Monday, January 7, 2013

~ Hello 2013 ~

Hello friends...welcome to 2013!
I hope all your holiday times were fun and full of love and family, I know mine were.

It took me forever, but I finally went tree shopping and eventually got it decorated.
Loved sitting in the room with the light off and just gazing at pretty.

Good thing my tree was pretty because it was just about the only holiday decorating I got done this year.
As you can see my pretty little wreaths never quite made it to my kitchen windows.
Oh well...maybe next year.

Lovely friends and customers gifted me with yummy baked goods...sweet snowflake cookies and this delicious Rum cake....well you will have to take my word for it. 
It was really wonderful and lasted all of 30 minutes once I got it home. 

Christmas morning was quiet and we all enjoyed our coffee and gifts.
Miss Carmen really enjoyed the you see her?

My guys gave me a very awesome telescope and I have already viewed Jupiter's bands and it's moons.
Very cool!

After Christmas we took a trip to NY to visit family.
I always like to stop at Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park, NY.
I think my son Billy is wishing he had a sled right about now.

Billy and his beloved Nana were reunited after quite a few years.
My mom has lived with us three different times and became quite close to my guys.
We spent the day together and had a lovely time reminiscing. 

Back at the shop, I am teaching Billy to sew and he is enjoying it
He is excited about learning how to tailor his thrift shop finds for a better fit.

We have been busy painting and rearranging shop displays.
I really love the softness of this Paris Grey and Emile shelf...muted and pretty.

I also took some time to create a new couture apron with the Annie Sloan Fabric that I now stock.
I used the Faded Roses line along with vintage linens and lace.

Pretty linen flower

And how about my beautiful model, Ashley (did I spell your name right Ash?)
She was very sweet to let me take her photo.
If you would like to learn how I create these beauties, I am offering an Apron Workshop this month.
Be sure to check out my Workshop listings at the top of the blog.

Billy and I also worked on a 1958 student desk I bought at auction.
We were going to paint a Union Jack, but then decided to try something a little different.
I sell sturdy wrapping paper by Cavalinni & Co. and they have a Union Jack design that fit perfectly.
After painting the desk in Napoleonic Blue, we decoupaged the paper onto the drawer fronts.
So easy!

It is not quite finished in this photo...still need to wax, distress and age it a little with some dark wax.
I will show her off in my next post.

My Saturday gal, Cheryl, found me this gorgeous old vanity.
Look at the cool, chunky trim on the drawers.
The mirror and dressing table are married, but they are perfect together!

As soon as we repair the broken veneer
She is going to be 

What do you think???
Louis Blue with Old White trim and clear wax with a touch of dark soft wax.
Stencilled drawer sides, painted Antoinette interior and pretty striped liner paper.
She sold the day I finished her!

So that's what has been happening in my life...what have YOU been up to???

Until next kind and stay creative!



NanaDiana said...

Wow- That is quite a post, Janet. From Christmas to the shop- each image is wonderful. I love the one of your Mom with your son.
How great that you have such good help with things....and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that apron- xo Diana

Lady Courtney said...

I need to give you a bigger cake next year! Glad you enjoyed it...and again, beautiful tree! Great desk! Aprons, my weakness....The vanity, gorgeous, glad I got to see in person before it sold! Happy New Year!!!

Lady Courtney said...

Don't know how I forgot the shelf, it made me catch my breath, I love these shelves!!! :) donna

Gretel said...

Wonderful to see your son taking part too, I can see a family empire building up! Happy New Year to you all!

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

So much to relate to in this post~from the tree which took forever to find time to buy and decorate (mine is still standing) and your son in the shop helping out. My sons have been sewing forever and they too tailor their thrift store finds...I love it! The vanity was so inspiring, and I thought the decoupage desk was genius!

Michele said...

Super cool things you've been up to! Very fun!
I'm just getting organized. I have bunco at my house tonight and they want to see my christmas decorations and it is so hard for me to leave them up...but somehow I'm doing it.

I just finished embroidering "funky" PIGs on 5 inch squares for a quilt for my 14yrs. old niece.

Gail said...

Janet, how do you repair the broken veneer? The vanity is oh-so beautiful!

deborah@confessions of a craigslist junkie said...

I love that vanity Janet -- it turned out so beautiful! Great touches with the stencilling and painting the inside of the drawers.

Amy W. said...

Awww..Pretty Christmas Tree...Family....and Apron!
Thanks for sharing it all!
Loved It!!
I must say the made-over
Vanity ended up looking like
a high end piece from the
Vanderbilt Estate itself!!
Wow! Absolutely Gorgeous!
Looking forward to more of your
Happy New Year!!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Great post! My very favourite thing even though it's not really seen, is the stencilling on the drawer sides of the vanity.