Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reclaimed Needlepoint Table Runner Apron

Hello...just finished this cute little half apron and thought I would show it off. I created it using part of an old vintage table runner which had some beautiful cross-stitch work on the ends. I added a handy towel loop for convenience and used two other fabric patterns to compliment the design. What do you think? This little girl will be for sale at the Warrenton Spring Festival. Have a good day and be kind.


Bits of Fiber said...

Hi Janet, It was great meeting you the other day! We will have to do that again in the future and I promise not to talk your ears off again. Been awfully busy at work and at home getting ready for the Farmers Market and the Warrenton Festival. I must have lost my mind signing up for doing both! But, if I hadn't I would probably kick myself for not trying it. I'm getting really excited about it all which means making lots more stuff. BTW I love the table runner apron ... reminds me of Holland. Sofie is in heaven right now she found a long lost friend from when we lived in Marshall. So she didn't get anything done on her pillows today ... been too busy SMS-ing! Anyway, catch you soon. Cheers ... Chantal

MaШenka said...

Very nice to meet you! I love your blog banner and the general feel of it... will be happily following and reading it.