Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What Do English Ironstone, an Earthquake and Peaches Have In Common?

They all rocked my world this week!!

Hello friends...happy to see you here.
So... if you follow this blog, you know that my sister and my mom came to visit for a few days. 
We had a great visit that was filled with eating.....

Nothing beats a juicy local peach!
Man..this was good stuff
Warm, out of the oven southern peach cobbler...

notice the cool jet streams
 Beautiful Virginia mornings...

runaway parakeet and tomato eating deer
 Unexpected visitors...

my pathetic tablescape attempt...look away Miss Mustard Seed!
And fabulous thrift shop discoveries...

I hit the motherload of English Ironstone thriftiness on Monday

I really love the soft design on this pattern

Beautiful crazing...

Isn't this texture lovely?

Twenty seven gorgeous pieces in all

As I hunted, I kept finding more and more pieces
Sorry, but I cannot tell what I paid for all this Ironstone
 for fear of the police knocking on my door and charging me with grand theft!
Yeah...it was that much of a steal

I also picked up four really lovely vintage hankies

my house is in that red square...YIKES!
And now we come to the EARTHQUAKE part of my post.
Today at about 2pm a 5.8 earthquake hit Virginia. 
My sister and mom had left for New York and I had just settled in to edit all these photos for this post.
All of a sudden it sounded like a couple of military helicopters landing (or crashing) into my home.
The walls started to shake...dishes rattled...floors moved beneath my feet...it was SCARY!
Now I know you California ladies are thinking 5.8 is no big deal. 
Just imagine LA or San Diego getting a major blizzard in July...yeah, that's a good comparison.
I think it is safe to say that would get your attention.

So that was my fun few days...what have you guys been up to?

Until next time...be kind and stay creative.

PS...I'm working with a corporate sponsor to set up a great little Giveaway and I need some input. If you were to win a gift certificate for a Home/Garden store (think Home Depot, Lowes, Pottery Barn etc) which one would  it be. Do you have a favorite? It is going to happen, so help me decide on one and leave your choice in a comment. I'll be posting the Giveaway next week.
Not Fun.


Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Oh my!! We got a little earthquake today too in Connecticut but nothing I could feel or even noticed.

For the giveaway part - I love Anthropologie ::swoon::, Pottery Barn, and Restoration Hardware. Lowes and Home Depot are always a must though when doing an at home project.

Anonymous said...

Things shook here in Roanoke too. Crazy e-quake! Okay. Pottery Barn or Lowes would trip my trigger... or Pier One! Ooh la la!!

Claire said...

Hey Janet, so good to hear you and hubby are Ok, scary stuff earthquakes.

Southern Peach Cobbler, I am drooling........love peaches. Our Peach tree is just coming into bud, so it will be awhile before I can eat them straight from the tree, sunwarmed and dripping with juice. Probably won't get the chance to use any in cooking, they are so yummy........

Love your haul of Ironstone crockery, the crazing adds to the look, bit like wrinkles.......there are stories to be told.

Lovely hankies to adorn some more aprons perhaps?

You obviously live under a flight path, where are those jets going to and from I wonder? I have jet stream photos to post, pilots do loop de loops...........

Take care,

Claire X

Ellen said...

Yikes! Glad to hear your dishes just rattled and didn't break! We felt a small shake here in SC - my daughter had windows rattle in Charlotte - but nothing like what you experienced up there! Glad all is OK. Love all of your ironstone - sounds like you got quite a deal! As far as a home/garden store... Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Home Depot, Lowe's... I can't imagine anyone would be unhappy with whatever you choose! :)

sweetybird09 said...

Oh waht lovely dishes, come on tell the price...lol.

Wow I am from California, and I would have to say that no matter what all of the quakes I have felt have gotten my attention, something about your whole house shaking...

That peach cobbler looked yummy!

As far as the giveaway...I would go with Home Depot or Lowes, I am not sure on all the other stores mentioned Im shopping deprived I guess :)

What ever you choose I am sure we will be happy with it...

Take care

Chris said...

Hmmm....nothing earth shattering (pardon the pun) happened here in Florida today but we're hoping to see Irene go past well offshore.

My vote would be for Pottery Barn but Home Depot would be just fine as well :-)

Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes said...

Oh yes, that quake grabbed out attention, didn't it? I was shopping for doggie treats and thought an airplane headed for Dulles was landing on the store's roof....and that was before the shaking started! Of course, I had to continue on with the purchase as the uprising of treat-less Scotties would be worse than that 5.9 quake!

Yummm, that peach cobbler looks so delicious.

You scored some seriously lovely things, again, Janet. The ironstone looks so nice on your vintage tablecloth. I love the idea of using those sweet hankies as napkins, too.

Home Depot would be my choice for the gift card store.

Jojo said...

That quake today was unbelievable. I was on a conference call with company contacts who were in NY and DC. The event shook everyone up. It was upsetting to hear that several offices in NY were evacuated. All I could think about was falling glass. I hope everyone is safe.

Anonymous said...

Pottery Barn as I never get to shop there! I see home depot and Lowes way too often!

Hines-Sight said...

What an earth shaking post. My husband called me about the quake, too. I missed it. Baby Diva was throwing a tantrum at the same time, and I was in and out of the garage, too. So strange that I didn't feel a thing.

Love your new finds. The china is great. Wish I had some peach cobbler right now.

Aprons and More said...

I am so glad you are ok!! I knew when I saw that it was in VA that it was near you! The news people said it was even felt here in Georgia!! At 2pm here I hear a Air Force plane go over so it just seemed like a normal base day...maybe it was the quake...idk! Warner Robins is the home of Robins AFB and it's the largest employer in the state. We are use to rattles,bumps and sonic booms! Hopefully now it has calmed down for you and things will get back to normal!

Katy :)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Never honey would I have dreamed you would be doing a post about having an earthquake. Good golly ms Molly that would made me have to change my clothing. No way!
Thank goodness you are okay and were able to do this wonderful post.
Oh how I would love to be there eating one of those peaches with all your beautiul new dishes surrounding us.
Glad you got a steal. Their lovely.
Tough decision on choosing a perference. Maybe Pottery Barn since I never get to shop there because the closest is Austin or Houston but if I won I would have an excuse to shop.
Now off to do more writing research
Love ya sweetie
Be safe

Lisa said...

Pottery Barn gets my vote!

Kelly Ann said...

You still didn't get that birdcage????
xoxo KA

w said...


all of the above. pottery barn, home depot, lowes... i'm in!

you'd be half way here and you wouldn't have felt a thing if you'd still been walking here.


mar said...

Didn't feel a thing down here in TX...haha...we need some shaking up the heat is killing us...going to hit 106* by Sunday....WE NEED RAIN !!! Love the Cobbler !!! Glad you are all ok..

jojo said...

well, wow, wow, wow...
all that shaking gets me quaking in my boots or flip flops whatever. Glad you are all alright. As for the dishes, what a great treasure you stumbled upon. love it.
I would have to say Home Depot as I would want to get as much as possible with a gift cert. you know, I'm kinda greedy like that.
take care and keep calm. Oh, Oh, and those peaches look fabulously yum!

sue said...

Oh, those peaches look wicked good. I bought some native Maine peaches this week and the poor little things have such a thick coat of fuzz; probably something they genetically have to keep warm. I would just love to get my teeth into some of those lovely peaches.
Girlfriend, any kind of a giveaway works for me since a gift is such a treat. I have some painting to do and there is a Lowe's nearby, so practical Yankee thriftiness gets my first vote, though Pottery Barn would be so much fun!

sue said...

Just saw the post from Kelly Ann...maybe a local pet store would let you borrow a cage to catch the little critter. I bet, if you put it out, with the door open and some seed inside, the little baby would fly inside. Then you would be a heroine!

Lyndi said...

That earthquake was certainly a wild five second ride!

A free giveway to anywhere I want?! Wow! I guess if I had to choose, I'd want either Lowe's or Pottery Barn.

Love all your pictures!


Wanda..... said...

Loved your tablescape and peach cobbler, Janet.

While at work here in Ohio, my son's building shook from the earthquake...enough to even cause them concern, I can only imagine yours!

Janet said...

I would vote for PB with Lowes as a second choice. Glad you are OK, just shaken up a bit... am I a great punster or what? I didn't feel it but many here did.

Paula said...

I found your blog through a comment you left on Kate's blog (CG) about her upcoming party. I saw that you are in VA and had to click over for a visit.

I was in my classroom during the earthquake yesterday. The roof shook, the floor shook, and my Smartboard was rattling against the wall. Luckily there was no damage!

Michele said...

Love all you do! I didn't even know Ironstone is a collectors item.

Congrats on the jackpot!

{darlene} said...

Hi Janet! thank you SO much for stopping by Fieldstone Hill. I just meandered around your blog, and I just love your spirited personality!!
We felt the earthquake up here in PA... but not that much! Crazy isn't it???

Gretel said...

Oh I am always so jealous when it's peaches time in your house. But not at all jealous of the earthquake, I trust none of your new china haul suffered. And very glad that you are safe.

Anonymous said...

I had to comment...I have not felt an earthquake and hope that I never do....now you are bracing for a hurricane? Hang in there......prayers are already going out to everyone on the East Coast......take care!...ps...love your
Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage