Monday, December 14, 2009

Losing Christmas....

  Hello friends..I just got back from South Carolina, where I was attending a family wedding. We were also going to take a side trip to Charleston, which I was really looking forward to. Well the weather was not cooperating and Charleston is no fun in the cold and rain. The wedding however was lovely and the bride was just like a princess.

The bride Nicole and her new father-in-law, my wonderful brother Bobby.

The happy bride and groom..Mr. & Mrs. Tyler Gilroy..Congratulations you two!!
 A wonderful time was had by all, only the whole occasion reminded me of how much I needed to do when I got home. The church had a large Christmas tree on the alter...I don't have one yet. The reception hall had a few lovely Christmas trees...I don't have one yet. My brother Bobby has a beautiful tree in his home and.....yes, you guessed it, I don't have one yet. In fact I don't have a stitch of holiday decorations around my home yet. I take that back...I do have a little table top decorated tree on my bedside table....that has been there since last December. less thing to do, right? I knew there was a good reason I left it there last year ;-)

   I have seriously thought about this and came to the decision to take a break from my Etsy shop until after New Years, to give me some family time. I am going to spend this time shopping, baking, decorating and enjoying my family and friends. After all..isn't that what the season is all about? I was starting to loose sight of what was really important, but I am back on track now. First order of business is to buy a tree and sweet talk some guy with a pickup to deliver it to my house. Don't think it will fit in my Beemer's trunk ;-) Second thing on my list is to buy lots of flour, sugar and butter and go on a baking binge! While my cookies are baking, all my decorations will be put in place. I am hoping to get all this done at least by January 3rd ;-)
Until next kind and stay creative.


Marion said...

Hi Janet
No tree here yet either.
I'm panicking a bit because the farm we live on sells trees from their farm shop which is right next door to us. So I can see all the good trees being sold each day and they're going fast. But we aren't ready for the tree yet ( big clean up needed first) so I really hope that there will still be a perfect one for us on Wednesday!
Enjoy all your Christmas preparations - sometimes that can be the best bit - is that cookies I smell?
Happy Festive Season to you.
Love from Scotland.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Don't you just love weddings!
Happy Baking!!

Tweed Delights said...

Hi Janet - really pleased you liked the 'tweedie' bauble! I have done the same and 'shut up shop' - looking forward to getting some Christmas 'cheer' going :)

What a lovely wedding - very handsome couple! (it's nice to meet Bobby too, hehe!) Have fun baking :D

Angie @ Ranch Dressing said...

Enjoy your baking and decorating and celebrating!

Diane said...

I am going tomorrow to scope out tree buying places and do someof the shopping so I guess I am finally gettinng on track but why oh why am I so reluctant to venture out? Good luck with the sweet talking :)