Wednesday, February 22, 2012

~Who stole my blogging Mojo?~

Hello friends...this is going to be short and sweet.
I know it has been a week since my last post
I seem to have lost my blogging Mojo
have you seen it?
did you borrow it?
I can't find it anywhere
Has that ever happened to you?
I sit here and stare at the laptop and ...
I'm very busy with things...
painting..tending to my ASCP business
stocking my shops
when it comes to writing something about it all
I just don't feel like 
posting and I don't want to post silly stupid filler stuff
just because..
Hey that what I'm doing right now????
I know I will find the inspiration soon
please don't desert me
Can I bribe you into staying with a nice sunrise photo
from this morning????

See...isn't this beautiful?
Until next kind and stay creative.


Robyn Story said...

Janet.. no worries.. people never leave.. and everyone goes through that you don't worry pressure and we get that

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

It will be back~I know how you feel. I hate filler stuff too.

Marilyn said...

Janet, I go through that all of the time. I can blog for several days straight and then.....nothing! We'll be here waiting. :)

nick said...

Lost my commenting Mojo. Just don't know how to comment on this post.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sunrise photograph, consider me bribed! (I would have stayed anyway, honest).

Kelly Ann said...

I think it's out partying with mine....

Hartwood Roses said...

This morning's sunrise WAS beautiful. It cast a beautiful lilac glow throughout the whole house ... what a great way to start the day ... even a day when I have to go to the dentist.

Mojo ebbs and flows. Sometimes the blogger struggles, other times it's hard to gather all the racing thoughts into set of coherent posts. There's a lot going on with you right now, and blogging has taken its rightful place ... in the background, waiting for you to return. That's just how it is.

I'm stalling. I don't WANt to go to the dentist. Maybe I'll blog about it later. :)

Have a great day!

Angie @ The Junk Ranch said...

I'm still here for you too! It happens to me idea why! I think we feel pressured to be like professional bloggers,and post great articles daily, but when we are busy with our true profession it makes blogging take a back seat. I run out of steam even when I have projects I could post about.
Looking forward to your next post...anytime!

Aprons and More said...

Mine's gone I have had two colds in a row. Maybe it is hiding out until the coast is clear..or the nose ;/


Lady Courtney said...

I'll never leave you! Besides, I know that you are doing fun stuff, and will hear about it soon enough!! It was an absolutely gorgeous sunrise. I almost stopped just to enjoy it, but alas my commuting partner said we must get to work. donna :)

MAR said...

Mabey it's all the paint fumes!! It's time to cook something yummy and post that...don't worry I love to read anything you put out there!

Annette said...

I've lost mine too. If you find it let me know and I'll do the same for you! :)

reFresh reStyle said...

Janet, I'm not leaving :) oh, I thought I was supposed to post filler stuff, uh oh! LOL I'm loving all your Annie Sloan makeovers! Can't wait to see you at Haven!

AnnieK said...

Well, I WAS going to snub you for not entertaining me on demand, but the sunrise photograph saved you. Tee hee! Seriously, don't worry about it...I imagine Shakespeare had days when he just doodled stick people in the margins, too. You just can't be eloquent and fascinating 24/7. You're pretty close, though. ;-)

Claire said...

Hey Janet, I kinda figured this might've been the not despair when you mojo returns so will we.

You obviously need a rest, if you look back over 2011 you were a very busy blogger, it's just time to have a break and when you're ready you'll find the words.

Stunning sunrise what time did you take that photo....sparrow pop?

Claire x

Erin said...

We'll still be here, Janet! I totally understand that feeling though...I went through a similar spell last summer. When in you're in the middle of *doing,* writing and photographing can be a real bother. Take your time and I look forward to seeing your projects when you're ready to post about them. :)

Take care,

janzi said...

Actually I am sitting here and feeling under pressure to add to my blog, but until I have a cogent thought I cannot start.. so will probably miss today... so don't worry we are all watching and waiting until you get your inspiration back again, you've certainly had a lot going on.. J

Amy W. said...

Your picture is absolutely beautiful!! Thanks for sharing it with us....and no need to feel pressured about bloggin...we all know and can understand that when a girl is busy....she's BUSY!!! :)
Take care!!!

Leigh Powell Hines (Hines-Sight Blog) said...

Saying hello. I've got to get my mojo on because I have some committed posts, but have such little writing time. Hope you are well.

Sue said...

Janet, Your mojo and mine are off on a vacation! I am busy and blogging is certainly not my "real job" so I do what I can when I can. I would hope that real blog friends will understand, don't you? :-)

Linda at French Hollow said...

At the risk of gushing - you are the first blog I began following and my inspiration. To find out you're also human makes you even more special. Besides, I'm afraid of the Fed Agent...

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine said...

Maybe it ran away with mine! :) If you find them please send mine home to me.

Lisa C said...

I looked around but it's not in Dallas, Texas!

Kathleen said...

That has happened to me more often than not at times and when I do get an idea it is 3 a.m.! Ha!

You are not alone...! Have a fabulous day!

Kathleen said...

What a gorgeous sky! So enjoy all your crafts as well.

As for the blogging mojo ... It shall return refreshed!

Tina said...

A day, a week or a month between blogs doesn't matter.
What matters is enjoying it when you do post. That is all that matters :).
Fun, Fun, Fun!