Saturday, June 4, 2011

Who is this Annie Sloan lady anyway??

Hello friends...welcome back.
So.. all I see on the design blogs lately is this chalk paint and a lady named Annie Sloan.
My question is :
Who the heck is Annie Sloan?
Is she a fictional product logo like Aunt Jemima or  Betty Crocker?
I snooped around a little.
I'm the wife of a secret agent remember, we're good at snooping around.
all Annie pics courtesy of Google Images
Well, what do you know...she IS a real person.
Hello my lovely blog friends.
She looks pretty harmless to me.
It turns out that she is a pretty big deal in the decorative painting world and has been for a very long time.
Annie is definitely not a newbie on the painting scene.
She has been doing her thing longer than many of you bloggers have been alive (over 40 years).
Forgive me Annie!
I only make this point because I have read some blog posts that seem to think she is a flash in the pan paint seller pushing an over priced product.
That could not be further from the truth.
Annie is the real deal in the decorative art world...go ahead, Google her name.
What you will find is bestselling art books, a high demand for her seminars, innovative paint and art products, a background in fine art and design...on and on....

Annie has sold over 2 million books!!!!

I love her colorful fingers logo.

I had to see what all the fuss was about, so I ordered a quart of Provence.
The lovely ladies at Classic Wall Finishes of New Jersey sent my paint right out to me.
A while back, I had purchased a very pretty and sturdy antique magazine side table at my Salvation Macy's..
I knew I would eventually paint it and this seemed the perfect chance to try out my new chalk paint.
To start....I LOVE the fact that I did not have to 2-3 coats latex...wait for latex to cure so I could distress or antique....wait another 24 hours (at least) to apply a protective you get my point here folks???
Al I did was paint one coat...let it quickly dry..apply one coat clear my distressing..finish with more wax and nice buff.
All in less than a couple of hours...easy!
Did I mention the sheen you get with a little easy buffing?
Just look at that gorgeous color and sheen.
This paint distressed beautifully.
By applying one coat of wax prior to sanding, I really cut down on paint dust.
That was a great tip from Annie herself.
Oh yeah...Annie is on Facebook and is wonderful and prompt at answering all your questions.
Go on...ask her something.
Here I'm trying to show you the reflection in the buffed sheen.
I never got this with a latex...soft and rich looking...not plasticy(is that a word) at all.
Here is my table top in the sun...beautiful!
I still need to apply a little of the dark wax on the base for a little more depth.
Did I say this paint distresses like a dream?
I can't stress that enough.
I am very pleased with my chalk paint and I think it was worth every penny.
I used very little paint for this table, so I believe my quart will go a long way.
Beauty with can't top that combo.
I hope you enjoyed your little meet and greet with Annie. 
I know I did.
Until next kind and stay creative.

Sharing with Miss Mustard Seed still have time for my Custom Slipcovers by Shelley . Good luck!


Kelly Ann said...

Love the did good..but then you always do...

Snappy Di said...

Amazing what you created in just a couple of hours... Really LOVE the color too.


w said...

love love it. after you reupholster my chairs, you can repaint some of my furniture. yes. i will let you. you're welcome.

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

I enjoyed your review, and had to laugh 'cause I really like your humour. The colour is lovely on your little table.

tammylovesdishes said...

You know, Janet, we don't live that far apart. When you run out of things to slipcover and paint, you can just head my way. :)

Seriously, thanks for the great review. It's nice to hear the background behind the creator and your honest assessment of how the paint works for the customer. Your table turned out wonderfully. I have been considering buying some of this paint and you have sealed my decision making process. Thanks!

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Girl... I LOVE that paint.. already own it in 6 colors and did this bench in it... I could not be more thrilled with how it came out. I am going to use the paint for my front door soon as I can get over this stupid slipped disc (grrr).. Then going to use it in the kitchen... oh so many plans ( insert slipped disc again).. what's next for you??


jojo said...

thanks for the review. I've been seeing alot of buzz about the paint but just wasn't ready to jump in at that price. Your table looks amazing and I'm thinking it's time to go for it...great job.;j

Amber and Brad said...

Beautiful job. I agree, I love the natural sheen to the product, not a plasticy look.

Atelier Conti said...

Fabbie, Janet, thanks for the tip! I will definitely try to order some of her paint next time I have a project. It looks just wonderful.

Bits of Fiber said...

Thanks for sharing Janet! I have a couple pieces of furniture I've been wanting to re-do and this paint will be perfect for that. :0)

Pomona said...

I have an Annie Sloan book from over 25 years ago - she was one of the first to talk about interesting paint finishes, along with Jocasta Innes - they were my gurus when I first decorated our cottage in the 1980s!

Pomona x

Leslie said...

I remember getting an Annie Sloan decorative painting technique book from the library years ago. I lived in Arkansas and at the time had just started painting faux finishes for hire. Her book was a great help to me! I had forgotten since it's been many years now since I've done any of that. However, being the "psychic-friend" that you are, you've just reintroduced her to me at the perfect time!

I have 8 pieces of furniture that desperately need refinished. Several are unfinished wood bought purposely to do something fab with, but life got busy and we got used to them being "plain." As I'm unpacking them all now to move (once again) I am realizing that it's time to show them some love. LOVE the provence, of course I would! You've done a lovely job once again of sharing a creative project giving us the tools to do it ourselves and teaching us a few things in the process. :-) Thanks so much for sharing this!

Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

I love it!! Your table turned out beautiful! I keep saying I am going to order some Chalk Paint and haven't done it yet ~
What color wax did you use to give it the dark look ?


molly susan strong said...


Robin said...

I broke down and ordered some- finally used it yesterday and it really is a dream come true! Worth every penny. I painted a curbside armoire and I'm in love! It had a hideous lacquer finish that I didn't have to strip!

Debbie-- said...

Beautiful! This paint is the best thing since sliced bread! I'm in love with it too!

Pamma said...

Wow, that was very interesting and so informative. I have been using this paint also and I every time I read about it I learn a little more. I really should just buy one of her books!

Sue said...

Help, help, help! I was "snooping" around your site and found a summer tomato pie recipe. Unfortunately I can click on the picture but can't get to the actual recipe. Can you sent a link? Thanks!

Mimi said...

I just tried Old White on a few things Have to admit I was fussing at first because it dried so fast and streaky. Finally I figured out you don't paint with anything in 80 degrees with the sun bearing down. So I brought it inside and beautiful finish. Couldn't be happier. So next can I bought (I'm pacing myself one color per month) was Graphite. Painting a Goodwill Dining Room table for my son's first house. Not finished yet but it is looking good with a few layers of dark wax over the clear. He was impressed - and that is a big deal for him! Can't wait to share the finished table My next dilemna is which color do I try next? Thinking Paris Gray but Henrietta is tempting.

Karena said...

Janet so good to find you!! Your table turned out so beautifully!! I have just started hearing about Annie Sloan Paints and I am an artist!! Great post!

Be sure to enter my awesome $250 Giveaway from Tracy Porter!!

Art by Karena

The Little Fox said...

My, that color is absolutely gorgeous! You did such a great job :)

At The Picket Fence said...

Well, I think you might just be the only blog I have been to that has properly introduced Annie Sloan! :-) Thank you so much for this wonderful post and for linking it up to our Inspiration Friday party this past weekend!

Kathleen Grace said...

I would love to try these paints, the table you did is darling! Speaking of paint, did you see the coupon for free Benjamin Moore paint at I'm always up for free paint!

Erika said...

Looks great! I just got my chalk paint in the mail and CANNOT WAIT to try it out!

Lisa said...

Hi Janet, I am a new follower! I love your blog and this table is so pretty! I used this same color on my first chalk paint project and I was in love with it!

michele at hellolovelyinc said...

perfect timing with this post since her name is everywhere in blogland!

you might like my giveaway and i'd love for you to follow!


Leslie said...

Hi Janet. We're moved & I'm ready to dive into my first painting project. Can you tell me if you read one of these books in particular before you started this table project? Also, can you tell me what color the table was before you painted it - I'm guessing it was the dark brown that I see peeking through the distressed/sanded areas. The furniture I'm starting with is unfinished so I may need to use the dark wax to pop those areas. Thanks for your help!

Amy W. said...

I found the mirror I've been on a hunt for at GW's - (Goodwill) this morning. Before landing on it...I was at a Shabby Chic kind of little shop this morning that had the Anne Sloan paints in them. One of each color. It instantly reminded me of this is where I first became aware of this line of paint.
Just had to come back home with mirror in tote, and check into your blog again to refresh my memory as I had a few questions about the paint lingering around in my mind...and this article you shared with us answered them all!!
Thanks so much!!
Wished you did get a commission on mentioning this wonderful line of paint!!
But then again...we would so miss your posts as you would be vacationing on the French Riviera sipping on drinks with those fancy la-tee-da umbrellas in them!!! :)
Take care for now!!

Norma's Kentiques said...

You nailed it! Why we all LOVE ASCP! I also love how well it covers, it is so opaque! I'm sharing your this, you know, to get the word out.

Oh, and love your name, guess cuz I'm an empty nester myself,lol!