Thursday, December 8, 2011

Am I the only one who decorates at 2am?

Hello friends and Happy Holidays to all of you!

So I'll ask again...
am I the only crazy person who decorates her home for the holidays
at 2am?

Mr. Secret Agent was out of town for a night
so I took the opportunity
to stay up half the night and get going on my decorating.
As you can see I didn't make an effort to hide my light wires,
but hey...remember, it's 2am!

Remember the beautiful wooden stars made by the 93 year old crafter?
I love it!
Lot's of antique sheet music wreaths and ornaments
They are so darn easy to make..
I got caught up in the frenzy

I'll fill these with mini candy canes anad greens

I just love the look of the sheet music and glitter!

My favorite Santas are on display.
The little guy is a stuffed mini (only 5in) that I made many years ago.
He has a tiny burlap sack filled with cinnamon sticks
 and twigs and a tiny bottle brush tree.

This santa is my all time favorite piece I have ever painted.
He is actually a wind up music box and plays 
'I'm Dreaming of A White Christmas'
He is magical
I call him my Bob Hope Santa.

Look at that nose of his...
I think he looks just like Bob Hope!

Do you see it?
Same little ski slope of a nose.

This is a picket fence of Santas that I painted,
they sit inside a green wreath.
So easy to do.

I have quite a few birds and nests 
Give me a snowy bough and a bird nest
and I'm a happy gal.

Poor reindeer...seems to have lost his antlers
Anyone have a spare pair of sticks??

I adore this little paper mache box with a folk art snowman.
I bought this at a craft show from a lady named Sherrie. 
I have quite a few holiday painted pieces from her.
Happy to say Sherrie now has her own brick & mortar shop right here in 
Old Town Warrenton, Va.
Congrats Sherri!

My kitchen got in on some holiday action also.
Hey Gretel...see anyone you know?
I currently have an  antique window pane from my brothers very cool
and very old cottage in NY.
They updated the drafty kitchen and gave me the windows.
For now it sits on my way too tiny mantel..
os I just made it part of the holiday decor.

Isn't this little guy sweet?
His body is made from spun cotton batting with lot's of clear vintage glitter and lovely feather wings.

My cute snowman in a basket is a new addition to my mantel.
On Shop Local Saturday he was purchased at one of my favorite local gift shops
right here in beautiful 
Amy has some of the prettiest holiday decorations this year.
If you are local...pop in and tell Amy I sent you!
I saved one of my Holiday Forest bottle brush trees for myself and she sits on my mantel.
I decided to do multiple flameless candles this year instead of a string of lights.
It looks so pretty at night when they are flickering and Costco sells the remote control pillars.
How cool is that!

Like I said..I love a snowy bough!

So that's it so far.
Now Time to tackle the tree! this is not really my decorated tree.
I got carried away with Picnik
I promise to show you when I finish decorating with real ornaments.

I will leave you with a few sneak peaks at a current project
 and of course a couple of very cool
sky photos
You know me...always looking upward!

I think you will like this one!

 Beautiful Virginia sunset the other night.
See the moon up in the top left corner? was spectacular!
Have I told you how much I love the moon??
It simply amazes me.

 Until next kind and stay creative.

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Hartwood Roses said...

What is it about having our husbands away that makes us get such blasts of energy? I do exactly the same thing. (Took down a wall in our kitchen during one of his business trips in the 80s). I love your decorations!!!

Colleen said...

So inspiring! Can't wait to see the finished dresser! :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

I get a lot of stuff like this done late at night when The Big Guy is away. I just can sleep with him gone! If he was home I'd be curled up next to him, asleep, on the couch! Is that star made from a bottle brush?? Just checking :)

mar said...

Beautiful ! ... I think I may have some of those Santas on my tree....from years ago...and Love everyone of them...Made some with crystal seed beads this year...will post later...Merry Christmas!

Lydia said...

Pretty! I love Christmas decorations. I have definitely been up at 2am before decorating as well!

Debra from Bungalow said...

Yes, I've stayed up all night baking cookies before.
Your home is lovely and your photos are gorgeous and I do love a snowy bough too.

Please stop on over to enter my giveaway of a great decor book from Southern Living.

Amy @ 11Magnolialane said...

I wish I could stay up that late! Maybe I would have more indoor decor done by now :)
Thanks for the tip on the new store in Warrenton, everytime a new shop opens downtown its exciting!

The LadyBugs Garden said...

Your house is so Christmasy now and beautiful!

Kathleen Grace said...

Your decorations are so pretty Janet! I can't stay up til 2a.m., but I did do some decorating the other day at 5 a.m. when I got up. You just never know when the spirit is going to take you:>)

Atelier Conti said...

It's looking very festive at your house, Janet! Your energy astounds me! Yes, I do believe you are the only 2 A.M. decorator. Should I be awake at such an hour, I definitely would not be putting up swags and ornaments!

Christine @ Stonehouse Living said...

Hi Janet,

Lovely Christmas Decor!
Your home is beautiful all decked out for Christmas!
All the Best,

Laurel said...

Can't say I do a lot of actual decorating at 2am...but that's when all my best ideas hit...I should probably just get up and do it so I can fall back to sleep :) Looks great! laurel@chippingwithcharm

Dragonfly Treasure said...

2 am is the only time we can get without any interuptions!! I love's quiet and I can even think!! I often stay up most of the night and craft...then wonder why I fall asleep if I sit down the next day!! LOL
All your holiday displays are magical, just the way I wish mine were...maybe next year...

fixitfaerie said...

First, nothing to do with this blog, your coco and blue cabinet is Gorgeous!
Nest this post, When I was younger, and my husband was out of town on business, I would stay up all night painting rooms in my very large house. And, I would go to work the next day.(I am an accountant) I just figured I would get caught up with my sleep later. And I liked having the house quiet and my children asleep, those were my most productive days/nights.Blessings

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