Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Home Again!

Morning friends...thank you all for the many encouraging comments about my Open House. My drive to NY was great, I sang at the top of my lungs to Michael Buble all the way there. Drivers around me thought I was a crazy woman I'm sure. When I got to my nieces house and began to unpack my car, she was amazed at how much stuff I had packed in so small a space. Her house was perfect for this event..large open floor plan, beautifully decorated and lot's of parking. Once everything was in place, I too was astounded at the amount of merchandise on display. It looked like I had rented a truck! All I can say is thank God for Space Bags!!! I told my hubby that the next we have to move I am not calling the big truck movers...I am packing everything into Space Bags! You hold the bag open and I'll shove the mattress in ;-)  I had expected to have a lot of ironing to do, what with all the air sucked out of the bags to make them like a pancake, but no...not a thing was wrinkled! They are amazing.

I know you all wanted photo's , but in all the rush and excitement..this is the only picture I managed to take. My sweet niece Susanne in her kitchen, which is fabulous I have to say. Susanne kept the coffee and wine flowing, which was a big help. I was so busy networking, greeting people and playing the role of checkout gal and bagging person that I didn't even stop to capture the event on film. I guess that is a good thing in a way...too busy making money. It was financially very successful and psychologically empowering. We creative souls sit in our studios or at our dining room tables and do what we know best...create. Their is usually no one around to say " I love that", so to have  people fill your head with compliments is such a treat. I was on cloud nine all weekend. I came home with a refreshed sense of creative selfworth and a bank account that is now a little fatter. Thanks go out to all my wonderful family and friends..new and old, who helped make my show such a positive event. I'm thinking this might become an annual event.

It is taking me some time, but I am slowly getting some new lovelies listed in my Etsy shop. I ran out of time to get these items in my shop before I left, so little by little they are all getting posted. Lot's of great holiday gift ideas for hard to buy for people. Well, I need to finish unpacking my Space Bags..so until next time, be kind and stay creative.
PS......and yes..my ornaments were a huge hit with my shoppers! I was delayed leaving NY by 45 min because on the way out of town I spotted a huge Oak tree....my glutes are sore from all the squatting as I picked up acorn tops!!! Oh..the price of creativity ;-)


Tweed Delights said...

Sounds like a fantastic event Janet! What a great idea to have an Open house - I bet you were a wonderful hostess too! :) I looooove your new clutchbags :D

Bits of Fiber said...

So happy all went well and you deserve all the great compliments, all your creations are lovely! Congrats on a great show! Cheers

correspondent said...

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