Friday, March 25, 2011

Where are you Spring?

Hello friends

My little woodpecker is wondering where Spring went to. He is all puffed up and trying to keep warm.
I am pretty much doing the same thing!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Until next time... be kind and stay creative. is a sneak peak at what I am working very first one

I'll be debuting her in a couple of days...I'm almost finished


Wipso said...

Gorgeous woodpecker pic. I've snapped my gorgeous collared doves and blogged them today :-)
A x

Snappy Di said...

We had spring by the tail, or so I thought... now it's flown away and sounds like it won't be back for a week or two.


Aprons and More said...

Spring is down here! It has been here awhile! It was in the 80's a few days ago and will be in the 80's this weekend...We are just hoping for rain. Everything is yellow. Wednesday I had to drive down to Savannah and saw clouds, yes clouds, of pollen! It is Cherry Blossom time! I am writing a post about it now! Hopefully it will bring you warm thoughts!

Katy :)

Kelly Ann said...