Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In Defense of Autumn

Hello friends. This morning I was grocery shopping and I overheard a woman talking on her cell phone. She was complaining to the person on the other end about how much she hated Fall. She was moaning about the weather and having to deal with family for Thanksgiving.  It was all I could do to keep from drop kicking her cell phone into the next aisle. She had the most depressing tone in her voice and she was whining...I hate whining!

How can you hate beauty like this.

Can she really gaze at a view like this and not smile.

And all those wonderful Autumn aromas...pumpkin pie and apple crisp. Hot cups of cider and hot apple cider donuts...yum!
Some of our most special holidays happen in the Fall. Family time at Thanksgiving and the fun of coming up with a cool Halloween costume every October. The bright smiles on the little trick or treaters as they hold out their plastic pumpkin buckets.
I like to think of spring and summer as the full day of fun in the sun that we all enjoyed. The Fall is more like the time of the day when your Mom or Dad come in to tell you a bed time story...all full of colorful characters, exciting story plots, rich smells and wonderful endings. All to prepare us for a good nights rest..which will be Winter.
So I will ignore and keep my distance from those who fail to see the beauty in every is much too short.
Until next kind and stay creative.


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Really glad I stopped by your site this evening so I could enjoy these awesome pictures and to read your wonderful post.
What makes people say things like she did is most likely she is a very unhappy woman and does not take the time to enjoy the beauty around her.
The beauty surrounding you is unreal if only we all could have your view life really would make you smile. lol
Enjoyed my visit

Marie said...

My friend Janet - people who whine and complain will do it about anything - doesn't have to be something they really hate. What they do love is the sound of their own voice whining and ruining the day for someone else.

They are not worth even worrying about. Just think - nothing will ever make her happy. She will never experience the beauty and peace all around us.

Hugs - Marie

Anonymous said...

I love all the seasons and the beauty they bring. The autumn colors are just amazing and all the newness of spring is gorgeous. I love the snow...when we get snow...not too fond of ice. But I love the beauty of the snow on the trees and ground. Summer is just a fun season...I get to spend lots of time outside.

Some people get depressed around the holidays and not all families get together for one reason or another. Holidays are very stressful for some people including me but that has nothing to do with fall, I love the fall.

Your pictures are great, such gorgeous colors.


Sweet Birdy Love said...

Hey Janet, beautiful photos, love the view from your bathroom window. I love Autumn/Fall and all the beauty that goes with it.
The stunning colours at the Family Farm are amazing. Also loved the cloud photos from your last post.
Rich and I had a picnic yesterday, we lay on the rug and looked up at the clouds, amazed at the shapes and layers as they floated by, felt like we could almost touch them.

Claire X

Sunset97 said...

wow...i don't think i have ever heard anyone say that they didn't like fall before...
i love your photos... very beautiful... :)


Sue said...

Fall is my favorite time of the year- the crispness in the air, the colorful leaves on the trees, the warm, inviting smell of burning wood in a fireplace..... Sure, it's the precursor to Old Man Winter's wrath, but I sure love it. Wish it lasted longer. Gorgeous views from your window, Janet.
Visited some older posts and your saw some of your merchandise... Good luck with your sales- your handiwork is so, so pretty. And cute models for all of it, too.
:-) Sue

Anonymous said...

I live, eat and breathe fall every year. Hubby and I want to live where it is autumn year round. Still searching for that part of the world.. LOL

Have fun in my part of the world!


Annette said...

People who whine and complain all the time are miserable and unhappy and can't see the beauty of what is in front of them. I wonder if she would like the barfing jack-o-lantern?!

Nick Thomas said...

The nest may be empty, but the grown chicks often come back when they run short of worms.

Waterrose said...

Fall is my favorite season...not quite the same since I moved to Arizona, but I love it just the same. I think her whining says a lot about how she functions in life....really. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Happy Homemaker UK | Laura said...

Thanksgiving is possibly my favorite holiday - no strings attached, just family time :)

I'm gonna need that crust recipe in the coluumn - thank you for posting!

Wanda..... said...

Love your beautiful wide open views, Janet.
Whiners can stay away from me too!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I can't say fall is my favorite season, but there are many things about it I love. And I love your comparison to mom and dad reading you a story :)

Maison Conti said...

I couldn't agree more!!