Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The 'Apronologist' is at it Again

Just a quick post to give you a peek at some custom aprons I just finished. A girlfriend asked me to create an apron for each of her sisters. Something with a ruffle and flowers..yet still try to make each one original. I really love how they turned out and will have a hard time turning them over to her...I want to keep them!
I guess in order to make money, I need to sell a few things. Man...I hate that part of the retail business. I would be doing fine if I didn't have to worry about that little thing called SALES. Oh..the woes of an artist..he..he.

I gave them all a little top pocket for lip balm..keys..cell phone or whatever.

They all have two very large pockets for all their scrapbooking and gardening needs

I think they will be very happy with their new aprons and I hope my client likes them also. They were so much fun to fashion. I love hunting through my fabric stash and mixing and matching patterns. It makes me happy. Until next time..be kind and stay creative.


Tweed Delights said...

'apronology' - I love it!! Yeah, it's a pity making sales get's in the way of pure creativity - but it's nice to get them too! The aprons are fabulous - love all your pocket ideas, brilliant! :D
P.S. Glad you enjoyed 'my' Hebridean sunrise - you must have inspired me, hehe!!

Marion said...

Lovely aprons. Too nice to work in - especially the kinda work I had to do on Sunday! My blog tells all.
I think the last one is my favourite colour scheme.
Christmas wishes

Aprons and More said...

Girl..you do good work! Love them! Isn't it nice when you get a free hand to create?! I know they will love them too..esp. since they are one-of-a-kinds!

Katy :)

janet said...

Marion..you would be surpised at how durable they are. I have been wearing mine for my cooking, cleaning and everything for a couple of years..throw it in the wash, give it press and it's good to go.

Annette said...

The aprons are gorgeous and remind me of spring! I'm sure the ladies will love them!

Jacquelyn said...

These actually are the sexiest looking aprons I've ever seen! I love them!

Missymaomao said...

Lovely job Janet. You have inspired me. I'm thinking; an apron with my Missy Mao Mao logo on the pocket.
Yep sales are hard but it's nice to know that someone out there somewhere is wearing your lovely creation.
I look forward to your next blog entry.

Wanda said...

Hello Janet...I love your aprons, but mostly I'm glad to be here...after not being able to access your blog and another (remember my e-mail) I discovered, if I use my husband's computer, I don't have the problem. Thank you for visiting me recently also.

an old friend,

janet said...

Welcome back Wanda!!!!! I missed you ;-)