Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Have You Been to 'The End' ? Part 1

Hello friends...yes, 'The End' is a real place and I got there and back. 
Montauk is a little fishing village at the farthest tip of Long Island, NY. The locals have nicknamed it 'The End'
While home in NY for a family wedding we were offered the use of a lovely one room cottage on my brother-in-law's beach front property. It's great having well to do relatives!
Isn't this a cute little place.
Once we arrived we got a phone call from my brother-in-law telling us the main house had become available. So we got to spent 4 days here............
YES!!!! This wonderful beach house has a fabulous view of .......
This is exactly how crowded it was the whole time we were there. Incredible! Still peak season, but because the hotels are down the road, everyone stays on those beaches. No one wants to drag their beach stuff all the way to our spot...I loved it!
Directly across from the house is this little hidden path. I loved walking through this green arbor of vines, it was like entering a secret garden ....
that brings you out to the dunes....
It is hard to see, but the dunes are all blooming with gorgeous Montauk roses
Very thorny and will sprout fabulously huge rose hips. The aroma is divine. They thrive all over the dunes.
a sandy path leads you to the beach.
Where we spent many hours standing and gazing in complete awe.  I kept imagining my many European blog friends at the other end of this beautiful body of water. We could be wading through the same salty sea.
I snapped a nice wave coming in.
That's as close as you are going to get to my man..he is a secret agent after all ...He..he...
 Something so hypnotic about crashing waves....
I could watch them for hours.....and I did!
The sand was the exact consistency of light brown sugar without the stickiness. 
 We loved going to the fishing docks each evening to see what the boats brought in. 
A 'Deadliest Catch' crew perhaps??? 
 Look at the teeth on this shark...yikes, brings back memories of 'JAWS' the movie. His lungs (to the left) were huge,
 This Montauk beauty was putting on a show for the tourists..she could filet a fluke in about 4 seconds flat. Montauk Fluke is delicious and served in most local eateries. 
 Pretty Coast Guard headquarters being guarded by a feathered friend.
 This was a scalloper heading out to sea for a 10 day voyage. 
These guys are all waiting for the fisherman's scraps to be tossed. When they are, all you know what ensues. Mass feeding frenzy! 
So that is my first installment of my Montauk holiday. I hope you were entertained enough to come back for Part 2. I have many more cool photos...ever hear of a Hoodoo?
Until next kind and stay creative.


Kathleen Grace said...

How did you ever manage to leave? I want to crawl through my moniter and end up there for about a month! Gorgeous!

Smitonius said...

sigh... that looks just wonderful.... what a beautiful place, I would not have wanted to leave either. Thaks for sharing!

Maison Conti said...

Looks like heaven! I can hear the waves, smell the salt, taste that fish...I'll wade out from over you in the middle!

PG said...

Oh yes, yes!!! It has been the most miserable cold, grey, rainy day here, and this is the best thing I've seen all day, what a brilliant place and such lovely photos giving the atmosphere - I too would like to crawl through my moniter and stay for weeks.

Annette said...

The ocean, fires, fish tanks...all have a hypnotic affect on me. I could watch them for hours! Sounds like you had the perfect getaway!

Wanda..... said...

The ocean and beach scenes were beautiful and the fishing boat scenes dramatic! Be 'Nice' to your nice brother-in-law, Janet! :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

I have never been there - what a great vacation spot! Oh, and did those fishermen have any fish...I didn't notice...dreamy... :)

Joan said...

Fabulous photos. I love the sea too and these are beautiful. What a great place!