Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What To Be When I Grow Up???

Good morning friends,
I have come to a realization that I really need to decide , and soon, what I want to be when I grow up. By that I mean what artistic medium or style do I most gravitate to. I took a long look at my Etsy shop yesterday and noticed how very eclectic it is. I am not sure if that is good or bad. On one hand, doesn't it show diversity in style, willingness to embrace multiple art forms and a thirst for crafty knowledge? Or does it mean I can't make up my mind and not good at any one thing or worse yet , fickle? Why can't I do it all? I have noticed on Etsy, most of the artists who are featured are selling one particular item or style. The top seller sells reprints of her art and an occasional doll, jewelry makers do just that, handbag sellers ..handbags, soap and toiletry makers..just that. Get the idea? I have never seen a seller who offers many different treasures in her shop be featured. Why is that? My shop has hand sewn items, knitted and crocheted items, felted clothing for children, paintings and prints and note cards from my paintings. Is it all too much of everything and not enough of any one thing?? I would love some feedback on this subject. What are people looking for? Please don't misunderstand...I am not whining about not having been featured on Etsy. All the sellers who are, deserve it and offer fabulous items in their shops.
I want to get to a place where I am as original as I can be. Let's face it everything has been done already, in one form or another. I have to laugh at the crafter who has a basic tote bag for sale in her online shop and a footnote about it being her original design and requesting you not copy. Paaalease.............that is like painting a picture of an apple and claiming it is your original design. How different is your tote from all the thousands of totes being sold out there? All I ask is that we not take this original art or item design thing too far. If the great masters thought like this our museums would be empty. Lets face it..even the greats copied each other's style.
Well enough ranting for now...sorry to subject you to it,but there has to be others who feel like I do about this. Are you out there???? Have a good day and remember..be kind.

P.S. The lady cardinal in the photo above was all tucked into herself, trying to stay warm. It was 12 degrees this morning. Click on her to get a closer look, she is very pretty.


Angie said...

I just love your bird pictures. What inspiration to see these little guys every morning.

As far as having multiple interests, embrace them. As you can see with my Etsy shop, I dabble in a few things and that's ok. :)

Bits of Fiber said...

Hi Janet,
Just like you ... I love ALL arts and crafts and want to try it all. My Etsy shop is also a mix of things so when I opened my shop on Art Fire I decided to keep it to some more specific things. I had a stall at the Todd Mall Markets in Alice where I learned that having a big selection of items was a good thing. I had felted items in 1 gallery store and my figurines (which I haven't even listed on Etsy nor Art Fire) at another and more stuff in another gallery and made pretty good money. It seems that selling on-line is a different thing all together. Some folks seem to think that if you have a bunch of different items for sale you're a Jack (Jill) of all trades and not really good, which is a bunch of bologna ... I love all of your stuff so hang in there and pretty soon we'll get that first sale. BTW, I just registered to be at the Warrenton event myself! See you soon! Chantal

Janet said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies...nice way to end my day.

Stephanie said...

I love your shop with all kinds of your different designs. This is what makes your shop unique. Please don't change it. But you can just keep finding different treasure to make!!