Monday, June 22, 2009

We Humans are Funny Creatures

Summer Solstice Sunrise at Stonehenge made it to Monday. Now if we can only get through the rest of the week, we will be doing great. It is now case you didn't notice, Sunday, in addition to Fathers Day, was also the first day of Summer and the longest day of the year. Our days get shorter from this date on. Before you know it darkness will fall on us by 5 pm. Ok..maybe I am pushing things a little...but it will happen.
Going back to my post title..the' humans are funny' thing...I have to share something I found myself doing this weekend. I was cleaning up in the kitchen and found that my loaf of wheat bread had a little spot of mold on it....YECH! I ran it down to my compost pile and dumped it all in, happy I had not mistakenly used it for my lunch. I could have poisoned my family! So with no bread for a sandwich, I decided to make myself a nice salad. After constructing what I thought looked like a masterpiece of greens and veggies I proceeded to top it with my favorite guessed it..GORGANZOLA! Gorganzola..the king of moldy cheese. In fact I love the moldy parts the best..go figure!!! See what I mean ..funny humans;-)
Another point...a close relative of mine (who shall remain nameless,should she be reading this)
is fanatical about shredding every piece of literature or mailing that has her name on it. She keeps a shredder right next to her kitchen chair so it is ever ready to do it's duty and keep her identity safe from thieves. I was watching her the other day and she would open a letter, read it, shred the envelope with her name on it. Then she did something that made me smile...she wrote her own little note..put it in an envelope guessed it..smacked one of those return address stickers in the left hand corner! So let me get this right...we have to shred when our name comes to us but it is ok to send our name out to the world for all to see? See what I mean...funny creatures indeed.
Final point...When I buy fresh veggies I very rarely put things like onions or carrots in separate plastic bags from the produce stand. I just put them unwrapped in my cloth shopping bag. Less plastic in the landfill is my thought. My husband on the other hand insists on putting every little thing in it's own bag..He doesn't want his veggies getting 'dirty' ...getting dirty! Hello.......they were grown in the dirt!!!!!!! Again..funny creatures...oh, I think so ;-)
Now go have a great day and so something 'funny'.


Julia Guthrie said...

LOL...that is so true! Really life is made up of totally irrelavant little habits isn't it?
haha...still chuckling about the veggies getting dirty! :)

Kelly Ann said... are so right on all three examples..

Julianne said...

We are bizarre creatures aren't we... so many eccentricities... like making sure all of the clothes pegs match if they are being used on the same item of clothing : ).

The only thing I disagree with about your blog is the love of mouldy cheese... UCK! Dis-gus-ting

bee said...

To funny - thanks for the reminder how funny we are :-) it will keep me smiling all day!

Wanda said...

So true!
There are probably many more things of this nature that we all do!