Friday, August 6, 2010

Barn Chicks Blog Party

Hello friends, today I am joining my fellow bloggers for a Barn Chick's Blog Party via Karen at Brayton Homestead Interiors blog. The idea is take photos of local barns, add any stories they might have and all link up here on Aug.6, 2010
I live in horse country and my home is pretty much surrounded by many great barns and fabulous horses.
The historic estate directly behind my home, Hunting Ridge, is owned by two lovely sisters, Tootie and Bland.  Tootie lives in the older original country manor house and Bland has built a lovely home on the opposite corner of the acreage.
On this property is the barn I have chosen to spotlight for the Barn Chicks Blog Party.

This spacious barn is home to one very special horse..let's get a closer look inside, shall we?
I forgot to ask Bland about these horseshoes that were imbedded in the threshold cement, but I have a feeling they used to belong to this handsome guy...........
Meet the other  'man' in my life...Bengy! Isn't he just so very good looking? Bengy is the most good natured horse you ever want to meet, he is a doll.  He was happy to see me or maybe it was the carrot I had brought for him to snack on. Bengy is a lucky horse, he has this whole barn to himself.
I think he should have a star over his a Hollywood star :-)
Meet Bland, Bengy's #1 lady in his life. They have been a family for many years and hope to be for many more. Bland and Bengy past my home every morning during his daily ride. 
Jusy look at this great little barn Bland built. I think I counted four stalls..Bengy can have sleepovers!
I wonder what horses do for fun on a sleepover? They probably watch movies like Flicka or Black Beauty..he..he
Bengy has a great tack room filled with antique and vintage accessories. The five bridle holders on the wall belonged to Bland's father and date back to the 1920's 
The two wall mounted saddle holder also date back almost 90 awesome is that?
and yes..Bengy has won his share of trail ride ribbons.
Don't you love the classic look of worn leather riding boots?
Before we leave the barn, I had to show you this last photo. As I was leaving, I turned to say good-bye to Bengy and snapped this photo of him catching a cool breeze from his personal fan...too funny. He is one smart horse!
I hope you enjoyed seeing my neighbor's barn (thank you Bland) and meeting Bengy...ya'll come back now!
Until next kind and stay creative.
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Kelly Ann said...

what a great barn....

Olive Cooper said...

He is lovely as is the barn. hugs♥olive

Kelly said...

Great post! I like your horsey~

Dar said...

Janet, What a warm entry. I miss seeing my daughter and her horses in the field and barn. They now live a couple hours away and have another wonderful place to play. Lovin' the entire tour. Wonderful~

Debbie~ said...

Wow, what a wonderful barn and Bengie is beautiful! You're right, what a lucky boy he is to have that all to himself, but better yet his awesome Mom who takes such good care of him! Thanks for sharing! Another 'Barn Chick' Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

Julie Marie said...

Hello Janet, what a beautiful barn and wonderful friends... Bengy is gorgeous and what a wonderful life he has in his own barn that is so lovingly cared for... Bland is such a beautiful lady and the two of them together touches my heart so... I love them both! That is so sweet that Bland has a fan on her precious Bengy! And yes, those boots are fabulous! Thanks for sharing... xoxo Julie Marie

Marie said...

I loved the barn tour and especially Bland and Bengy. I have never seen such a clean barn (and I have seen lots of barns). What a fun 'assignment'.

Hugs - Marie

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

thank you so much for the link and pic of my Barn Chick party. Not only a GORGEOUS HISTORIC BARN but complete with a lovely lady and a handsome horse. I can totally imagine them passing you by , what a treat.

Karen said...

Great barn and I just love Bengy, very handsome:)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

Linda said...

Hi Janet~ this is a wonderful barn tour! I really enjoyed meeting Bland and Benji and seeing the interior of the barn, too! Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting my blog and for your nice comments!

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Wonderful Barn, and Bengy is sooooo beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing! Blessings~~~ Daphne

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

What a beautiful horse! Love the bsrn too;)!


Itchin' Stitchin' said...

WOW beautiful barn! thanks for sharing.

Uncovered Ruby said...

Bengy is one lucky guy!! What a wonderful barn, and this story of Bland riding her Bengy daily is wonderful. I loved all the vintage tack and barn 'stuff' too, thank you so much for sharing this terrific story!
I'm off to check out your aprons fun to discover each other in blogland!
Blessings, Lisa :-)

Brambleberry Cottage said...

Hi there, Janet! I'm visiting from Karen's Barn Chick Blog Party.

Loved your story about Bengy. I also visited your Etsy shop while here. Your aprons are sooo cute! I'll have to visit again when I get back from New England.

Also just joined you as a follower. Come for a visit my way.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Sandi said...

Beautiful barn and beautiful horse!!

DogsMom said...

Bengy looks very happy and pampered in his wonderful bright yellow barn.
Thank Miss Bland for allowing you to share Bengy's barn with us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet

I hope Marmaduke, my horse never finds out that this level of luxury exists! He'd never speak to me again.


Anonymous said...
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