Monday, November 23, 2009

I Need More Time!!!!

 Arrrrrrrgh....the holidays are knocking at my back door and I am not ready for them! Where has the time gone, weren't we just trick or treating yesterday???? I have felt so outside the blogging -twittering -Facebook loop much to do and so little time. I know I am missing out on lot's of very cool blog postings and it is making me sad. I have been in my studio filling orders and trying to photograph my new creations for my Etsy shop. All very time consuming and I have to stop once in a while to hello to my hubby ;-) God bless that patient man! I thought that while I am busy getting all that done I would show you some gourds I painted and maybe a few tree ornaments. That should keep you busy until I get time to post something really cool. I have to come up with something really cool or you will be saying "I hung around for that!" The pressure is on...think Cool, Janet..think Cool! look at pictures until I come back.....

A dear friend was generous enough to give me some lovely dried gourds to paint on. Most in this photo are in the base coat stage. Cleaning with a bleach solution and much sanding comes first.

Here they are all painted and waiting for water based varnish.


This guy still needs his coat of varnish to make his color pop. The varnish makes a huge difference.
As you can tell by now, I love making Santas...all kinds. This little guy is only about 5-6 inches tall.

This is a winter country scene I am currently working on...still much to be added and it is a big painting. I enjoy painting winter  folkart scenes. I also have a passion for Salt Box houses. They look like little Monopoly pieces to me, so quaint and cozy.

These are a few wooden tag ornaments I paint every season.

Snowmen are another easy favorite to paint. Once in a while I have a victorian hiccup...hence the pink glass ball ornament.
Are you still with me???? I hope I have not bored you to tears, I promise a more interesting posting next time. Maybe some great holiday baking ideas (I am a BIG holiday baker). Until next kind and stay creative.


Tweed Delights said...

You are such a talented artist Janet! I love your style of art - just fab :) Keep up the hard work, hehe!

I do like the 'Victorian hiccup' as you so eloquently put it!! :D

Marion said...

Hi Janet
I love the santa gourd with the long thin head.He's definitely one of a kind!
Your painting detail is amazing by the way.

Annette said...

Love the Santa gourds. Your art work is beautiful!

Angie @ Free Rein said...

Love the gourds...I painted some years ago and have wanted to grow them and begin doing them again. So fun! I understand your feelings about getting behind in the social networking part of our business...I need a system!

Maddy said...

I don't see a snowman gord!!!

Stephanie Tarver said...

I love all the winter things you paint. I want one of each gourd Santas! I love the painting you are working on also.