Sunday, May 31, 2009

Adios until next May...Peonies in Pink

Well I am very sad to say these beauties are the last of my blooming Peonies for this year. I am always so happy to see them bloom and so sad to see them fade away. After giving it much thought, I think I prefer it that way. If they bloomed all year I think I would take them for granted and not fully appreciate their beauty and resilience. Whether you believe in a higher entity or not, you have to admit these flowers are too perfect to be here haphazardly. Their is a reason and for me that reason is joy.....they bring me great joy.
On a lighter note, I want to thank all my new friends who have entered my giveaway. This is my first one and I think I will doing one every month. It is just too much fun to wake up every morning , log on and see all my new blog friends. I love reading all your blogs or visiting your online shops. What great networking! The giveaway is open until June 5, tell your friends to join in. Just follow my blog and leave a comment..that's it. Well I must close, I just took some photos of all my new spring/summer line of totes and other treasures and must list them in my Etsy shop. Until next time, be kind and stay creative.

Friday, May 29, 2009

My First Giveaway Contest!!! Win A Warrenton Market Tote

Hello fellow bloggers, I have decided to try my very first giveaway. I have been watching my fellow Etsians , bloggers and tweets giving many very cool and creative items away. I have never won anything, but it is fun to hope that you might. Plus you get to meet many new friends and new sites you might not have stumbled onto. In an effort to get all you creative people to take a second look at your local thrift shops, my giveaway is something I created from one of my resale shop adventures. I spotted two custom made curtain panels, fully lined and looking like they just came from the cleaners. They were huge and my mind went into overdrive as I salivated over these babies. The material was great, the colors were bright and I bought the two panels for $2.00 each!!! I fashioned 8 beautiful market tote bags out of one panel plus a fab craft apron to die for. All that from one panel! All you need to do to possibly win one of my totes is to leave a comment on my blog and follow me...that's it! I will have my husband randomly pick the winner on June 5, that gives everyone a week to check in. I wish you luck and look forward to hearing from many new friends. I will ship anywhere, so don't let your location stop you from trying. Have a great weekend and stay creative ;-)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Real American Idol!

This You Tube video is proof to all you doubters who think all Adam
can do is screech.
What he does right after 3:20 is nothing less than freaking amazing.
Sorry Kris, you can't hold a candle to what my man Adam
can do with that voice of his.
I am an unabashed , over the top, can't hold back , on the
edge of my seat, forever
fan of Adam Lambert.
Thanks for letting me digress from my usual topic ;-)

Friday, May 22, 2009

They have arrived right on time!

My Husband and I began planting our beautiful Tall Bearded Iris about 8 years ago. They have long been my favorite flower. The 21 years we lived in Texas I had very little luck with my plantings. Here in Virginia they flourish. These stunning flowers have an aroma similar to candy and orange juice....wonderful! The array of colors and different combinations of colors is unending. They multiply every year and I never have to water them. My kind of plant. I hope you enjoy browsing at my garden and if you are in the area, stop by and pick some to take home. Until next time, be kind and stay creative.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Say Hello to Osgood!

This is Osgood the Owl...I won a name this owl contest and the prize was this pattern kit. The very cool Etsy shop sells this pattern along with many other really great sewing items. She offers finished items plus fabric and supplies. Just click on the link to take a look in her shop. Osgood was a snap to put together and very much a beginners project. I think he turned out very scholarly looking. I was going to give him away...but I think I will keep him. I believe Osgood needs an Ophelia...something with pink wings. Until next knid and stay creative.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cicada Daydream Upcycled Denim Apron

I love my new creation...I rescued a great denim skirt from my local thrift store and turned it into a fabulous apron. Of course I got some help from the beautiful fabric I purchased from Cicada Daydream and designer Michelle Engel Bencsko at . I believe this bird pattern is from her dogwood collection (please correct me if I am wrong Michelle).
If you love beautiful patterns, you should check out her shop. Getting ready to list this creation in my Etsy shop...see you there!

Welcome Baby Eastern Bluebirds!

They are here!!!! Say hello to the newest addition to the Metzger bird family. Two of my Bluebird boxes had eggs in them and these guys were the first to hatch. So tiny and quite bald. Mom and dad are taking good care of them. We also have a Robin family in the tall Leyland Cypress off the back deck and a Morning Dove family in the front Leyland. Some Sparrow babies round out the Metzger nursery. New life all around!
I have not blogged in a while due to a nasty bug someone in NY was kind enough to share last week. I felt like death warmed over for the better part of a week. Thankfully felt good enough by Saturday to man my booth at the local street festival. Because of all the talking I did to customers, I was quite hoarse by Saturday evening and slept most of Sunday. Happily, I am very well now and will be spending most of this week photographing all my new creations to put in my Etsy shop. I can't wait for you guys to see all I have been doing...lot's of new stuff.
Well I will post again soon...need to get my second cup of joe and step out on the back deck to bask in the glorious kind and stay creative.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blue Jean Baby!!!!

I rescued this cute denim slirt from the local Salvation Army. The back half became an adorable apron and the front was transformed into a fab handbag. I used lots of scrap fabrics for the Lining, pockets, flap closure and key fob. I also gave the bag a huge splash of color by using a bright floral remnant piece of fabric for the back. Red ticking was used for the strap. Hope you like it. It will be for sale in my booth at the Warrenton Spring Festival...Booth 175 on the corner of 1st and Main street. See you there!