Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Surprise..Some Crafty Sisters and A Table

Hey pleased to see you back here.
Remember my sorry looking, very NON seasonal front door?

Not very indicative of the Autumn season, is it?
Well my sweet sister Maddy, who is a very crafty gal, read my post and
 took pity on me 
and made me ...

This gorgeous Fall inspired wreath!

Isn't it beautiful?
Thank you Maddy..Love you lots.

Now on to the Surprise part of my post.

 These pretty ladies are my two younger sisters
Joanne and Maddy.
They called one day and said they were coming to visit on Oct 14 till Oct 17.
"WooHoo" was my response as usual.

Then my older brother Bobby called and said he was going to visit Oct 14 till Oct 17.
Again a big WooHoo!
Now Joanne and Maddy have not seen Bobby since my sister Mary Sue's funeral.
Being the devious women that we are
we decided not to tell Bobby that the girls were coming
Yeah...I know, we're bad girls.
The photo above is Bobby entering the guest room and seeing my sisters
He looks happy, although I'm sure his first thought was
"Snap, I have to share a bathroom with two women"
...or maybe
"Shoot, there goes my quiet weekend"

Bobby had fun posing with the apples I was peeling for deep dish apple pie..he is not shy  around a camera.

Ok...will someone please take the camera away from him!!!!
You should see the pic's I deleted

Whenever my sisters come, I make them encourage them to do a craft with me.
Last year we painted gourds
This year I had them playing with Mod Podge and wallpaper.
We made super simple bunting using wooden tags.

I had some folkart inspired wallpaper border leftover from a bathroom years ago.
All we did was trace the tag shape..cut out the wallpaper design and Mod Podge it to the tag.
We hot glued twine around the edges 
Super easy!

We used a Cropadile to punch holes to string them with twine.
Joanne is going to hang hers on her mantel.
Very cute!

To keep my company busy I had some little trips planned for them and asked them what they would like to do while here in Virginia.
Guess what they chose to do???

Salvation Macy's !!!!!!
Bobby at the Manassas Civil War Battlefield
Bobby came away with a great lambskin bomber jacket for only
Joanne found a large sterling silver pitcher that was gorgeous.
And Maddy........well Maddy spotted a trio of solid oak accent tables.

Isn't this a great table?
I love the curved legs and the soft rounded edges.
This is the second table.
A lovely piece with sweet kitten feet and a nice functional drawer.
Oh...and that grain!!!!!
Really love the beautiful oak grain on these tables.
I forgot to take a photo of the third table in the set.
It was similar to this one, but it had drop leaves on either side...very cool.
Maddy took that table back to NY and I kept the other two.

After a coat of Versailles and Old Ochre with some clear and dark wax...
she is sporting an updated new look.

I love a little a little surprise, 
so I painted the drawer insides a pretty shade of chalk paint called Emile.

Hints of Versailles green peeking through.

 I painted over the pulls and when I sanded, a little of the gold popped through.
I like that
And that gorgeous grain!!!!
See...I know when to leave wood alone.

I love the combination of the wood top and the soft painted bottom.
Gives my table a fresh look.
So what do you think..did I do this little table a favor or should I have left her alone?
This table will be headed to my shop At The Fox Den along with the coffee table I will be painting also.
I hope someone gives them a good home.

So there you have it..
A Surprise
Crafty Sisters
A Painted Table

Until next kind and stay creative.
Sharing with the very cool {Hue*ol*ogy} Ladies

Janet xox


Katie said...

Love the table! A stained wood top and painted base is one of my favorites.

Kelly Ann said...

It was fun seeing the sisters and meeting the dude that was hangin' with them....

Anonymous said...

Looks like so stinkin' much fun! Wish my sister could have come for a visit this fall, but airline fees kept her home.. boo hoo....

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Janet,
Oooh what a newsy post! Just loved seeing all the happy family members and boy oh boy the banner project is just too cute for words. So clever! Always love coming here to see what you're up to. Happy Fall!
Take care,

Annette said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. I don't have a brother, but time spent with my sisters is always fun and special. I think the bottom of the table compliments the wood top beautifully. Good job! :)

Atelier Conti said...

What a fun post, Janet! I love the project you did with your sisters! I wish I had been there to participate. The results are adorable. And if I ever come to your part of the world, I definitely want to go shopping with you! I can't believe the things you're able to find. I'm hoping this winter to make the trek to find the chalk paint and start doing a bit of refinishing on some of my old tired furniture! I'm sure I'll be referring back to this post for inspiration.

Gretel said...

What a lovely time I've had, looking at your weekend, it looks so warm and happy. Bobby looks nice. And the bonus of another lovely piece of furniture!

Claire said...

Oooh, aren't you devious..........what a wonderful surprise for Bobby. How much fun did you guys have? I can imagine there was a lot of laughter going on amongst the crafting and thrift shopping....another fab makeover Janet.

Maddy did an excellent job making the Fall wreath, great colours. Love the red door too.

A wonderful family post,

Claire :}

Kathleen Grace said...

You mean your brother and sisters chose the same days to visit without knowing it? How cool that your sibs love to get together:>) It sounds like you had a really great time. I love the painted bottom of your new table, I have a table I have been eyeing to redo in the living room and I may see about some AS paint to do it since yous seem to be having such great results. SO far I love everything you have redone with that paint and the fact that you don't have to sand before painting appeals to me a lot!

Michele said...

wow, you have been busy!!! Love it all! Family is so important and being together is the BEST!

Wanda..... said...

I always leave here in an inspiration-overload state, Janet...wanting to do or make every lovely thing I see you post! You have a great looking family!

Anonymous said...

I need to stop by Fox Den and visit the tables...gorgeous!!!!

Hartwood Roses said...

Di, The Blue Ridge Gal, just sent me over here. I love what I see, and I will DEFINITELY be back ... in fact, I intend to hit the Follower button AND add you to my sidebar as soon as I finish here. As I'm reading, I discover that you're just up the road from me! It's a very small world. (This also reminds me that it's been too long since I have seen my brother and sister, though they only live about an hour away, so I think I'll pick up the phone this evening and see how they are doing.) I'll be back ... you can guarantee it.

free indeed said...

You did an excellant job! Wish I had your eye and talent. Painting the bottom and leaving the gorgeous wood was exactly the right thing to do!

Tweed Delights said...

Hey Janet! Lovely to see pics of your visiting family - just one thing missing from them . . . YOU!!! (very disappointed :() Love the beautiful wreath your sister made - it's great that you 'insist', sorry 'encourage' them to get involved in a crafty project, hehe! The finished table looks fab :)

(Sorry, have been off the radar for a little while - too many hours at the office and now on October break!)

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

Great transformation on that table, the curves are special!

Lorraine :-}

The LadyBugs Garden said...

Janet you did good girl..She is just beautiful.
I am still excited you came to visit me in Texas with Mr Secret Agent Friday. I had not seen you all in 11 years. We must have hugged each other a dozen times. My sweet friend!
Love and Kisses
Stephanie :))

Kathryn Ferguson Griffin said...

Looks like you guys had a great time together! Loved the crafting picture! And, the table is gorgeous! You've done it again! Hope you're having a grand evening! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

Hines-Sight said...

Looks like you have a talented family.