Saturday, November 10, 2012

~ Getting ready for the Holidays ~

Hello friends..happy for your visit again.
I have been very busy getting The Empty Nest ready for the holiday season.
German Glass Glitter has been flying fast and furious to be sure!

My helper Carol and I have been packaging 2oz vials of this glorious, glittery stuff and have lot's on display to help you take your holiday decorating to the next level.
I am offering Gold, Silver and Champagne glitter.
Remember...a little goes a very long way!

My helper Cheryl has been getting her glitter on also!
These glittery lovelies will soon be strung on tinsel and sold as Holiday bunting.
Antique sheet music and decoupaged papers with lots of Diamond Dust for festive sparkle.

I have also been having fun painting, stenciling and gilding these lovely and whimsical Swedish Mora clocks.
Don't they look like they belong in a Disney movie?
This one is painted using Chalk Paint™ decorative paint in Old White and Versailles.

I found the perfect stencil, French Flourish, from Royal Design Studios. 
I also used Melanie Royals wonderful stencil cremes..this one is Bright Gold.
These silky smooth cremes go on so easily and dry super fast.
I sanded the design just enough to keep it from looking too new.
I applied my Annie Sloan Soft Clear wax and then the Dark wax to give the clock some age.
I love it!

This Mora clock is painted in Provence and embellished with 24k gold metallic leaf.
Annie's Soft Clear and Dark wax is the finishing touch.
I am in love with these clocks.
I hope they find a good home this holiday season.

I applied the gold leaf in a time worn sort of way. As if it has been rubbed away with age.
Very elegant.

And how stunning are these Paris apartment clocks???
The Duck Egg color is so great and to pump up the volume just a bit, I added a few swipes of the beautiful King Gold imported French gilding wax that I carry in the shop.
The little gold bead is the jewel in her crown..LOVE her!!
So that is just a tiny peek at some of the wonderful holiday items you will find at 
The Empty Nest.
I will be hosting a Holiday Open House on December 8th...more on that later.
Until next kind and stay creative.



The Mindful Spirit said...

As always, just sooooooooo enchanted by sll of your dreamy creations, plan to see you soon!!!!!!!!

The Mindful Spirit said...

As always, just sooooooooo enchanted by sll of your dreamy creations, plan to see you soon!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the holiday bunting. it has such a lovely old-fashioned look to it.

Gretel said...

Ooh, the little Paris clocks are ADORABLE! It's a good job I am thousands of miles away or I would be sorely tempted!

Kathleen Grace said...

The Paris apartment clock is my favorite! What fun to have your own shop to decorate for Christmas! I can't wait to see what you do with it Janet!

Lady Courtney said...

Clocks are simply gorgeous! I love the stenciling on the one is PERFECT! Love it! Cannot wait to the open house. :) Maddie and Noah say Hi!

Debbie said...

I've never seen so many clocks I loved in one place. You've done a wonderful job! Happy Holidays!

Cheryl said...

Everything looks fantastic! Please save me some glitter and a book.

Linda said...

Your holiday creations rival the very best in the New York City of 50 yrs ago when creativity and quality reigned (and when nothing was from China). I simply must make some time after this last week of the Fall Semester to see your beautiful shop for myself----and buy some German glass glitter.

Celeste blumenauer said...

You ROCK THE CLOCKS!! Putting your open house on my schedule. Best for the holiday season for the BESTEST elf ever

Amy W. said...

All of the items you've displayed are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Just loved and enjoyed reading and looking at your post today!!!

Holly said...

Oh cute cute cute Paris clocks! Still wondering what to do with all my auction finds. It is an embarrassment of riches. You are marvelous!

Anonymous said...

I like the clocks a lot! The small one is beautiful.