Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nautical Loveliness

Hello friends...I'm back!
Well sort of.....I left New York on Saturday and by the the time I got home, I was feeling the effects of a full blown chest cold.
What started as a little throat tickle eventually knocked me off my feed.
Unable to take it easy due to so many catch-up errands to be done, I fear I made it worse.
Just glad I was not sick until after I finished caring for my Mom.
My Mom a few days after surgery...she is amazing!
Thank you for all the well wishes that were sent her way.
The Oncologist gave her a clean bill of health and we are happy to report that no more cancer cells were found in any of the biopsies.
So I had hinted at a treasure my sister Maddy gave me while in NY.
Isn't she gorgeous??
She is a very large and has a beautiful turquoise patina. 
I think she is magnificent and would look great adorning a beach house in the Hamptons or the Outer Banks.
Maddy's husband owns a cleaning company and once in a while he is given some very cool things by the homeowners.
This was one such giveaway.
My sister had no interest in Schooners and stuck it in her garden, where it has sat for a few years.
She actually offered it to me a while back, but I had no room in  my car.
This trip I made room!
I just adore her......oh, and Maddy's pretty cute too.
Now I am trying to put a value on her (the weathervane, not Maddy). Anyone out there have some weathervane knowledge?
Looks like I have some research to do.

Remember this old vanity I refurbished for my Fox Den shop?
I painted it with the intention of using it as a shop display desk.
Well apparently a few others like it also...I could have sold it twice while I was in NY.
I had to say NO because I had no place to put all the items sitting on it and I was still out of town. 
Now that I am back, I can bring in a replacement table and sell this beauty.
I have added some of my pretty and very useful vintage linen tote bags.
Love the roses on this bag.
Along with some laminated cotton bags which are great for summer fun.
I have made some sales and I am realizing I probably need a bigger space.
I guess that's a good problem.

I have more creativeness in the works..so do come visit again.
Until next time...be kind and stay creative.


w said...

fox den is looking mighty fly! love it all.

also. i'm glad your mom received a clean bill of health. also. she looks like sophia from the golden girls. i have no filter. i'll say pretty much anything.

Kathleen Grace said...

I was just in the other room sewing and wondering how you were doing because we hadn't heard from you. Glad you're back and so glad your mom is better and given a clean bill of health. What an answer to prayer!
That weathervane is gorgeous, I can't believe anyone wouldn't want it, lucky for you your sister didn't:>)
The shop looks beautiful and I am so glad that you took the chance and it paid off. Now, sit back and try to take care of yourself so you can get better!

Anonymous said...

I could never part with that sweet desk.


Little Blue Mouse said...

I'm glad your Mom's back to normal and hope you are too now.
The weathervane is great and so are your bags!

Claire said...

Hey Janet, welcome home/back.........

Thanks for the pic of your mum, what a lovely smile, she does look well and the Docs report is all good, that's wonderful.

ALl the best with the catching up and I hope you feel better ASAP.

That schooner weather vane is fab, no idea about what it would be worth but it certainly is unique.

Well from a very frosty morning, but with a sunny day to follow, I shall say goodbye and enjoy the rest of the week.

Claire X

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Janet! So glad your mom is doing well.

Fabulous news about your shop! You go girl!

The LadyBugs Garden said...

So happy Nanny is doing great! xo to her...
Your shop is so nice, if you sale the desk it want take long for you to replace her before the pickup date. Now when I thrift shop I think janet could use this in her shop..lol

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see that your mother is doing well....thank goodness...the weather vane is amazing.....I hope that you aren't thinking of selling it? If you do....email me...it would also look great in a beach house I know of on the gulf coast of Florida

Wanda..... said...

Wishing continued good health for your mom and hope you're back to your normal creative self soon too, Janet. The weathervane was a great gift from your sister, just what do you have planned for it, I wonder!

Anonymous said...

That's great news! Hooray!

Hines-Sight Blog

I logged out, and don't feel like logging back in.

jojo said...

YAY for your mom! I just got a clean check on my six month post radiation scans so I can imagine how pleased you all are!!!
great schooner.
pretty bags.
glad you are back home safely, feel better soon!

Atelier Conti said...

Great to have you back, Janet...and what excellent news about your mom! The weathervane is a real beauty. I have no idea about values of these kinds of things, but I would imagine it's worth a small fortune.

Kelly Ann said...

Love the giftie from your sissy... Went by Fox Den this past weekend and took a lookie at your space...very cute..you did good..

Aprons and More said...

What wonderful news about your mom and she looks great!! I know the weight has lifted off your shoulders! Now you can get back to work with no worries!

Feel better soon!
Katy :)

Tweed Delights said...

Love the weather-vane Janet. So pleased your Mom has got a clean bill of health - now look after YOURSELF!! :D Off on my hols for a bit - 'see' you soon :) x
P.S. Love the new totes BTW!

Kristen said...

Janet, I found your blog via the ruffled coin pouch tutorial you did. I am a newbie sewer and am making these like crazy! LOVE THEM! However, I was wondering if you might point me in a direction for labels. While you have the empty nest, I have three in the nest (threeinthenest.blogspot.com) and I would love for some cute labels like yours. If it's not something you share, I understand. I love your blog and am happily your newest follower!

Kathy said...

While decorating my Dad's house about 20 years I got bought the same one..it has been in storage since he moved from his lake house and looks just like this now...I went looking for a rooster weather vane the other day and found one with the hardware for attaching to the cuppola it was $250.....
btw I love your blog and glad you are feeling better!

Amy Thomas said...

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