Monday, September 23, 2013

~how to dry brush with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan or I've been framed! and extras ~

Ok....put away the obituary....I am still very much alive!
Forgive me Blogger for I have has been months since my last blog post. I owe some penance.
Here we go.....
I have been trolling some Facebook painting sites and hearing a lot of talk on dry brushing.
What is dry brushing you say?
Well it is just the best thing since white bread....Oh wait a doctor just told me white bread is bad for you! OK....the best thing since gluten free grain bread!
Dry brushing is a great painting technique that is perfect for bringing out all the wonderful detail in your painted pieces. You can also achieve some awesome metallic effects for many possibilities.
Don't know how to dry brush, well I will fix that.
Let's get started!
The perfect easy beginner project is an ornate frame.
All you need is Chalk Paint®, a paint brush and some paper towels.
Load the tips of your brush with paint.
Now this is the
Offloading means wiping off almost all of the paint you just loaded onto your brush.
I know it sounds counter productive, but take my word for works.
Now with a very light touch ...softly brush over the raised areas of your frame.
This will deposit paint only on those high areas. 
Less is can always add more later if needed.
Just look at the you clearly see all that lovely flowery detail.
Isn't this pretty?
Here I lightly painted some Chalk Paint® in the color Provence and then dry brushed using Imported French Gilding elegant and so easy.
This technique literally takes a few minutes.
This was the same black frame that I painted Old White and then dry brushed with King Gold gilding wax. 
Lacy and gorgeous!
PS...that's one of my little paintings in the frame.
I have been getting the urge to work on canvas lately.
Ummmm..I feel a painting binge coming on.
So the next time you see an ornate but plain piece of furniture or home decor piece...
Give the fun dry brushing technique a try.
You just might give birth to a masterpiece!
The variations on this technique are limitless.
You can also layer your dry brushing to add more color and depth.
Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan makes it so easy and quick because it dries so fast.
Are you ready to take your painting to a new level?
Give dry brushing a try.
Here is something I have been working on lately. This vanity was one of those dark mahogany pieces we all love to restyle.
I painted her with Annie Sloan's lovely Provence, which is a gorgeous turquoise blue. 
I trimmed her in Old White and added Antoinette to her drawers sides.
Then she got dressed in some beautiful stencilling. 
Royal Design Studios 'Springtime in Paris' was used on the vanity top.
Some decorative designs were stenciled on the front and drawers.
Imported French Gilding wax in King gold was added for extra glamour and bling.
The drawer bottoms and the vanity compartment was decoupaged using one of the lovely Cavallini wrap papers I carry at the shop.
I used the vintage bird wrap for this project. 
Clear and Dark Soft wax were applied for patina in addition to sandpaper distressing.
I really love how she turned out and she will be replacing the French gilded dresser in my front window...
yup...that one is SOLD!
Oh yeah....I forgot to tell you, I also painted my very first upholstered piece using Chalk Paint® in Old Ochre. I misted the tapestry fabric with water and applied two coats of slightly watered down Chalk Paint®.
Taped off three ticking stripes in Aubusson Blue and waxed the whole chair.
The legs were based in Old Ochre and washed with more Aubusson Blue.
She looks so much better and feels just like soft customers have been amazed at this process. 
My gal Sue had fun using a couple of pretty painting techniques on these ornate alter candlesticks.
The Empty Nest will be offering a workshop painting candlesticks in November. 
They make the perfect holiday hostess gift.
Getting ready to do some Fall decorating? The Empty Nest has just the perfect addition to your Autumn vignette...real cotton bolles!
Put them under a glass cloche or make a Fall wreath..beautiful and so natural in design.
From reviving old dull furniture pieces to creating stunning stencilled walls...
Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is so much more than paint!
Phew...I did it...... I finished a blog post!!!
Thanks so much for staying with me and not deserting my little blog.
Working at the shop 6 days a week..posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, answering 
e-mails and doing battle with dust bunnies ...A gal runs out of time!
I know you have so many choices and different places to spend your valuable time and I truly appreciated that have given me a little of it.
I love you all the more for that honor and I send out huge cyber {{{{{hugs}}}}} to all of you.
Now go make something beautiful.
Until next kind and stay creative!


Annette said...

Very cool Janet!

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Lovlovelovelovelove it alllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!! So glad to see your voice, great post!

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Cool~~thanks for the inspiration and the lessons. Love all you have done.

Mariaelena said...

NICE!!...great projects...
happy Fall...Mariaelena

Jennifer Juniper said...

I have a chair I've been wanting to recover but it seems too intricate - I can't believe you painted it! Might have to try!

Janette said...

Thankyou so much for your inspiration makes me want to give myself a shake and get moving :) Xx

Jolie C. said...

Love the painted chair! I may just have to try that. :)

deborah@confessions of a craigslist junkie said...

Love the dresser Janet! You always inspire me.

The LadyBugs Garden said...

These are all beautiful..

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Yes, very cool! I'm gonna have to come visit soon to see all this stuff in person!

Anne said...

Thanks Janet for the great tips on dry brushing!

Beth J. Beal said...

Good to see you back Janet! Will you be in the shop on Sat.? My friend and I are going to the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival on Sat. in Berryville, and I was thinking about coming through on the way home to see your shop.

sandy said...

REALLY NICE! The frames are adorable and look so classy now along with everything else! Your paintings are very nice too!

Your photography is amazing!

Dee said...

Great work. I'm definitely a fan.

DeborahW said...

Thanks so much, and do't feel bad I have had the same problem.. but took many pictures today and will be doing a 'catch-up' on my blog too. Love the dresser ( sold) shown and thanks for the info on the painted upholstery chair.. I have the perfect chair for it but haven't gotten up the nerve to try it yet!
I have an antique gesso frame I will try the dry brush on.. thanks again

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Hi J,

No Apologies necessary, I've been MIA too!! :)

You have been working up a storm, I need me some of the Chalk Paint, looks amazing :)

I have 5 family free days to paint, so happy they helped me put my studio back together again before they left, so happy to be able to paint again in my "Studio" :)

Have a lovely weekend, great to see you back :) T.

Rachael Mills said...

Hi, the after pictures for dry brushing are amazing. I didn't realise it was so simple. Can't wait to try it out. Where do you get your frames from?. Thanks. Rachael,