!!!Now you have inspired me to do mine!!! and I too am an Annie Sloan fan!!! Oh my, must look at colors now :)))

Ellen said...

Love the way that turned out! I pass by these old sewing machines at estate sales all the time around here... just don't have the space to be able to store them 'til I have time to do something with them... you're making me want to bring one home with me next time! :)

jules said...

Oh my gosh! I am sitting in my garage looking at my Granmas old machine right now. My brother had it in his garage sale last year! I almost SHOT him! I have sanded it. That's it. I have an idea what I want, but have never done any painting on any furniture, so I feel clueless. I was so happy to find your blog! This is exactly what I want to do, but in a rustic orange with brown? Or something like that? I love dark warm colors. You did a beautiful job and I am guessing you have a beautiful home! I can't wait to look at more of your blog!

Chrissy said...

It's all YOUR fault.. I saw an antique sewing machine like this on a FB and tagged the owner of the Annie Sloan Chalk paint store near me... Someone else said OH you can't PAINT that... so I went in search of a photo showing how cute it would be painted.. I found yours and fell in love with it so I just had to buy it myself... It even has the sewing machine inside.. I"m pretty excited and I'm going to put it in that oddball spot where my old square TV used to go.. I sure hope it fits or my hubby will HAVE a fit.