Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Is There Such a Thing As Too Much Gold?

Hello friends...welcome back to my nest.
I want to share a few fun things with you today.
A makeover, a great thrift shop find and 
a birthday gift.

Pay no attention to the lady in the mirror
This week I stopped in my Warrenton Salvation Macy's and picked up this pretty gilded table top mirror.
I loved it, but I felt for it's small size, it was way too much gold.
How about we remedy that problem.

I started by painting on two coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Paloma.

Paloma is a lovely soft pale plum color.
Pale and lovely

 After the Paloma dried (I hit it with a blow dryer) I dry brushed it with a little Old White.
This helps to highlight the great relief detail.

Isn't Paloma a pretty color?
After the dry brushing, I lightly sanded just enough to expose some of the original gold.
I applied some clear wax with a soft stippling brush.
Normally I use the Annie Sloan wax brush, but i needed a much smaller brush here.
My artist stipple brush worked great.

Again...pretend she is not there
Let's look again at the VERY gold mirror before.

Hey...the lady turned into a vase of roses!
That's one crazy restyle!
And the much more sophisticated toned down restyled mirror.

I added just enough dark wax on top of the clear to accentuate the crevices.
Using an old cotton t-shirt dipped in clear wax, I carefully wiped away any unwanted dark wax.

I think she is beautiful

See the gold peeking through?

 I'm so glad I did not pass up this great little mirror just because I didn't like the finish.
Remember...ASCP adheres to just about anything!

Now on to the next thrift shop find...

 With all of the blogosphere posting gorgeous projects using sheet music, I have had my eyes open for the stuff.
I had not been able to find it anywhere....
Until this week!
Just look at all this fabulous sheet music

 so many wonderful old titles and cover art.
How incredible is the American Cowboy Songs book????
And Stephen Foster!

Bing Crosby!!!!

A classic song and beautiful cover art.
Pay no attention to the price stickers...I bargained the mgr down to an unbelievable price since I was wanting all of it.
I now have enough sheet music for many projects.

 Isn't this gal pretty?
Mr. Secret Agent gave her to me for my birthday, which happens to be 
I'm 57 years young.

I know she looks basic, but that is exactly what I wanted....just an old fashioned cruiser.
I'll be on the lookout for a sweet basket that I can line with vintage fabric.
I can't wait to spend my mornings coasting up and down my country lane.
If you see me, be sure to wave.
Any suggestions for the perfect Bicycle name?

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Until next kind and stay creative.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Halloween Gourds And A Super Hometalk /Home Depot Giveaway

Hello friends...welcome back to my nest.
I hope everyone on the east coast survived hurricane Irene this past weekend.
In my part of Virginia we got some wind and a good amount of rain, but nothing dangerous.

 Before Irene, you can see the storm clouds beginning to roll in.
 However, she was gone almost as quickly as she came.
Prayers go out for the lost lives that were reported.
 On to the 'gourd' part of my post...
My sweet friend Phyliss gave me some gourds a few years back.
 I painted a few as folk art Santas.
This gourd reminded me of a

 Hello Annie!!!

You know how everyone is always saying how the paint in the can top dries super fast, so quick...put that top back on.
I took care of this problem by using the paint from the top on my first brush paint to dry and problem avoided!

 I gave my gourd two coats of Old White using an inexpensive chip brush.

She is pretty just like this...but I have more plans for her.

I searched my stencil stash and believe me, it's big!
A spider..perfect.

Using a lettering and a curly cue stencil I went to work.

 I did an all over Henna tattoo style design

I added some black spiders and the words

Isn't she great?
Next time I will place the letters a little closer together, but I think this will do for now.

 For the second gourd, I found a cool font at and printed it out.
Using graphite paper, I traced the word Booo ! onto the gourd.
Using ASCP in Graphite and a liner brush, I hand painted the letters in
Believe me, you DO NOT have to be a decorative painter to do this.
Just take your time and have a steady hand.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to hold a gourd..a paint brush and a camera at the same time????

My gourd has a natural crack and I think it gives her great character.
There will be no wood filler used today ladies.

ASCP Old White and Graphite with clear & dark wax
So here she  is... 
Griselda the Ghost
Pretty Bootiful, huh?

Helpful Hint:
   On a piece of waxed paper, mix a little clear and dark wax.
Apply allover and then using your finger...YES, your finger, apply more around the lettering and face.
I love how it gives a little more depth
Ok....On to the best part of this post
I just discovered this great website HOMETALK.COM, and it is just can talk about all things to do with your home.
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Twist my arm why don't ya!
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PS...thank you Jason!
This Giveaway is now 
Thank you to all who participated.

Until next kind and stay creative.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

New Girl...New Room...A Makeover Story!

      Hello friends and welcome back to my nest. If you are new here, I am happy to meet you and there is always room for more friends.
So....I got an e-mail from my sister Joanne, who just visited me, and she wanted to know if I would help my niece Ashleigh restyle her bedroom. 

While Joanne was here she got to see all the painted furniture that I have been working on.
When she returned home, her daughter told her of her desire to make over her bedroom in a shabby cottage design.
To which my sister replied.."that's what Aunt Janet does!!!!"
Cue the back and forth texting of ideas and inspiration rooms!

Of all the rooms I e-mailed to her, this is the room that she sees in her mind when she envisions her dream room.
This made me very happy because it is my personal favorite of all the photos I sent.
Isn't it darling?
Ashleigh has a very nice bedroom set that I will be blessing with some Annie Sloan chalk paint.
I will be searching the thrift shops for some chunky frames to paint and maybe distress and gild.
A nice chalk painted side table lamp and some nice extras.
Definitely some pretty cabbage rose fabric also.
Yeah...this is going to be so much FUN!
I will be blogging about the whole process, so do keep in touch.
PS.....Be sure to come back next week for a fabulous Fabric GIVEAWAY!!!
You won't want to miss this one.

Wishing you blue skies

Until next kind and stay creative

Thursday, August 25, 2011

An Earthquake and Now A Hurricane....Oh Great!

My morning sky
Hello friends....welcome back to my nest.
Well you all know that we just had an 5.8 earthquake on Tuesday and now it seems we are being told to prepare for a major Hurricane called Irene. 
Why do they give these deadly creatures pretty girly names ?
Why are they not warning us about Hurricane Demonic ?
Mr. Secret Agent has instructed me to stock up on supplies in case we lose power.
I told him no problem, I have already purchased
the most important thing for survival...
Hey...a girl has her priorities!
If I am going to be without electricity for days, my hair is going to be greyless and silky

I was going to post about a fabulous Giveaway that a very cool website is offering my followers.
However with the very real possibility of many of us being without power due to Irene, I have decided to postpone my Giveaway until next week.
So please do keep in touch so you don't miss out on this great Giveaway.

Sneak Peek!
I actually have a second Giveaway in the works involving some really great seasonal sewing goodies.
You fabric nuts out there will want to try your luck with this Giveaway.
I love giving stuff away! all of my friends on the east coast or anywhere where the weather is being crazy...stay safe.
See you in a couple of days!

Until next kind and stay creative.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What Do English Ironstone, an Earthquake and Peaches Have In Common?

They all rocked my world this week!!

Hello friends...happy to see you here.
So... if you follow this blog, you know that my sister and my mom came to visit for a few days. 
We had a great visit that was filled with eating.....

Nothing beats a juicy local peach!
Man..this was good stuff
Warm, out of the oven southern peach cobbler...

notice the cool jet streams
 Beautiful Virginia mornings...

runaway parakeet and tomato eating deer
 Unexpected visitors...

my pathetic tablescape attempt...look away Miss Mustard Seed!
And fabulous thrift shop discoveries...

I hit the motherload of English Ironstone thriftiness on Monday

I really love the soft design on this pattern

Beautiful crazing...

Isn't this texture lovely?

Twenty seven gorgeous pieces in all

As I hunted, I kept finding more and more pieces
Sorry, but I cannot tell what I paid for all this Ironstone
 for fear of the police knocking on my door and charging me with grand theft! was that much of a steal

I also picked up four really lovely vintage hankies

my house is in that red square...YIKES!
And now we come to the EARTHQUAKE part of my post.
Today at about 2pm a 5.8 earthquake hit Virginia. 
My sister and mom had left for New York and I had just settled in to edit all these photos for this post.
All of a sudden it sounded like a couple of military helicopters landing (or crashing) into my home.
The walls started to shake...dishes rattled...floors moved beneath my was SCARY!
Now I know you California ladies are thinking 5.8 is no big deal. 
Just imagine LA or San Diego getting a major blizzard in July...yeah, that's a good comparison.
I think it is safe to say that would get your attention.

So that was my fun few days...what have you guys been up to?

Until next kind and stay creative.

PS...I'm working with a corporate sponsor to set up a great little Giveaway and I need some input. If you were to win a gift certificate for a Home/Garden store (think Home Depot, Lowes, Pottery Barn etc) which one would  it be. Do you have a favorite? It is going to happen, so help me decide on one and leave your choice in a comment. I'll be posting the Giveaway next week.
Not Fun.