Friday, June 19, 2009

The Honest Scrap Award!

Hello fellow bloggers..I am so excited..I just received my very first blog award! I am very honored that one of my favorite blogs chose me as one of the recipients. Upon accepting I must share 10 honest things about myself..thank my presenter and link back to her and pass this award on to 7 others whose blogs I feel are special. So here we go...

1- Thank you Wanda, your blog is one that I turn to when I want some serenity and quiet time.
2- My honest things
1. Love all things Jane Austin and dream about being Marianne Dashwood
2. One of my guilty pleasures is watching Little House On the Prairie...over and over again while I paint and sew in my studio.
3. Although I am 54 and happily married 34 yrs I adore Adam sons laugh at this.
4. Oldest daughter of eleven children..7 boys/4girls
5. Was known as my Mom's chief cook and bottle washer (she worked evenings 3-11pm)
6. Only had 1 date before I met and married my husband ( too busy cooking & child rearing)
7. If I am your friend..I am true blue and will always be there.
8. I hope my sons know one of the most honest things in my life is my love for them.
9. Saturday morning coffee on the front porch w/ my man is an honest favorite moment of mine
10.Final 'honest' fact is that the final weeks of caring for my sister, Mary Sue( who lost her battle with cervical cancer) were so much harder for me than I ever admitted to my family.
I 'honestly' pass this the Scrap Award to :
Gretel, Hen, Diane, Kelly Ann, Kathryn, Alison, Mikiep


Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

Very touching, thank you for sharing. Congrats on award!!

Wanda said...

I grew up with a working mom also...and did a lot of cooking and general helping out too...I remember you mentioning the anniversary of her death June 6th I believe...

Enjoy your coffee tomorrow morning with your husband!

PG said...

Congratulations Janet, and thank you for sharing those bits of you. Thanks also for thinking of me, I'm afraid I don't go in for awards or tagging, but I am very touched! :)

Tweed Delights said...

Eeeeks! Thanks Janet - I will give this a go :) I've never had a blog award either! I used to LOVE watching Little House on the Prairie as a little girl. And I thought I came from a big family!! Will try and do this in the next couple of days - will I just copy what you've done here with my own fave blogs?

Casual Cottage said...

Congratulations, Janet! I love learning bits and pieces about my internet buddies. Thanks so much for visiting my is really amazing that we have so much in common....and, yes, I remember the June Taylor dancers!!